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428. garret linn December 2020

I also have no luck with your contact page

please send on a current email

so that I might contact about one of your editions

427. Leni May 2020

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to send you email. But "Contacts us" gave Error. Could you like to help me to do it. Best

426. extazy January 2019


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425. Triprasetio April 2017


424. Rui Gonçalves January 2017

Dear Madam or Sir, Do you have any available edition from van SnicK? Thank you and Best Regards

423. shourscout September 2016

Fucking goverment Kita butuh pengakuan bukan pencitraan

422. Libeert August 2016

beste mevr Bungert

ik kocht een aantal doeken van jeanine cohen in uw tentoonstelling in the project room in 2000 ,
heeft u daar nog fotos van voor mijn archief

filiep libeert

421. marie October 2012

C’est un lieu rare à Bruxelles, où l’art contemporain abstrait et visuelle est bien exprimé. Il ne serait pas seulement une perte pour Bruxelles, mais aussi pour la Flandre.


420. Claire September 2012

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419. Amélie July 2012

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418. Maria July 2012

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416. Simon Deakin September 2009

This is to the address of BBK advisory committee regarding any decision to withdraw funds that would not permit CCNOA to continuing its job. I am a lecturer in Art History and I have used the CCNOA website and recommended it in classroom teaching to undergraduate students. The influence of CCNOA goes beyond I suspect even what its executive director can guess. Mr. Anciaux, from one who teaches and works in Canada and England, keep funding to this organization alive. It has proved its worth and necessity as a mark of Belgian culture internationally.

415. Guido Vissers August 2009

Please give me aring or leave me your telnr, so that I can call you. I’m an Ex searcher in Brussels for 28 years and i would like your advice on a search that I’m doing. Thanks guido Vissers +32475266413

414. koen delaere July 2009

the most important thing in culture is these grass-roots organisations like ccnoa , all else follows from that.


BIG LOST,SMALL COST love CCNOA, artist non-objective

412. Rom Gaastra June 2009

Geachte mijnheer Anciaux, De BBK adviecommissie heeft zich vergist. Zij bedoelt natuurlijk dat de bijdrage verdubbeld moet worden. Het is welbeschouwd een klein wonder wat nu al vele jaren met bescheiden middelen in de ruimte van CCNOA tot stand wordt gebracht. Negeer het advies alstublieft. Vriendelijk groet, Rom Gaastra.

411. Dieter Villinger May 2009 website

Liebe Petra Bungert und Team,

mit großem Erstaunen habe ich von der Kürzung der öffentlichen Mittel für Euch, auf nunmehr NULL Euro gelesen. Wenn man bedenkt, mit wie wenig Geld Ihr eine so ungemein gute und wichtige Kulturarbeit leistet ist das wirklich nicht nachzuvollziehen!

Die Mittel die Euch vorenthalten werden sind ja lange nicht so hoch wie die Kosten für die Servietten bei den Banketten für Politiker. Was steckt da in Wirklichkeit dahinter? Wird da mit Streichung der Subventionen etwas verschleiert und in Wahrheit Zensur betrieben?

Wehrt Euch! Wenn Ihr meine Unterstützung braucht, dann sagt es mir. Ich wünsche Euch viel Kraft.

Herzliche Grüße

Dieter Villinger

410. Paulius Nosokas May 2009 website

With this letter, I would like to support CCNOA work that they have been doing for 10 years.

Best Regards,

409. Hanka May 2009 website

really unexpected decision of the Ministry of Culture! But I want and believe CCNOA to continue her activity further. I will be glad to be a member for a remobilasation of CCNOA.

408. Rebecca Smith May 2009

Dear Petra and Team CCNOA,

This is terrible news that such a great program as CCNOA should have support ripped out from under it. I think it is a grievous mistake for the cultural role of Brussels and one which will be regretted. However, I have every confidence that the projects of CCNOA will continue and prevail in ways you will discover.

All best & love,

407. Gianluca Cosci April 2009 website

I find the decision of the Ministry of Culture to cut the financial support for CCNOA inexplicable and deeply damaging for Belgian art and culture. Loosing a place like CCNOA will be an irreplaceable loss for contemporary art in this country.

Gianluca Cosci,
Artist and former HISK tutor.

406. dependance : Brussels April 2009 website

Dear Petra,

with great astonishment we hear of the decission to cut the financial support of CCNOA and its inherent risk to close down after such a super programme you have shown over the years. It really would be a great loss to the cultural scene of Brussel, the artistic scene in this vivant cultural quartier and last not least for the young artists, who would loose the opportunity to have their work exposed to the public.

We strongly support you to file a complaint and fight for the continuation of your space which has become an institution for contemporary art here in Brussels.

Fight for support, you have ours.

Stephan and Michael

405. Fabian Luyten April 2009 website

ccnoa should stay! its a good contemporary and international organisation and place that combines the work of different artists. Ccnoa supports indeed a close relationship with the artists, resulting in a large network. And this is good for the art scene.

404. anonymous March 2009

I would like to express my great dissapointment in the intention of the Vlaamse Gemeenteschap to discontinue the structural funding for CCNOA.
CCNOA is an exhibition space that keeps close relations with artists and maintains high level of shows which is partely ensured through its unique focus on the non-objective art. the honest devotion and fluency in the field of non-objective art of those who run the space is expressed on a regular basis.
this is a place that took the risk to focus on something specific and push forward a visual research in the field of ’abstract’ art. brussels will loose a lot from its art scene if CCNOA ceases to exhist.
I am positive about the fact that the Flemish Minister of Culture can understand the importance to support such culturally enriching initiatives especially in the times of financial crisis (!).

agata jastrzabek, freelance curator
on behalf of the hedah
artists-run space, maastricht

403. Gritta Ewald March 2009 website

CCNOA geeft conceptuele kunst een uitstekende plek, ook door zijn uitstekende netwerk. Ik vertrouw erop en vind dat dit initiatief niet mag verdwijnen.

402. Anne Wauters, coordinatrice Eté de la Photographie/Zomer van de fotografie March 2009

Dès sa création, CCNOA s’est d’emblée imposé comme un lieu important du paysage artistique belge. Par les oeuvres qu’il présente et les artistes qu’il défend, CCNOA apporte une visibilité à un art dont le positionnement formel et les idées sont essentiels dans l’histoire de l’art -présent, passé et à venir. CCNOA est donc un acteur incontournable de la scène artistique bruxelloise, belge et européenne. De plus, dans son ouverture même à différents médiums, il nous pousse à revoir nos positions et à approfondir nos réflexions non seulement en matière d’art mais encore en matière de société ! Un tel lieu est indispensable de par son originalité, sa rigueur et sa recherche permanente. Merci à vous de continuer à le soutenir !

401. Kate Mayne March 2009 website

Aan de commissie beeldende kunst/minister voor cultuur: ccnoa levert doorgaans kwaliteitsvolle tentoonstellingen en vormt een bijzonder fijne ontmoetingsplek voor kunstenaars en hun publiek, afkomstig uit allerlei uithoeken. Laat deze plek alstublieft voortbestaan.

400. Yves Bernard March 2009 website

CCNOA is in the Brussels landscape for near 10 years... A great place for high level arts&culture which also partcipated to the development of the Canal area... Please, let them continue!

399. daniel hofstede March 2009

Enkele zaken lijken in eerste instantie onbelangrijk. Echter zijn hun invloeden pas na geruime tijd te overzien. Wat hun invloed is word meestal pas zichtbaar als het binnen een maatschappij ontbreekt. Succes.

398. Joel Van Audenhaege March 2009

I support CCNOA. Because the artists they present are important, because the work of the Center is important and because Art is essential. Dear Mister Anciaux please support CCNOA, you will not regret

397. Arnaud Cohen March 2009 website

We love you!

396. Benjamin Roth March 2009

Geachte heer Anciaux,

Kunst kost vooral moeite; en maar een beetje geld.

Laten we allemaal onze verantwoordelijkheid nemen.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Benjamin Roth

395. Anica Milosevska March 2009 website

10 years is a long tradition,with meens nursing the art that prezents culture and progres,essencial in every sense...Must continuuu! yours, A

394. Paul Pagk March 2009 website

Please continue your generous support to CCNOA that has been dedicated to promoting non objective art and brought an enlightenment to the world of art that is so rare to find. The CCNOA is source of discovery of excellent artists as well as enabled many very good artists to show their work in the right conditions.

393. Frank Ammerlaan March 2009 website

The cultural platform ’De Service Garage’ in Amsterdam is supporting CCNOA.


Frank Ammerlaan
artistic director

392. Marie Magnier March 2009 website

Some of the artists of our gallery presented their works on collective shows at the CCNOA and they are all enthousiast about this Art Center. We have also collaborate with CCNOA and the programmation of this place is in a very hight intellectuel level. It’s really important that this can continue!

391. Raphaël March 2009

Sans le connaître, je pense que votre Centre a son rôle à jouer pour le futur et pour l’ouverture d’esprit des générations avenirs. Je vous soutiens.

390. Jacco Tulp, Nederland February 2009

Aan de Vlaamse Minister van Cultuur, Bruusel, Belgie,

Sinds ik CCNOA 2 jaar geleden heb leren kennen waren tentoonstellingen in het CCNOA al meerdere malen de reden om Brussel te bezoeken.

De organisatie en tentoonstellingen staan voor een zeer hoge kwaliteit kunst met een sterk internationale uitstraling. Een unieke plek voor het tonen van Non Figatieve kunst, onafhankelijk en los van trends of hypes.

Ik ben er van overtuigd dat de internationale samenwerking met centra in o.a. Australie, Verenigde Staten, Duitsland, Zwitserland, Frankrijk en Nederland belangrijke kunst uit alle delen van de wereld in Brussel laat zien alsook Belgische kunstenaars de gelegenheid geeft hun werk op een internationaal platform te tonen.

Als ik eerlijk ben vind ik in Brussel te weinig gelegenheden waar hedendaagse kunst goed en continu getoond wordt. Petra Bungert en het team van CCNOA hebben de afgelopen 10 jaar laten zien hoe ze met hun deskundigheid, professionaliteit en ongelofelijke inzet zo’n belangrijke plek hebben kunnen ontwikkelen.

Het zou een gemis zijn voor Brussel, de Vlaamse Gemeenschap maar ook voor een bezoeker als ik uit Nederland wanneer CCNOA uit het Brusselse cultuur aanbod zou verdwijnen.

Ik hoop en vertrouw er op dat een essentieel centrum als CCNOA kan blijven voortbestaan.

Met vriendelijke groet, Jacco Tulp, Oegstgeest, Nederland.

389. Ruth Sacks February 2009

As a foreigner to Belgium, it seems to me that CCNOA has played an important role in the area of non objective art in Brussels and has also given a lot of opportunities to artists who otherwise would not have had them. It would be a real shame for this to come to an end.

388. Luc Schreyen February 2009 website

Hoe is het mogelijk dat de Vlaamse Gemeenschap overweegt de structurele subsidiëring stop te zetten? We kunnen maar gokken naar de redenen.

Hopelijk is er geen "gewest"- of "gemeenschap"-kwestie die meespeelt, want op de drive, evolutie, doelstellingen, ... van CCNOA is er toch niets aan te merken.
Is CCNOA niet Vlaams genoeg om door de Vlaamse gemeenschap gesteund te worden in Brussel? Het is toch de plaats waar Vlaamse kunstenaars kennis maken met een schare internationale artiesten.Fantastisch om als Vlaamse kunstenaar door dit kunsencentrum op internationaal vlak te worden vertegenwoordigd, toch?

Men kan ook moeilijk beweren dat het CCNOA te commercieel is? Dit kan niet de reden zijn voor stopzetting van een subsidie. Er zijn er die wel commercieel zijn en toch pakken subsidies krijgen. Het CCNOA is één van de zeldzame plaatsen in waar kunstenaars projecten kunnen realiseren zonder enige commerciële overweging.

Begrijpen dus voor wie begrijpen kan.
Mijnheer de minister, hopelijk heeft u meer begrip en neemt u de enige juiste beslissing en geeft u de structurele subsidies toch aan dit wonderlijk project.

387. Linda Maissan / Hedah, Centrum voor Hedendaagse Kunst Maastricht February 2009

Dear Petra Bungert,

We met at CCNOA some weeks ago and it gave me
great pleasure watching the exhibition and speaking to you.
I know CCNOA for some time and I think you have a great programme.
That’s why I’m very sorry to hear about your potential closing and hope 
in some way, hopefully with support of the Flemish Gouvernment, 
CCNOA will manage to exist.

with kind regards,

Linda Maissan

Hedah, Centrum voor Hedendaagse Kunst Maastricht

t. 43-351 01 75
f. 43-351 01 76 <>
Postal address: Postbus 3107 - 6211 PH Maastricht

386. Suzzy Goodman / New York Head Office / flux February 2009

Dear Bert Anciaux,

To discontinue structural funding for the CCNOA would be a disgrace.
The CCNOA is a very important part of the art world.

As the Flemish Minister of Culture you should be more in tune with
what the art world is all about?

Best regards

Suzzy Goodman

New York Head Office

385. Delphine Boel February 2009 website

I am certain that as soon as the Minister of Culture reviews the facts about CCNOA he will realize that there is no better place for funding that has earned the trust and fidelity of artists and the art-loving public. Axe a dead project...the CCNOA is alive and kicking!!! Long live CCNOA!!!

384. Margaret Hooks Tangeman February 2009 website

I am an art writer & colllector who spent the summer of 2008 in Brussels where I visited CCNOA. CCNOA is an important art destination for many people from all over the world and an essential cultural component of your wonderful city.Please continue to support it.

383. manuel ros February 2009 website

indignant, CCNOA must resist!!!it´s enough to talk in economics terms, Kulture is another thing!

382. James O’Hare February 2009 website

The CCNOA is a unique grassroots organization in the arts community. It has earned a reputation locally and internationally for supporting great quality artwork. The team has also earned the admiration of all of us for their hard work and dedication. VIVA CCNOA!!!

381. Pieter Laurens Mol February 2009 website

Bij deze betuig ik mijn steun aan de CCNOA dat een bijzonder centrum is. De CCNOA neemt een duidelijke en onmisbare plaats in in het spectrum van de Brusselse culturele gemeenschap. De stad Brussel kan niet zonder de CCNOA.

380. Lilou Vidal February 2009 website

We hope CCNOA could continue is activity with his great programmation dedicated to international and belgium contemporary art. Please continue!

379. Francisco da Mata February 2009 website

Well… I’ve never come to see a show in the Ccnoa, but if someone talk to me about Brussels and contemporary art, the first name, the first words that comes across my mind is: “center for contemporary non-objective art” and that’s only because of the good work of promotions, diffusion made by the professional team running this one of a kind contemporary art center. So, off course, I can only support the Cccnoa, and every body interested in art today, should do the same!

Francisco da Mata, artist, CAN/centre d’art de Neuchâtel, Switzerland

378. helene fincker February 2009

Je soutiens le ccnoa pour l’excellent travail et suis scandalisée par cette "sanction" qui sape tous les efforts fournis jusqu’à ce jour par le centre

Hélène Fincker
attachée de presse
maison abandonnée - villa cameline - Nice

377. Karin Borghouts February 2009 website

Blijf CCNOA steunen!

376. John Spinks New York February 2009

Greetings from NYC, This note may be already too late. I am writing in support of the Arts Centre. Please do not close it. During these tumultous times our Arts and Cultural activities are more important than ever. CCNOA should not be closed, it should be nurtured. Thank you. Sincerely, John Spinks.

375. Eva Gonzalez-Sancho February 2009

A precise, clear and regular artistic programme has been defending from CCNOA since more than 10 years. Congratulations. Today, within a more or less general European cultural policies where the “newest” and where “the great events” seem to be prevalent upon any intellectual position and/or artistic commitment, it would be more than valuable to re-enact with the real nobility of “politics” which is to say, to think - and to support - a project in a long term. If anything changes every year in terms of political culture, which kind of artistic dynamics are we setting up? what history of our local artistic and cultural scenes are we building up? By this message I would like to ask the Vlaamse Gemeenschap to please reconsider their aim to discontinue in supporting CCNOA funding.Please help them in continuing their programme.

374. Dani February 2009 website

Kunst draagt in zich het wezenlijke van multiculturaliteit, is grensverrruimend en levensvoedend. Om deze levensbelangrijke en toekomstgerichte functionaliteiten en waarden te kunnen uiten en overbrengen en te kunnen inpassen in der kern van het bestaan is een organisatie als CCNOA onontbeerlijk. Hun voortbestaan hangt echter aan het zijden draadje van structurele ondersteuning. Laat deze draad niet doorbreken maar verstevig ze met een duurzame subsidiering zodat de levensadem nooit stokt.

373. Florence February 2009


372. saul ostrow February 2009

While in this time of financial crisis I understand the need for oversight and restrictive funding - the withdrawal of support from such cultural institutions as CCNOA, which represent you in the international community will neither help you achieve your goals nor is it a responsible act in the long run for it will hurt your credibility. It will also cost more to rebuild an institution such as CCNOA in the future than what it presently cost to support it. As such you should be protecting your cultural capital rather than cutting your support. Culture is one of the last truly productive areas of any economy and as such at this time should be supported.

371. Liesbeth De Fossé February 2009 website

Vlaamse Gemeenschap - alsjeblief blijf het CCNOA steunen! Het is zonder twijfel een uitstekend kunstcentrum met een sterke visie.

Als jonge Belgische kunstenares wonende in Parijs is het CCNOA een ruimte waar ik steeds naartoe ga tijdens mijn bezoeken aan Belgie. De tentoonstellingen zijn er van hoge kwaliteit, de CCNOA equipe is verfrissend enthousiast en nodigt de bezoeker steeds uit tot een gesprek.

Hun toewijding aan experimenten in abstracte kunst zijn bijzonder interessant en blijven actueel. (En abstracte kunst is niet mijn eigen domein.)

Blijf het CCNOA subsidiëren! Het zou een enorm verlies zijn voor de Belgische culturele scene moest dit centrum verdwijnen.

370. Tanja Vrancken February 2009

Deze mensen hebben enkel je financiële steun nodig. Al de rest is meer dan aanwezig. En dat Bert is onbetaalbaar.....

369. marco casentini artist February 2009 website

ccnoa did amazing show about non objective art, please don’t stop the activity of this space thanks Marco Casentini, Hermosa Beach, CA

368. Peter Frank, Editor, THEmagazine Los Angeles and Senior Curator, Riverside Art Museum February 2009 website

A.U.b. support the CCNOA! Such an organization is of great international significance and brings attention and respect to the artistic discourse in Belgium and the EU. Dank U wel!

367. Werner De Bus February 2009 website

deze mensen hebben je financiële steun nodig. Maar vergeet ook niet het internationaal mimefestival van Aarschot en het straattheater van OPB op 11 juli in Brussel.
Nogmaals proficiat voor je uitspraak over de kinderen van Gaza.

Werner De Bus

366. Bas Schevers February 2009

Please do not stop funding CCNOA!

365. Perry Roberts February 2009

The Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art can claim to be, with considerable justification, a truly international venue. It’s existence is due to the limitless enthusiasm, dedication and hard work of the organizers. They deserve the support of the Cultural Ministry. Perry Roberts. Antwerpen;

364. Caroline Gentsch February 2009

Please, reconsider your decision! They give a very good image of Brussels, they are working in an International Level!!! CCNOA needs and deserves support!

363. Danielle Mallinus February 2009

De tout coeur, je souhaite qu’une institution comme le CCNOA ne disparaisse pas de la scène bruxelloise où elle est appréciée de tous. Tous mes voeux. Good luck fort the future. Danielle Mallinus Journaliste ( Bruxelles)

362. Rebecca Smith February 2009

Please do not withdraw subsidy to CCNOA — an art center that brings to Brussels a rich and unique presentation of cutting edge art. Over its ten years scores of artists brought some of their most interesting works to the Center; the European art scene would be a poorer and duller place without CCNOA. In addition to a great program there is the great talent of Director Petra Bungert: no one makes art look as persuasive and powerful as Petra Bungert can.


361. Lisa Davies February 2009 website

CCNOA has staged a significant number of extraordinary, high quality exhibitions over the last 10 years. Its contribution to the international, Brussels and Belgian art scene is an important and significant one. It would be a great pity to lose such a valuable contemporary art venue as CCNOA. We would urge the Flemish Government to reconsider this decision.

360. paul craenen February 2009 website

leve het kleinschalige, autonome initiatief dat drijft op persoonlijk engagement, waar consequente keuzes gemaakt worden zonder zich te moeten verantwoorden vanuit een institutionele functie of publieksbelang!

359. Ingrid Maria Sinibaldi February 2009


358. Ingrid Maria Sinibaldi February 2009

c’est un triste jour. Il existe des personnes de foi et de volonté, qui font preuve d’un engagement sans faille. Je crois que lorsqu’on une ville comme Bruxelles(et le monde de l’art)a la chance d’être dotée de tels talents, il est fou que de vouloir leur briser les jambes et les voir partir. Je souhaite à l’ART que cette folie sera passagère. POUR LE CCNOA AVEC MON AMOUR ET MA GRATITUDE

357. Tineke Porck February 2009 website

Only just having found CCNOA as one of the rare initiatives where presentations of contemporary non-objective art is one of the main goals, I am very disappointed in the political system to put the existence of CCNOA at risk. CCNOA should be considered as a special value to culture. Tineke Porck artist

356. Barbara Borcic February 2009 website

Upon my visit to CCNOA last year I was amazed with an interesting program and a good atmosphere and conversation there. I strongly support the continuation of the support of this interesting centre. Barbara Borcic Director SCCA-Ljubljana, Center for Contemporary Arts

355. Katerina Gregos February 2009

CCNOA is one of the institutions in Brussels which has a vision, and has stuck to this vision throughout its existence, presenting a wide range of artists who work with non-objective art forms. In a city with a lack of institutions of contemporary art it is bewildering why its funding should be cut. How can Brussels call itself a truly European and international ’art city’ when public cultural policy chops off the legs of the few institutions that exist? The Ministry should be ensuring that the institutions which are already there and have a history as well as a demonstrable track record, are supported in their efforts and indeed strengthened, so that they can excell out nationally and internationally; not that they are eradicated for no understandable reason. This does not constitute enlightened cultural policy.

Katerina Gregos
Curator & writer, Brussels

354. Nicolas Canfin February 2009

Vive CCNOA!!!

Please continue to support 10 years of dedication to Art, to artists and to the cultural identity of the city of Brussels !!!
Vive CCNOA!!!

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Nicolas Canfin

353. cora von zezschwitz designer February 2009

Dear Flemish Minister of Culture Bert Anciaux:
I can imagine that you may not fully understand the importance of CCNOA and the treasure you have, it has always been one of the main reasons for me to come to Brussels. CCNOA is unique in the art world:
- One is always sure to see works of very high quality international young artists.
- the CCNOA team is lively and ever soo helpfull to give information about their exhibitions and artists that live in Brussels in general. - they are passionate about their activities.
- nowhere else in the world could one ring a doorbell of an art gallery or institution on a morning when they would usually be closed....and be warmly welcomed, and on top of it have a passionate conversation about art!
- all of these examples are rare in todays rather aloof artworld...
I believe the ministry of Culture rightfully invested in CCNOA, the international community is very greatful, many countries would be envious to have such vibrant platform of Belgian and international art .It would be an incredible mistake to kill something that "the Ministry of Culture" helped to build up and that is soo internationally well known!!!

I hope you will make the right decision!!!

Kind regards,
Cora von Zezschwitz (paris)

352. Elizabeth Haines- artist February 2009

From my experience as a young artist living in Belgium, the CCNOA is rare in being a centre where both young and more experienced artists are given a serious and supportive environment to work in.
Above all it’s a place where the art itself, rather than reknown, or fashions in art, or a chic public is given the highest priority.

Petra Bungert seems to be one of the very few people in the Belgian art world who puts her personal ambitions in second place to the ambition she has for the artists and space she supervises.

I think it would a mistake to remove funding from an institution that has so clearly demonstrated its unselfish commitment to art and particular to young artists in Belgium.

In the Brussels art scene which appears to currently be growing fast, I think it’s important not to just follow trends but to recognise the qualities that come from a longer term knowledge of the city and its artists. The CCNOA represents exactly this kind of long-term project- it would be a mistake to uproot it.

351. Simon Morris Senior Lecturer Massey University (NZ) February 2009

Dear Flemish Minister of Culture and advisory Committee,

I wish to offer my full support to CCNOA in their efforts to appeal the decision to discontinue funding of this organization.

My names is Simon Morris, I am a practicing artist and a Senior Lecturer at the School of Fine Arts, Massey University Wellington New Zealand. My view of CCNOA is one from a distance, down here in the South Pacific however the messages coming from them is very clear, they have formed constructive relationships with artists all over the world. CCNOA runs an outstanding programme , they are very strong advocates for the visual arts on an international stage. CCNOA shows great leadership in becoming a focus point for artists working around the world in the field of geometric abstraction and non object art.

I have personally been involved in two project with CCNOA. The first, titled ’My Eyes Keep Me in Trouble’ was a touring show that included venues in Australia and New Zealand among others. This brought together artist’s work from many countries to help build connections and dialogue. On top of this being an excellent exhibition, the other hallmark was the show’s economy, where small works travelled in a suitcase, while large scale pieces were constructed on site by local artists. An innovative model that presented international work across a number of countries with a very modest price tag to the project. Tilman Hoepfl generously gave an artist talk while at the art school in Wellington and made a significant impression on the young artists that attended. The second exhibition I was involved in was ’Yo Mo Modernism’ part of the ’ Brussels Biennial Off Programme’ which brought together leading artists in their field from around the world, it’s success is well documented.

Massey University has acknowledged the success and reputation of CCNOA by contributing funding support for a catalogue soon to be published in conjunction with ’My Eyes Keep Me in Trouble’. Massey is also prepared to contribute significant funding to assist my participation in a solo project at CCNOA in 2010 as part as my research.

The list of artists that have participated in CCNOA projects over the past 10 years is extensive and clearly demonstrates the high level at which CCNOA operates in the art world. CCNOA is an art organization that has made the most of the funding from the Ministry of Culture, it makes a significant contribution to both the Brussels and international art community, and I strongly encourage you to reconsider funding to this remarkable art organization.

Kind regards

Simon Morris

Simon Morris Senior Lecturer School of Fine Arts College of Creative Arts

(04) 801 2794 ext 6388

School of Fine Arts Private Box 756 Massey University Wellington New Zealand

350. Henriette Kaiser February 2009

Gratulation!!! Für eure moderne, abwechslungsreiche Ausstellungen. Genauso muss Kunstdarstellung sein. Ich freu mich auf die nächsten 10 Jahre.

349. FREDERIK February 2009


348. eliane van den ende journaliste February 2009

Knowing your energy, recognising your engagement towards art and especially young artists, and admiring your generosity, closing down CCNOA, would be a terrible mistake.

Where do we find such an ’objective’ art place that goes beyond everything fashionable and commercial ...

We have to fight for it, for a broad spectrum of culture in which CCNOA has its place.


eliane van den ende

347. GBH, Brussels February 2009

A l’attention de qui de droit

Concerne : CCNOA

Fermer un centre d’art, c’est détruire du lien social, nier le savoir.

Le CCNOA est connu pour l’engagement de son équipe envers les artistes.

Il est facile d’effacer mais beaucoup plus difficile de créer.

Abandonner le soutien à cet espace culturel équivaut à nier de nombreuses années de travail obstiné et compétent, reconnu par de nombreux visiteurs.

Des liens tissés d’année en année vont être rompus.

Quel gâchis !

346. Koor February 2009 website

The ONE thing that this world needs to support at all costs is ART. Please don’t let this happen to CCNOA because they are doing an important job!!! Remember the artistic greats that come from Belgium.... The new ones need CCNOA! It’s the FUTURE! ITS TOO IMPORTANT TO WALK AWAY FROM!

345. Dirk Rathke February 2009 website

art space is very importend for culture - long life for CCNOA! Dirk Rathke, artist Berlin

344. Clary Stolte February 2009 website

Dear Minister of Culture Bert Anciaux and advisory committee,

Please reconsider!

Don’t throw away what you in your city.

Clary Stolte

343. ludmila Danon February 2009

Se joindre å la liste impressionnante de tous ceux qui soutiennent de grand coeur cette incontournable instition brusselloise,est une évidence .Et esperant qu’elle ne disparaitra pas et avec elle, l’extraordinaire vitalité et soutien qu’elle offrait aux artistes, et la plate-forme qu’elle représentait pour le " non objective art ".

342. John Filker February 2009

CCNOA provides a much needed venue for challenging art projects that would perhaps go unrealized if left solely to the commercial environment. Especially now the arts require our support for the enrichment of not just the art community but society as a whole.

341. Alan Ebnother February 2009

CCONA has been one of the most progressive venues in contemporary art operating in the European community since it’s doors opened some 10 years ago. Although living in the United States Of America and not part of it’s roster of artists I personally have traveled twice to Brussels for the sole purpose of viewing their exhibitions! Along with the koninklijk Ballet Van Vlaanderen CCONA has become one of Belgium’s most renowned culture attractions. The very though that the Flemish Minister of culture would consider cutting the funding to this piece of Belgium’s culture heritage is shocking! I sincerely hope that this is simple a mistake and it’s doors will remain open for my visits.

340. Holly Sumner February 2009 website

More than ever we need the resourceful and inspiring programs of CCNOA. It would be a great loss. Please give them the small amount they ask for in order to keep on with their big wonderful works!

339. Sophia Ungers February 2009

I have watched CCNOA come into being and develop into a unique exhibition space which has no comparison that I know of in the art world (in which I work since 1980). CCNOA’s program is extremely important in that it supports abstract and non-objective art. The commercial art scene is never very supportive of these art tendencies and it is difficult for these artists to exhibit and sell. To have a venue where they can exhibit is invaluable. It is a huge opportunity for Brussels to be able to boast of such a space where international artists as well as Belgian artists can experiment and present their ideas to the public. Just this year CCNOA was included in the Bienial program, which proves the strength of the institution. It also brings an international art world to look at Brussels and the Belgian artists who are exhibiting at CCNOA. I have never met anyone more devoted to their work nor to art as the people from CCNOA. They swim against the mainstream which is rare. I do hope that the Ministry of Culture will realize the diamond they have within their own city and support this brave and unique exhibition space. The loss of CCNOA would be a terrible thing.

338. Scott Crowe February 2009

CCNOA has earned its respect and reputation through its continued focused exhibitions along with its unique place in the art community. I have been following their shows for years and would find it a great loss if they were no longer to remain. Support CCNOA!

337. Cyndy Goldman February 2009

Beautiful space for wonderful programs! Please continue this great work!

Cyndy Goldman

336. Annie Neumark, Brussels February 2009

I’m terribly sorry for this unbelievable news. This is unjust and very disappointing for a city that is supposed to be THE CAPITAL OF EUROPE,but doesn’t support THE ART OF THE CITY and the artists and the creative people.

So I hope that my little note encourages the Minister Anciaux to review this incomprehensible preadvice.

Annie Neumark

Annie Neumark & Associates

335. Anne Vierstraete February 2009

This is awfully bad news and completely inconceivable to throw away "in een handomdraai" 10 years of total dedication to the scene of contemporary art. The very unique position of the CCNOA amongst the players of the contemporary art scene, galleries, musea, artists, has to be maintained. I cross fingers and everything I can in the hope to avoid this decision to become a most sad truth.

Anne Vierstraete

334. agata jastrzabek Hedah, Centrum voor Hedendaagse Kunst Maastricht (NL) February 2009

I would like to express my great dissapointment in the intention of the Vlaamse Gemeenteschap to discontinue the structural funding for CCNOA.
CCNOA is an exhibition space that keeps close relations with artists and maintains high level of shows which is partely ensured through its unique focus on abstract art. the honest devotion and fluency in the field of art of those who run the space is expressed on a regular basis.
this is a place that took the risk to focus on something specific and puh forward a visual research in the field of abstract’ art. brussels will loose a lot from its art scene if CCNOA ceases to exhist.

I am positive about the fact that the Flemish Minister of Culture can understand the importance to support such culturally enrishing initiatives especially in the times of financial crisis (!).

agata jastrzabek
Hedah, Centrum voor Hedendaagse Kunst Maastricht

t. 43-351 01 75
f. 43-351 01 76 <>
Postal address: Postbus 3107 - 6211 PH Maastricht

333. Franco Galanti February 2009 website

I hope that the Flemish Minister of Culture Bert Anciaux and his advisory committee will reconsider their decision.

332. Matthew Jarrat (UK) February 2009

As a visitor to Brussels (from uk) I have visited ccnoa a number of times and found it a high quality art organization with an interesting programme. i very much hope it is able to find funding and continue its work. It is important that places like ccnoa exist to support new artists and emerging art practice.

Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

331. Mary Cremin, Director February 2009 website

To whom it may concern:

Artist run spaces are integral to the support network for the arts. They provide an outlet and non-commercial venue for artists to exhibit and expand their practice. It is very unfortunate that the Flemish Minister of Culture has taken a short term view of the importance of spaces such as the CCNOA. They have provided a platform for international artists to exhibit and I know for one of our artists Fergus Martin it provided an invaluable opportunity to exhibit and to extend his network. I hope that the Flemish
Minister of Culture Bert Anciaux and his advisory committee will reconsider their decision.


Mary Cremin
Green On Red Gallery
26-28 Lombard Street East
Dublin 2

330. Eric Tillinghast (US) February 2009

To Whom It May Regard;
As a working American artist I know artists and art professionals in practically every city nation wide, and I feel that I can speak on behalf of all of us in saying that it would be a terrible shame if CCNOA were to discontinue its programs. There are few art institutions that primarily focus on current and contemporary art, and of those, CCNOA is on of the most consistent and interesting venues. So for audiences abroad, such as the American one, it is an important access point for what is happening in Europe and a very clear indicator of the latest developments in contemporary non-object art. I strongly urge that funding and support for this institution continue, and I am writing to remind that there is a vital role that CCNOA plays in the international art community.

Eric Tillinghast

329. Reiko Kanazawa (JP) February 2009

I strongly support CCNOA.

328. Phill Niblock, director, Experimental Intermedia, New York/Gent February 2009

In Support of CCNOA, Brussels

I have known and visited CCNOA since its opening. I also
knew Petra Bungert, the director, in her long associations in New York.

The work that is shown at CCNOA has an international scope, a definite
vision of abstract forms of art. They have inaugurated exhibitions and
traveling shows in many countries.

Experimental Intermedia in New York, was founded in 1968, as a non-profit
arts organization.
Since 1973, EI has hosted over 1000 concerts in its space and in other
spaces in the city. On our website is a list of the composers involved, and
for the past ten years, a more detailed list of concerts with short
descriptions. These concerts were curated by me. I have always felt that
artists should curate and promote other artists. So that is the guiding

In 1993, I began to curate exhibitions in Gent Belgium, using a window gallery in a
residential neighborhood, at a major tram stop. Soon, other artists joined
and formed Experimental Intermedia vzw Gent. This endeavor has resulted in
many exhibitions, listed on our website. Many of those were funded by the
Flemish Community.

The integrity of the curating at CCNOA, combined with the wide array of
talented artists who have participated, make it easy for me to recommend
that this organization get attention and the proper funding.

Sincerely, Phill Niblock

327. John Aslanidis (AU) February 2009

It would be a great tragedy if this center lost funding for the following year its contribution to contemporary art is considerable, in that it has made a major impact to contemporary art internationally. It combines the professionalism of a well respected institution in combination with the innovation of an artist run initiative, art centers like this are unique. Preserving its funding would allow a gallery like this to continue to make inroads in contemporary culture.It is really important that such spaces are supported as they provide a necessary vision and optimism which is very much needed in the current world we live in. Art spaces such as CCNOA make a contribution to society which is immeasurable in financial terms.and this is the type of cultural contribution that makes far reaching impact into the future.

Its absence would be a considerable loss to the International contemporary art community.

John Aslanidis Melbourne Australia

326. Pierre Clemens February 2009

J’apporte mon soutien entier au CCNOA pour une reconduite garantie de leurs moyens de fonctionnement. Leurs expositions m’ont toujours révélé des artistes et des travaux de grands intérêts et d’une ouverture d’esprit qu’il serait dommageable de voir disparaître. L’Art n’est pas un luxe, mais construit notre identité actuelle et future. C’est notre conscience, pensez-y.

325. Tamara Zahaykevich (US) February 2009

To whom it may concern

Please do not stop funding CCNOA.
I’m a New York based artist, exhibiting internationally, because of the exposure to my work through showing with CCNOA.
The folks at CCNOA have been selflessly promoting art and culture through the center in Brussels, as well as curating excellent international exhibitions that have touched so many over the years.
I strongly encourage you to support them to the fullest.

324. Peter De Cupere February 2009 website

Het zou zonden zijn deze fijne kunstorganisatie niet meer financiëel te ondersteunen. CCNOA heeft zich doorheen de jaren bewezen door naar buiten te komen als een open en inventieve kunstorganisatie. Met plezier wil ik hierbij dan ook mijn steun betuigen.

323. Pascal Courtois February 2009 website

Long Live CCNOA!

322. steve kaspar February 2009

"I hold up what I know with what I do not know"
(Antonio Porchia-Voices)
To the Flemish Minister of Culture Bert Anciaux and his advisory committee,

By this note,I fully and truely support CCNOA’s team activities and hard work to continue the "post-minimalistic"preoccupations.CCNOA is a"chapel" as well as an international needed "platform"of exchange.Please,reconsider your decision!Cutting all essential support from your side would be considered as a "lack of vision".You deal with a "living organisme"...

321. Matilde Alessandra (IT) February 2009

To whom it may concern:

CCNOA is a great institution that has undoubtably helped putting
Brussels on
the map of European cutting-edge, modern art scene.
It has a loyal following among art lovers and has been an important
platform for many
artists and curators worldwide. It would be a great pity to see if it really closed
its doors.

Matilde Alessandra

320. Bernard Lorge February 2009


319. Jeena Shin February 2009

To whom it may concern,
I am writing in full support of the CCNOA and its program.
As a New Zealand based Abstract artist, CCNOA is an indispensable and influential art organization to so many of us. There is no other art organization like CCNOA in the world. It is crucial in connecting artists working in this particular area of non-objective art.
It is imperative that CCNOA continues to function as it supports, promotes and connects so many artists working around the world.
I met Tilman last year when he brought the touring exhibition My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble to New Zealand and Australia.
This exhibition created great interest and promoted unique international exchange. CCNOA established a unique opportunity to connect local and international artists and continues to function as an initiator that increase s the visibility and relevance of non objective art practice in relation to the European and international contemporary art world.
As the result of the meeting with Tilman, my work was included in Yo, Mo’ Modernism… 2 early this year, and also I will be in Brussels in September for an exhibition at CCNOA. This will be a great opportunity for me to connect with the other artists in Brussels. It will be a valuable experience not only for my own practice but also for the other artists working in New Zealand who are so interested in what CCNOA stands for and the great work they do. CCNOA is working as a cultural meeting point that helps to bridge the gaps between Europe and the South Pacific countries.
It is crucial that you continue to support this unique, one of a kind organization that has been and will continue to play a vital role as a most innovative and leading contemporary art organization.
Please continue to support CCNOA!

Kind Regards

Jeena Shin
New Zealand

318. Christine Bavière, étudiante école d’art d’Avignon, CR. February 2009

Closing the CCNOA, like closing any place dedicated to art and/or culture would be a terrible mistake and a very regretable loss.

Stopping fundings for structures that help promote art and culture is the exact opposite of what we need at times like these...!

Therefore I support CCNOA!!

317. Nicolas Ponette February 2009

Dear Mr. Anciaux,
CCNOA is a unique venue that needs to be secured not shut down. Especially in those times. During years, this platform has attracted tons of visitors, promoted plenty of emerging artists and its contribution to the art scene has been respected far beyond belgium, only.

It will be a serious blow to know that its story has come to an end.

Therefore, I urge you to revise your decision regarding CCNOA´s funding.


316. lea lagasse February 2009 website

long live CCNOA

315. Bert February 2009

ik zal het omgekeerde doen ik ben blij dat er eindelijk een einde komt aan de geldverspilling. !! WEG MET CCNOA !!

314. Ive Stevenheydens February 2009

CCNOA is een vitale en toegewijde speler in het Brusselse kunstenveld met uitstraling tot (ver) daarbuiten (hetgeen ook onderstaande reacties duidelijk maken).

De laatste jaren articuleert het platform met tentoonstellingen en evenementen steeds helderder haar eigen stem. Samen met andere organisaties is die stem noodzakelijk teneinde de diversiteit van het (beeldende) kunstenlandschap in Brussel, Vlaanderen en België te vrijwaren.

Het is daarom moeilijk te begrijpen dat, na jaren knokken om de huidige rijpheid en volwassenheid te bereiken, deze organisatie vandaag gedwongen wordt terug te vallen op een projectmatige ondersteuning – wellicht de doodsteek.

Overtuigd van het feit dat een kunstenscène een breed en rijk geschakeerd spectrum moet bieden in plaats van een uniform geluid te laten horen, ondersteun ik CCNOA in haar vraag aan de Vlaamse Gemeenschap de recente beslissing opnieuw te evalueren.

313. jerome o drisceoil February 2009 website

I write to express my extreme disappointment at the news that funding for CCNOA will cease and, effectively, put this organisation out of operation. this seems to me to be a dreadfully short-sighted, narrow-minded move on the part of the authorities. we have nothing but positive remarks to make about CCNOA which represents a broad internationalism, an idealism all too rare in this time and a pursuit of excellence that must be supported, not condemned. Petra has been exceptionally cooperative to deal with and generous to the last in her efforts to support and promote artists at home and abroad.

Reverse this course of action before it is too late.

Jerome O Drisceoil
Director and Proprietor
Green On Red Gallery
26-28 Lombard Street East,
Dublin 2

312. Dr. Susannah Cremer-Bermbach, Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung, Bonn February 2009 website

CCNOA ist international eine der wenigen Einrichtungen, die sich für ungegenständliche Kunst der Gegenwart auf hohem Niveau einsetzt und dabei gerade die nachwachsende Generation im Blick hat, um sie zu fördern und einem interessierten Publikum bekannt zu machen. CCNOA hat sich in Brüssel seit seiner Gründung vor 10 Jahren einen internationalen Ruf erworben. Wenn dieses wichtige kulturelle Zentrum aus der Hauptstadt der Europäischen Union verschwände, wäre das ein großer Verlust, nicht nur für Belgien.

311. Figge von Rosen Galerie February 2009 website

Dear members of the CCNOA-Team. It is with great negative surprise that we hear that you are not supposed to be supported any longer by the Vlaamse Gemeenschap. You have been exhibiting in the last years a whole plethora of artists - some rather unknown and for that matter extremely depending on institutional support - some already quite famous - and for that matter very interesting to see - that it is totally ununderstandable that you shall not be continuoulsy financed.

310. marjan verhaeghe February 2009

A small note to make a point of the role CCNOA plays in the art scene in Belgium: what they do is unique : their choice of artists, their permanent energetical input that gives CCNOA its strong attraction (to visitors and to artists), their total engagement towards their center and all the connected activities... CCNOA has to be supported financially in order to be able to focus on their goal. We artists can support them with our hearts and creativity; the Vlaamse Gemeenschap is able to support them financially. I hope they also will keep on doing so!

309. Thomas Gillon - Kartell Brussels February 2009

Het is uiterst pijnlijk te vernemen dat CCNOA misschien zal ophouden te bestaan. Wij, Kartell Benelux, hebben onlangs samengewerkt met CCNOA en waren onder de indruk van de energie, de generositeit van de medewerkers en de kwaliteit van het werk. CCNOA is noodzakelijk en onvervangbaar voor de hedendaagse kunst in België en in het buitenland. CCNOA heeft uw steun nodig.

308. Ruth Muylle February 2009

Het is nu toch al een 8 jaar dat ik regelmatig afzak naar CCNOA. Het is een zeldzame plaats in Brussel waar je hedendaagse abstracte en visuele kunst kan beleven van zulk hoog niveau. Het zou niet alleen een verlies voor Brussel, maar ook voor Vlaanderen en België zijn als het centrum haar deuren moet sluiten. Ook werkte zij samen met Vlaamse Kunsthogescholen en Vlaamse net zoals buitenlandse artiesten. Ik draag het centrum een warm hart toe en hoop dat de Vlaamse overheid dit initiatief alsnog kan blijven steunen!

307. Hans Martens February 2009 website

The contemporary art field in Flanders, Brussels and Belgium is only starting to grow towards a professional level since a few years. Organizations like CCNOA are playing an important part in that process. Flexible and smaller scale places are needed to guaranty and continue the rich diversity of our art scene. It would be a big mistake to discontinue the structural funding. Also CCNOA need to plan on long term, something that will become impossible if they have to fall back on project subsidies.

306. Gilcozar, Artist painter, Brussels February 2009

I support CCNOA. It is disturbing news to read that CCNOA may not receive in 2010 the public funding it needs to function. CCNOA is an important element in the worldwide art and culture communities; it is essential that CCNOA receive the public funding it needs to, not only, function as a healthy structure, but also to grow and expand. It would be a shame to see CCNOA disappear. Longlife to CCNOA.

305. Barbara Gheude February 2009 website

Toute l’équipe de Photo Gallery asbl/vzw espère sincèrement que la Vlaamse Gemeenschap (VGC) reviendra sur sa décision et accordera au CCNOA la subvention nécesssaire à son fonctionnement. Le CCNOA est un des lieux incontournables dans le paysage culturel bruxellois. Il serait plus que regrettable que le projet né d’une si belle initiative soit voué à disparaitre. L’équipe de Photo Gallery asbl/vzw.

304. Alma Tischler Wood, artist, London February 2009 website

this is a shock and surprise! It seems inconceivable that a center like the CCNOA with its most successful, internationally well known programme will be no longer supported by the funding body! I very much hope you’ll be able to continue your important work. We need to see good art!

303. Cynthia LEMESLE & Jean-Philippe ROUBAUD February 2009

Nul ne saurait comprendre ou accepter une décision financière injuste au vu des bilans d’activité d’un lieu tel que le CCNOA.

Le seul résultat ainsi obtenu étant la privation de visibilité pour un certain type d’art, on ne peut que penser à un rabotage de la politique culturelle en fonction de partis pris qui se cachent derrière des apparences comptables. Ou bien, pire encore, c’est une pure erreur de jugement. Dans un cas comme dans l’autre, la décision de supprimer au CCNOA des fonds pourtant bien employés, dont dépend sa pérénité demande à être sérieusement réexaminée.

Au nom de la pluralité et de la pertinence culturelles, nous soutenons le CCNOA.

L&R, artistes, commissaires et responsables associatifs.

302. Dr. Friederike Nymphius, curator / author February 2009

CCNOA serves an important educational and cultural purpose: The space is supporting artists that will need more support than ever in today’s difficult economy!

301. Gerold Miller February 2009 website

Artists and art spaces are fundamental for cultural exchange and development as they are important ambassadors for social and cultural exchange. CCNOA has been doing an important job promoting to a large audience art that is otherwise difficult to see. For this reason CCNOA should be considered a special value to the public and the City of Brussels.

Gerold Miller, artist Berlin

300. Elena Alexander and Alan Uglow February 2009

We support CCNOA and find any attempts to shut it down unfortunate and unnecessary.

299. yoanna February 2009

je vous soutiens

298. Barbara A. MacAdam February 2009

It would be profoundly distressing to lose CCNOA as a major player on the international art scene. No other such center and exhibition space that I know of has as coherent and intelligent a program. Besides showing conceptually intriguing works by important international artists, CCNOA also features—almost daringly—astoundingly beautiful works. It would be nothing short of appalling to lose the center. Few directors are as compulsive and dedicated—and I might add sensible and even frugal—as Petra Bungert has proved herself.

297. prof dr ir Leon van Noorden, ipem ugent February 2009 website

Als geluidskunstenaar heb ik ervaren dat CCNOA een van de weinige plekken in Brussel is waarin een geluidsinstallatie volledig tot zijn recht kan komen. Het kader van de abstracte kunstwerken maakt het mogelijk om aandacht te richten op de essentie van de sonore creatie. Bovendien voelen geluidsinstallaties zich, qua vormgeving, vaak uitermate thuis in deze heldere en rustige zalen. Een permanente Vlaamse inbreng op dit internationale niveau is uitermate wenselijk.

296. Karin Christof February 2009 website

CCNOA is een belangrijk onderdeel van de kunst-scène in Brussels. De verantwoordelijkheid ligt niet alleen bij de organisatoren, maar ook bij de politici en bestuurders om deze culturele instelling als essentiële speler in het kunstgebeuren van de stad een ruimte te geven.

295. Hanka Lee February 2009

Sirs and Madam, I am an artist from far east, from South-Korea, living still in Seoul, Cologne and in Brussels. And I have looked around most of the cities in Europe, especially the galleries of fine arts. CCNOA is one of the best art centers in Brussels for me and I have much respect for it’s international activity with good exhibitions. Please don’t let it be closed. It will be then a big lost for Brussels!

294. Ruth Milligan February 2009

Please do not let CCNOA shut down! CCNOA is one of the foremost independent modern art spaces in Brussels - with a continuing programme of new and ground-breaking exhibitions. It gives an irreplacable forum for new and upcoming artists and is particulalry essential in bringing non-Belgian artists onto the Brussels scene.

293. Antonio Della Marina (IT) February 2009

The fact that CCNOA is about to quit surprised me very badly. Art spaces are fundamental for cultural exchanges and developement and should never close due to lack of economical support expecially after so many years of great job and effort. Culture is nowadays more and more blackmailed by market rules. Please understand that artists are one of the best ambassadors and art spaces are the best embassies for social and cultural exchanges. I really hope it is possible for the Vlaamse Gemeenschap to take back the plan.

Best regards

292. Stephane Magnan/Les filles du Calvaire February 2009

CCNOA is one of the best initiatives I have come across.It is professional,innovative and gives a unique chance to approach contemporary art of the highest level thru a simple and radical vision

291. Soledad Arias AR/US February 2009

I am writing to you, to support CCNOA. I am a visual artist, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, living in New York City. CCNOA has been for many years a very important site for the international exhibition of all forms of contemporary no-objective art. Wishing you can find the well deserved funding you need to continue in the future, for the center is an essential generator of ideas in the realm of Contemporary art.

Soledad Arias


290. petra rinck February 2009

ccnoa, is a very important place which should be able to go for many other years. They are doing a very good job with a unique profile. I´ve been to Brussels for several times just to vistite the CCNOA.

289. THOMAS Olivier February 2009

Please Mr Anciaux do not discontinue to support CCNOA. It is unique, fresh and vital to Brussel’s contemporary art landscape. Over the last years, CCNOA has brought a distinctive selection of artworks to the public. THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE LIKE IT, DONT LET IT DISAPPEAR!

288. GUERN Céline February 2009

En soutien au CCNOA

287. Ornella February 2009

The CCNOA is a vital center for art in brussels and beyond and it’s continued existence is essential.

286. Margot Tuzina February 2009

CCNOA is one of the rare places where contemporary non-objective art is presented in a self-evident way. Art which is, also in Brussels, seldom to find and therefore CCNOA should be considered as a special value to the public and the City.

285. Anne Bossuroy February 2009 website

Le CCNOA est un lieu incontournable, il faut continuer à soutenir ce type de centre d’art contemporain en Belgique. La programmation y est remarquable… et d’intérêt public. En tant qu’enseignante, j’y envoie mes étudiants dans le cadre de leur formation pour accroître leur champ de connaissance et les sensibiliser à l’art contemporain. En tant que peintre, j’y vais pour voir des expositions pointues et riches de production de qualité. Comment est-il possible de devoir se mobiliser pour une chose aussi évidente? Longue vie au CCNOA et merci!!!

284. Prof. Kirstin Arndt, University of Applied Sciences Mainz (DE) February 2009

Dear Mister Minister Anciaux,

I like to ask you for supporting CCNOA also in the future. 

It’s since 10 years one of the most important institutions for international contemporary art in Belgium. CCNOA is also very well known in Germany for it’s innovative and engaged programme.

Kindest regards

Kirstin Arndt

Prof. Kirstin Arndt
University of Applied Sciences Mainz | Department Design | 
Holzstrasse 36 | D-55116 Mainz | 

283. Colette Dubois February 2009

Le CCNOA occupe une place particulière sur la scène belge de l’art contemporain puisqu’il s’intéresse plus particulièrement à l’art abstrait, mais un art abstrait qui questionne notre contemporanéité, qui utilise aussi ses outils et qui peut prendre la forme des arts visuels, du son, du film, de la photographie, des nouveaux médias ou de l’architecture.
Chaque année, le CCNOA organise au moins huit expositions solo ou de groupe, mais il n’en reste pas là, il développe aussi des contacts internationaux qui lui permettent de nouer des liens de coopération avec des artistes et des institutions artistiques en Belgique et à l’étranger. Ces contacts se concrétisent sous la forme d’échanges et d’expositions itinérantes, mais aussi par la présence au CCNOA d’un public international qui en fait un lieu de rencontres enrichissant. Chaque activité du CCNOA se veut une expérience vivante, vibrante, constructive et continue de l’art contemporain au sein d’une atmosphère ouverte, chaleureuse et accueillante.

Extrait de l’article « En 2008, le CCNOA fête ses 10 ans », paru dans FluxNews, n° 45, janvier, février, mars 2008.

282. Francesca Nicolas February 2009

Please keep this excellent centre open. Francesca Nicolas

281. Barbra Erhardt February 2009

Since I have been living in Brussels ,the last three years, several people told me to go and visit the CCNOA. In doing so I found the center a very inspiring place positioned between a museal exhibition space and a kind of ’werkplaats’; between exhibiting and reflecting, debating. With their connection with the local brussels Dansaert-surroundings, as wel as their internationally oriented network they are a true Brussels-spirited organisation. When stepping outside I always leave with an inspired mind; not in the least because of the people running the CCNOA.

280. Janssens February 2009 website

I have known CCNOA since the second year of its existence. All the exhibitions are not my cup of tea but every one I have seen has been of very good quality.Quality is the word for CCNOA.I think this center must be alive for people from Brussels and from everywhere because CCNOA is a necessity for the world of contemporary art.It’s a point for reflection and opening one’s mind.I believe in its existence because there is no other like it.

279. Sophie Bland February 2009

Dear Minister Anciaux and colleagues, I urge you to continue to support CCNOA. I consider it a very important venue for contemporary art in Brussels.

278. Fergus martin February 2009 website

Dear Minister Anciaux,

Around the world, there are people - and not just artists - who would give their eye-teeth for challenging contemporary art venues like CCNOA in Brussels.

What really struck me was how, in a world where people sometimes find contemporary art ‘difficult’, CCNOA transcends this with uncompromising first-rate exhibitions and publications.

Its passion and commitment makes this work truly open to all. I witnessed this at first hand in Brussels, in the reaction and excitement of people who would consider themselves part of the ‘general public.’

Brussels is lucky to have such a visionary exhibition space and organisation of people such as CCNOA. There was great interest in Ireland in the work and ethos of CCNOA, when I took part in the exhibition Yo’ Mo’ Modernism in 2008.

I strongly urge you to maintain the financial support of CCNOA and keep it alive, for the benefit of so many.

Yours sincerely,

Fergus Martin

277. L’ATELIER SOARDI February 2009 website

CCNOA est un beau lieu d’exposition dirigé par des personnes engagés. Ce serait une catastrophe réelle si ce lieu n’existait plus . CCNOA est devenu très important sur la scène internationale.
Il faut rester optimiste.

Toute l’équipe de L’ATELIER SOARDI à NICE (France)

276. john armleder February 2009

CCNOA has been doing a rare job promoting to a large audience art that is otherwise difficult to see. It serves therefore an important educational purpose as well as supporting artists that will need more support than ever in todays difficult economy! Please reconsider all support to CCNOA favorably !!! john armleder artist, publisher and professor

275. Pippa Makgill February 2009

To Whom it may conern,
CCNOA plays an intrisic role in the networking an support of international artists and curators. Myself as an artist and writer have been immpressed by its involvement in the contemporary Australian and New Zealand art scene. Not many institutions can claim such broad interest and activity. It represents Belgium very proudly and this is something really worth investing in.

Pippa Makgill

274. Lisa Schiavon February 2009 website

Dear Members of the Committee,

We are writing this petition in support of the CCNOA, whose activities and exhibitions we follow through their website. CCNOA’s discernment and daring combine to play a crucial role as a platform for introducing and promoting dialogue around less commercially viable art forms and artists that might otherwise receive little or no exposure. We fully support and appeal to you continue your support of this critical cultural platform, not only for the local community, but for world-scale interests in fostering less-visible and ephemeral art.

Lisa Schiavon and Yasuaki Shimizu, Tokyo

273. tayo heuser February 2009 website

Please do not close CCNOA. It is the most interesting art space in Brussels. Petra and Tilman have devoted themselves to creating an extensive program over the years that have given many talented artists a place to show, to experiment and develop. Brussels would be losing a huge chunk of culture should it close. It is not possible for anyone who has been to CCNOA and spoken to Petra and Tilman to realize the extreme obstacles they have already endured to keep CCNOA alive. This art center is vital to the art world in Brussels and abroad. Vlaamse Gemeenschap have you looked at the artist list who have shown at CCNOA? Do you see how broad the reach is? Which other art center in Brussels has had such world wide attention? It is irresponsible to even think about closing down such a space and this absurd idea should be looked into because I have no doubt that you would realize the importance of SUPPORTING CCNOA and it’s hardworking, devoted and talented staff. You must keep CCNOA alive and GIVE your SUPPORT rather than anything else.

272. Lucas Jodogne February 2009 website

CCNOA is een van de meest actieve en meest hedendaagse kunst organisaties in Belgie. Wij hebben vanaf het begin CCNOA gesteund omdat CCNOA een duidelijk hiaat in het kunstbeeld in Belgie invulde. Structurele ondersteuning wegnemen van CCNOA is zoals opnieuw dat hiaat creeeren want geen enkel instituut heeft dit publiek en dit programma. Zonder CCNOA zetten we flink stap achteruit.

271. Marina Chernikova February 2009 website

An organisation like CCNOA is indispensable for artists and art lovers. Please keep up the good work!

Marina Chernikova, artist, Amsterdam

270. Le Faiseur February 2009 website

I’m with you! Je vous soutiens!

269. Dr Billy Gruner (SNO Sydney Australia) February 2009 website

Without question the closure of this important international center of art would be felt as a significant loss around the world. This is simply because CCNOA has done more than any other center of its kind, in fact it has been the model for advanced art-cultural methodologies for a decade, and therefor should be seen as a national treasure of the Belgian people. Importantly here, CCNOA attracts leading artists and intellectuals, curators etc to Belgium regularly, and CCNOA has, as it does through SNO, and many other galleries, projects, programs, larger projects, and institutions, export its own artists. We only recently had two major groups of artists from Brussels and Ghent touring in Australia because of our sister city links, and the efforts of Petra and Tilman - just outstanding. I cannot think of a more important or significant center in this specialised developmental field. It would be absurd to close it down.
Dear Minister, please think again or revise your advisers ideological context, in this instance they are just not serving you well. I will gladly supply you with any text or correspondence to verify my claims.

With concerned regards
Dr Billy Gruner

268. Parodi Maxime February 2009

Je souhaite apporter mon soutien au centre d’art contemporain non objectif car il est toujours regrettable de fermer un espace dédié à l’art d’autant plus quand celui-ci revêt une dimension expérimentale tant la démarche est importante et enrichissante !

Maxime Parodi, étudiant à l’école d’Art Supérieur d’Aix-en-Provence .

267. yoan February 2009

closing the CCNOA, like closing any place dedicated to art and/or culture would be a terrible mistake and a very regretable loss.

stopping fundings for structures that help promote art and culture is the exact opposite of what we need at times like these...!

let the cash flow and let you make us better!

266. Wilson Trouvé February 2009 website

Please continue to support CCNOA, we need them !

265. michael delia February 2009 website

The CCNOA is a vital center for art in brussels and beyond and it’s continued existence is essential.

264. Catherine Macchi February 2009

Je souhaite manifester mon soutien au centre d’art contemporain non objectif qui effectue depuis dix années un travail remarquable de prospection et de soutien de la création actuelle. La dimension expérimentale de la politique d’exposition du CCNOA fait de cet espace un lieu incontournable non seulement en Belgique mais au niveau international. Il est indispensable de donner à ses dirigeants la possibilité de poursuivre leur travail et de le soutenir pleinement.

Catherine Macchi
Historienne de l’art, commissaire indépendant basée à Nice

263. Ben Curnow February 2009

As a curator and critic based in New Zealand and Australia, I have been well aware of CCNOA’s importance and value. Many artists have visited Belgium specifically because of CCNOA. If forced to close down, it would be sorely missed in the international visual arts community.

262. Eric Angenot February 2009 website

CCNOA has become one of the most important art spaces in Brussels, connecting Brussels to international art in a specific and open way. CCNOA do a work nothing else do. It’s realy important to keep CCNOA alive!

261. jan verbruggen February 2009

I discovered CCNOA as a place that enables me as a spectator to feel comfortable and at home. Since this is perhaps the most difficult thing to achieve, dealing with art and spaces, I believe CCNOA deserves all possible chances in the future.

260. Hans D. Christ, Direktor Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart February 2009

I’m shocked and irritated, that one of the most consequently working non-profit art spaces of Belgium will be liquidated. The question to give or to give not the funding isn’t a question of having or having not money. It is a question of right or wrong priorities and in this case it seems that some clerical assistant have wrong ones.
I hope that this mistake will be recognize before the disaster is at its
final point.

With solidarity greetings
Hans D. Christ
Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart
Schloßplatz 2

70173 Stuttgart

259. Sinan Logie February 2009

Please keep CCONOA going on!

258. Giles Ryder (AU/DE) February 2009

Giles Ryder Prenzlauerberg, Berlin 10405 To the Vlaamse Gemeenschaap C/o: Dear Minister Bert Ancieux, I am writing this letter of support for CCNOA upon my return to Berlin after a recent visit to CCNOA, I have been aware for quite a while of the vast knowledge and commitment to presenting and supporting pioneers in contemporary art. However I was quite shocked when I visited the space (after looking around at some of the simular sites in Brussels), to hear that the funding was proposed to be cut for this art space. CCNOA is at the forefront of organising exhibitions that are of high standard, and are multi-platformed and interdisciplinary in action, that have a specific function within art history. Not only has CCNOA focussed on local artist’s from Belgium it has ceaselessly curated a context for them with other international artists. CCNOA has been able to organize international travelling exhibitions of such high standard that other organizations with much higher budgets never produce. For CCNOA to have this potential funding cut, after ten years of continual action and activities in Brussels does not make sense, CCNOA have been able with assistance of funding to continually re-invigorate and expand the programme each year. To see the possible closure of this centre also means a closure within the European art world, specifically to Brussels and the Flemish community. With CCNOA and Petra Bungert tirelessly engaging with the local and international art scene this has placed CCNOA and the culture of Belgium as being progressive and has positioned this as a site of interest for visitors and the local community. I am writing my full support for CCNOA , please feel free to contact me regarding this letter: Regards, Giles Ryder Artist-Curator, Sydney, AUS / Berlin, Germany

257. Prof.Dr.Ursula Schrag, Germany February 2009

CCNOA besteht seit zehn Jahren und hat sich zum markantesten Zentrum für Abstrakte Kunst in seinen vielen Ausformungen entwickelt. Es gibt nur wenige Zentren in Europa, die sich mit Abstrakter Kunst intensiv beschäftigen. Dazu gehören: Kulturspeicher Würzburg (Sammlung Rupprecht), Reutlingen (Stiftung-Sammlung Wankel) Zürich (Museum für Konkrete Kunst), Ingolstadt (Museum für Konkrete Kunst), Muans-Sartoux (Museum Albers-Honegger). - Alle diese Einrichtungen bemühen sich um eine Bestandssicherung und reichen in die Vergangenheit zurück.

CCNOA hingegen ist das einzige Zentrum, das die Entwicklung der Abstrakten Kunst weiterentwickelt, ausbaut und neueste Tendenzen zu erstklassigen Ausstellungen bringt. CCNOA bietet zahlreichen belgischen und internationalen Künstlern ein herausragendes Forum ihre Arbeiten der Allgemeinheit und dem Fachpublikum zugänglich zu machen.

CCNOA ist beheimatet in der Hauptstadt der Europäischen Union. CCNOA genießt internationalen Ruf. CCNOA ist ein wichtiges Zentrum der Abstrakten Kunst in Belgien geworden.

Es wäre äußerst bedauerlich, wenn diese Einrichtung von der Schließung bedroht würde; es wäre ein großer Verlust für Brüssel, für Belgien und für die internationalen Kontakte, die mit diesem Zentrum vernetzt sind.

Ich bitte die Vlaamse Gemeenschap dringend, dieses für die Kultur des Landes so ungeheuer wichtige Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst weiterhin zu unterstützen.

Prof.Dr.Ursula Schrag, D-82481 Mittenwald, Albert-Schott-Str.30

256. Fran Devos February 2009 website

CCNOA wordt vanaf 2010 doorverwezen naar projectmiddelen. Projecten dienen evenwel om startende organisaties een eerste groeikans te geven, niet om (bestaande) structurele werkingen een continuïteit te bieden. Verder is deze projectenpot nu al ontoereikend om voldoende vernieuwing en experiment te garanderen. En daar bovenop: diezelfde projectenpot mag vanaf 2010 ook worden aangesproken door organisaties die minder dan 300 000 euro structurele subsidie ontvangen. Wat dit in de praktijk zal betekenen is duidelijk...

255. jota castro February 2009

please help ccnoa, this institution is a exemple for artists and curators from everywhere. and of course really comitmennt whith Brussels and culture.

254. wowe, New York City (US) February 2009

new york, feb. 9th 2009

to whom it may concern

ccnoa is an extraordinary institution and i have been impressed by its work from the beginning on. it is shocking to hear that the vlaamse gemeensghap plans to discontinue structural funding. in hard economic times especially culture needs and should be supported. i hope the decision to stop the support of ccnoa will be revised. brussels, a european capital, needs ccnoa!!!

sincerely yours

253. alan grillo spina February 2009 website

Please don’t stop supporting young arts and culture, even in days of economical crisis. This is going to be tomorrow’s reality, feed it up as culture is part of our society’s structure!

all best,
alan g.s.

252. Salvatore Panatteri Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney NSW (AU) February 2009

Dear Minister and Advisory Committee
In such unstable economic times the value of culture only strengthens.
In the case of CCNOA we are describing a cultural identity with global regard and importance in contemporary visual arts. It would be a terrible loss to witness the extinction of such a readily built organisation and the demise of people who have dedicated their livelihood towards this venture.
Bearing this in mind, I am certain that I do not only speak for myself in earnestly requesting that you keep this vital organisation floating. With your continued support CCNOA will remain a landmark for the arts and the city of Brussels.

Salvatore Panatteri
Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney NSW Australia
M: +61403118015

251. Daniel Dewaele February 2009

I support CCNOA!

250. Iemke van Dijk / Guido Winkler, IS Projects (NL) February 2009

Ondergetekenden zijn van mening dat binnen het internationale veld van institutenen initiatieven als Minus Space/New York, PS Amsterdam, SNO Sydney, Hebel/Basel, Kunstruimte 09/Groningen, ParisCONCRET/Parijs en de vele andereinitiatieven waarvoor wij in deze tekst even geen plaats achten als ook het onze,CCNOA als de eerste èn -nog altijd- belangrijkste mag worden beschouwd.
Sommigen zijn van mening dat abstrakte kunst (voor wat de term waard is) heeftafgedaan, De concrete- of voorstellingloze kunst, ook wel aangeduid als non-objective art (voor wat de term waard is), mag zich juist verheugen op een toenamein de belangstelling. Niet in de laatste -om niet te zeggen in de eerste- plaats tedanken aan de mensen achter CCNOA.
Wij dragen CCNOA een warm hart toe en vertrouwen erop dat velen dat met onsdoen en u tot een positief besluit komt.

Iemke van Dijk / Guido Winkler
IS projects
Drie Octoberstraat 16 A 2313 ZP Leiden Nederland

249. Norico M February 2009

I have visited to CCNOA with Minoru Sato.

I think CCNOA is an important place for ALL.

248. Pascale Viscardy / l’art même / Brussels February 2009

Il est totalement regrettable qu’un structure singulière et dynamique comme le CCNOA perde ses subsides et par là même soit susceptible de devoir mettre la clé sous le paillasson après plus de 10 ans d’existence ! Je ne peux qu’espérer un sursaut d’engagement de la part des pouvoirs publics et de Bert Anciaux en particulier. Peut-on espérer qu’il soit enfin mieux éclairé ????… Tout mon soutien à Petra et à son équipe et aussi aux artistes… Pascale Viscardy Secrétaire de rédaction revue l’art même 44 boulevard Léopold II 1080 Bruxelles

247. Dr Simon Ingram (NZ) February 2009

To the Vlaamse Gemeenschap or its representative,

I am writing to lend my support to The Centre for Non Objective Art and to urge you to consider favorably the request being made here by myself and by the many others, to continue funding this organisation. As a New Zealand artist who exhibits internationally and as an academic in one of New Zealand’s top Universities whose individual research is located in and around the sort of artistic practices that CCNOA showcases, I feel well placed to comment on CCNOA’s artistic and intellectual merit. CCNOA is rare in that it provides (at a non-parochial and entirely international level) an actual and intellectual project space for experimental art of a kind that is not entirely at home in mainstream museums and public galleries. Mainstream artistic practice and the culture in general benefit from the sort of sharply defined set of interests and specialisations that CCNOA seek to nourish, because of the way they encourage speculative thinking and an art experience that is not encumbered by the frequently instrumental relationships that some contemporary art can has with the state and with issues of a clearly defined political nature. It is in its sense of free-play, of an artistic discourse that is energetic and purposive and not tied to specific political aspirations of the day that CCNOA generates immense cultural and intellectual value. It would be a great loss, one felt very widely, if it were the case that CCNOA was required to close its doors.

Best regards,

Dr Simon Ingram

246. Stefano Calligaro (IT/NL) February 2009

Stefano Calligaro
Rotterdam, NL

With this document I’d like to support the program of ccnoa,
ccnoa has been stimulating the imagination and creatività of many artists including me, I think the work of the center is essential for the culture of the country, for developement of projects and ideas, keep this in mind

With kind regards


245. olivier jacques célestin Pesret February 2009

the Vlaamse Gemeenschap HAS to continue funding CCNOA!
Because it is the only place in Brussels where we can see good non-objective art.

As an art student, if CCNOA closes I will loose this great source of inspiration, and all the discussions I had with Petra have been really interesting.

So the CCCNOA has to stay open and continue to bring us a great exhibition program

244. Else Marie Hagen February 2009 website

Vlaamse Gemeenschaap Bruxelles, Flanders Belgium
To Whom It May Concern

I have been fortunate to exhibit my work at CCNOA on two occations, photography as part of the groupshow ”double exposure” in 2006 and video in 2007, ”screen 1,2,3”.

For me these were great opportuneties to show my work outside of Norway.
Not only was everything taken care of in a proffessional way, I also found the selection of exhibitors very intresting. CCNOA has an identity of its own. I really hope that you find the opportunity to future support to make this venue carry on its valuable contribution to the art scene.

Kind regards

Else Marie Hagen, artist

243. Startel February 2009


Best regards, STARTEL <

242. Pieter Vermeersch, Brussels February 2009

i am very surprised to here that the Vlaamse Gemeenschap decided to
stop funding ccnoa. i think this is a mistake.
i can only reflect from my personal experience as an artist but during
the time i was presenting work at ccnoa and visiting exhibitions befor and after
it became very clear to me that this centre has an enormeous network and
activity that functions worldwide. it’s known that ccnoa has a progam that
is highly international and defends it’s vision with quality and has his place
in the context of a european capital. it’s activity is marked by support
for the arts and the artists and should be continued.

best regards,

pieter vermeersch

241. Lilian Cooper February 2009

I wanted to add my support to your campaign. You have an excellent exhibition programme with a consistently interesting and sometimes positively challenging selection of artists. We need spaces like yours that broaden the contemporary art field. CCNOA is a beacon for "non-objective" art and brings people to Brussels from far further afield.

240. Jean-Daniel BOURGEOIS February 2009

keep them alive! they produce a great work and a interesting platform of exchange in Brussels. that’s when those spaces closes their doors that we lose support and energy to continue doing and producing what so many people trying to do well. I’m a artist living in Brussels. thanks for reading

239. Renée Levi February 2009 website

Das CCNOA ist Teil eines europäischen Netzwerks, welches intelligente, ungegenständliche Kunst vermittelt und in Belgien der Ausstellungsraum mit der interessantesten Programmierung. Räume wie das CCNOA verdienen jede finanzielle Unterstützung - in schwieriger Zeit erst recht.

238. Virginie bailly en Floris Dehantschutter February 2009

CCNOA bewandelt sinds jaren een heel eigen, specifiek parcours dat een cachet drukt op het internationale kunstlandschap. Om zowel gevestigde waarden als nieuwe talenten te ontdekken is CCNOA de plek bij uitstek! Zij bieden een interessant platform aan jonge kunstenaars en onconventionele initiatieven; als het CCNOA haar deuren sluit, zou het kunstlandschap nog verder verschralen.

237. Maija Julius February 2009 website

More than 10 yeas of splendid work in the international field of non objective art! I address the Vlaamse Gemeenschap to continue funding CCNOA!

236. Els Fiers February 2009

CCNOA is een professioneel gerund platform voor hedendaagse kunst. Zowel de keuze van de kunstenaars als van de projecten is consistent en het resultaat is van hoge kwaliteit. Ook de unieke positie - door de optie voor dit type abstracte kunst - valt erg te waarderen.

235. Rudi Bogaerts February 2009 website

Zal Bert hier ook een traan voor wegpinken?

234. Pedro Mora Frutos February 2009

El CCNOA es un proyecto ejemplar, ofrece algo radicalmente diferente a cualquier otro centro de arte, realmente innovador y estimulante. Deseo que reconsideren la idea de abortarlo pues seríamos muchos los que lo echáramos de menos y sería una gran perdida para la diversidad de la creción plástica contemporánea en centoeuropa. Un fuerte abrazo y seguid luchando.

233. rik de boe February 2009 website

keep CCNOA going on ! best regards

232. Lucia Penninckx February 2009

CCNOA , ik ken het van in het prille begin, moeizaam hebben ze aan iets opgebouwd, een ontmoetingsplaats voor kunstenaars ;werkelijk een plaats die gekend is van in Amerika tot Tokyo, je moet het maar doen. Je kan die subsidies niet afnemen dit zou een verarming zijn voor de Vlaamse, Brusselse, aanwezigheid op de kaart van de wereld, poor Flanders, be ashamed yourself!

231. Lawrence Markey, San Antonio Texas February 2009

CCNOA and Petra Bungert have created and maintained a unique and special venue for art of our time. Its program is followed and admired by many.

230. Marijke Van Kets February 2009

Beste, De Vlaamse gemeenschap heeft dit project meerdere jaren gesteund en stopt plots abrupt zijn subsidie. Deze ad hoc werkmethode roept vele vragen op. Wij erkennen de keuzes die de overheid moet maken maar stellen vooral de wijze waarop in vraag. CCNOA verdient een eerlijkere behandeling dan dit, herstart de dialoog. Dank U

229. traxbema February 2009 website

I am writing to give my support to the continuation of the CCNOA. Its program makes a strong contribution to the exchange of global culture. I strongly urge the minister of culture to continue to keep the CCNOA alive.

228. icaredb February 2009 website

CCNOA is an excellent intiative buffer in order to protect art in Belgium and in Vlanderen... Quentin Pauluis, UN-supported artist (independant).

227. Julian Goddard & Glenda de Fiddes February 2009 website

We would like to send our support to CCNOA in their bid to continue receiving funding for their very important and impressive international programme.

226. Melanie Crader February 2009

CCNOA has an international reach which is difficult to achieve in our oversaturated information age. I learned of CCNOA through a US curatorial project a few years ago and have followed their focused programming ever since. I feel fortunate to have met Tilman and always enjoy his enthusiasm for CCNOA. I have corresponded with Petra from a far and have been impressed with her professionalism and dedication to CCNOA. Their funding is essential to continue their program that is enjoyed by many in the international community.

225. Ludo Engels February 2009

CCNOA is run by a devoted team and has its own adventurous place in the art scene in Brussels - in Belgium and abroad. Keep the funding going!

224. Carine et Michel Baudson-Bienfait February 2009

Yes we support

223. Richard & Anna van der Aa - ParisCONCRET February 2009 website

The project space ParisCONCRET is inspired in part by CCNOA’s pioneering work. We believe that CCNOA plays an important role in today’s cultural landscape and deserves continued support.

222. Vivien Greene, Curator of 19th and Early 20th-Century Art, Guggenheim Museum February 2009

To whom it may concern:

It would be an egregious act to withdraw funding from CCNOA. This organization serves an essential cultural purpose for larger community in Brussels and Belgium, bringing artistic programming of a local, national, and international nature to Brussels. CCNOA makes important contributions to the cultural fiber of the city with a dimension of contemporary art which would otherwise not been seen. The Ministry of Culture’s support is key for the livelihood of CCNAO.

221. Ozkan OZSARLAK February 2009

So much energy, so many works to build-up, and just easily decide to stop it, destroy it. I believe the government should save money these days of economic crisis, but please not in this unique initiative. CCNOA should continue..

220. Frank F. Scherer February 2009

With the greatest appreciation for CCNOA’s important cultural contribution in Europe and beyond.

Warmest greetings from the coldest country in the world

Frank Scherer

Social/Political Thought Pogramme
York University, Toronto, Canada

219. Galerie Jan Dhaese February 2009 website

CCNOA is sinds jaren een belangrijke speler in het kunstenlandschap. Hoe is het mogelijk dat een instelling met internationale allure plots zou moeten stoppen? Hoe is het mogelijk dat een instelling die sinds jaren een professioneel platform biedt voor gevestigde én aankomende kunstenaars zou moeten verdwijnen?

218. Joris VdM February 2009

CCNOA is in my and many others opinion one of the leading and most inventive exhibition spaces in the hart of our country; Brussels. They work on a small and intimate place and have a specific audience, which is necessary for a good understanding and reading of the organization and it’s concept and approach towards contemporary art. If everything will be judged on its popularity level I think a lot of mistakes and errors are made as such! And what is politics today more than a large blurb and POP POL on newspaper’s front page and TV screens…Places as CCNOA are rare and unique and there existence is thereby of a big importance! I have the opportunity as an artist to work with them for the first time and I would regret the fact it would also be the last time... working with a professional organization with such a huge and impressive experience on a national and international level is of a great importance to me as a beginning artist but I also think for more experienced and professional artists. It is a great challenge to work as a non-commercial organization and in times of ‘the big crash’, whereof we didn’t saw nothing yet, maybe the way to work in the future in a search for quality and good exhibition making… if the Flemish government chooses for the sweets and skips the salt dish, or even don’t try to taste it first, they are going to get really fat! Don’t you think?

217. kxarchopoulou February 2009

as an artist I am expressing my full support for the continuation of the operation for CCNOA

216. Lydie Marchi February 2009 website

Ne fermez pas le CCNOA, ne coupez pas ls subventions. Les expositions y sont un réel bonheur esthétique et intelectuel. Je viens du sud de la France spécialement pour les voir !!! Un tel lieu et une telle qualité sont rares ... Et c’est une tellement belle image de la Belgique pour son rayonnement en Europe et dans le monde...

215. hans w. koch February 2009 website

dear minister bert anciaux, dear members of the Artistic Commissie,

its always very surprising to me, how easily in politics the word "sustainability" is spoken and how difficult it is to fill it with meaning.
i have followed the development of ccnoa over the course of 7 years now as both an artists and a visitor and its incredible how much of a fixture it became in the international artworld.
if ccnoa was a person, petra bungert´s tremendous efforts would be its flesh and brains and muscles (90%) and your support the skeleton (10%). now, please consider, how easy it is to break it and how difficult to rebuild.
contemporary art is not for free. but doing an honest input/output calculation for the ccnoa, it almost comes as a bargain.

sincerely yours
hans w. koch
soundartist / curator, cologne

214. Gerda Maise & Daniel Göttin February 2009 website

CCNOA is one of the best art project spaces in the center of Europe supporting ’non objective art’ worldwide.
Over the last ten years, Petra Bungert as director and Tilman as artistic consultant have built up an amazing network for artists in the field of ’non objective art’. They need the financial support in order to be able to continue with their commitment for an excellent international programme

Gerda Maise
Daniel Göttin
Hebelstrasse 121
CH 4056 Basel

213. Zipora Fried February 2009

CCNOA is a significant alternative space in Brussels supporting contemporary artists working in the visual arts, video and electronic media. CCNOA has supported artistic experimentation and dialog in contemporary culture worldwide. It created a space where artists could exhibit unconventional work and exchange ideas with their peers. Every day, small but significant encounters happen between their artists, members and visitors. CCNOA is a distinct place to discover some of the most diverse and provocative ideas in contemporary art. Thousands of artists, curators, writers, filmmakers, visitors have spent time and thought at CCNOA. IT WOULD BE A GREAT LOSS TO THE INTERNATIONAL ART COMMUNITY IF THEY WOULD HAVE TO CLOSE THEIR DOORS!!

212. Iris & Pierre Lempereur February 2009

CCNOA plays a key role in strengthening Belgium’s presence on the international art scene. Promoting an understanding of contemporary art and stimulating dialogue and connections between local and international actors remains as relevant as ever. With such foundations and strong results, CCNOA needs and deserves continued support.

211. João Fernandes February 2009 website

I received all these last years regular information about one of the most challenging European contemporary art exhibition programmes: CCNOA. It would be a pity if Belgium and Europe would loose now a center that was supporting some of the most interesting art projects revealed in these last years. I expect this problem is just the result of a temporary misunterstanding and CCNOA will get the necessary support to keep going its activities.

210. Reggy Timmermans February 2009

CCNOA a toute sa place á Bruxelles en Belgique et son influence dèpasse le niveau ne doit évidement pas disparaitre..

209. N Kukiko February 2009

It’s so shocking if a place like CCNOA has to close its door. CCNOA is a kind of platform for a newcomer like me to discover contemporary art in Brussels. CCNOA has enormous ideas and resources from all around the world, so if it’s closed down, I’m afraid Brussels will lose all of them!!!

208. Pieter Rolies February 2009

Het zou een verlies zijn voor de Brusselse kunstscene moest CCNOA verdwijnen. Daarom betuig ik mijn steun aan Petra, Tilman en het hele CCNOA-team!

207. Caroline Forbes February 2009

Although I live in London and rarely get to visit the CCNOA I would like to register my support for the organisation. When I have been to exhibitions there I have been impressed by the warm welcome given to all visitors and by the dedication and commitment of Petra Bungert & Team CCNOA to show a huge variety of art. The amazing list of exhibitions and artists who have shown at CCNOA is testament to this. I hope they will receive the support needed to continue their work.

206. Jose Sole February 2009

Geachte heer mevrouw, Ten spijten heb ik et nieuws vernomen dat de subsidie aan CCNOA zal stop zetten. Dit is een teleurstellend bericht. CCNOA blijft een unieke functie leveren in het hedendaagse kunstmilieu van Brussel. Met haar innovatieve kijk heeft mevrouw Bungert en haar collaborateurs keer op keer een leerzame en inspirerende opening gedaan aan kunstlievende Brussel. Haar plaats zal niet vervuld worden door wat voor galerie of instelling waar ook. Ik zal dit persoonlijk heel jammer vinden. Ik verzoek u het besluit nog een keer te herzien. Hoogachtend, Jose Sole

205. Annemie Maes February 2009

Aan de leden van de adviescommissie BK en aan Minister Bert Anciaux,

CCNOA bekleedt een unieke plaats binnen het veld van de beeldende kunst, zowel nationaal als internationaal.
Voor de ontwikkeling van de BK in België (Vlaanderen, Brussel en Wallonië) is het uiterst belangrijk dat zo’n uitzonderlijk initiatief blijft bestaan en de nodige steun krijgt van de Overheid.

204. Dr Philipp Paech February 2009

Dear Sirs, I am a enthousiast of contemporary art for many year now. I must say that I have rarely seen a place like CCNOC, so innovative, so uncommercialised, always showing an outstanding quality choice of young international artists. We need places like this where new concepts can be exhibited apart from the glossy world of today’s international art fairs or museum-like art galleries. Therefore, putting an end to CCNOA’s activity would take away one of the hotbeds of contemporary art in Belgium.

203. Jean-Pierre Zoetbrood February 2009 website

I would like to support to maintaining the structural funding for CCNOA for the future. It would be very disappointing if the structural funding for the CCNOA will disappear. CCNOA center for contemporary non-objective art has a special place in the contemporary art world, and it is not desirable for deleting.

With kind regards

XY Dumb-office 2002
Jean-Pierre Zoetbrood

202. michelle grabner February 2009 website


Here in the Heartland of the US we look to CCNOA for its extraordinary exhibitions centered on a fundamental visual language. CCNOA also represents an outstanding and dedicated model of practice and exhibition-making. As a professor at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a practicing artist and the director of an artist run space CCNOA is important to me and my constituency. Please support!

Michelle Grabner
Chicago, IL USA

201. Natascha Mehlhop February 2009 website

CCNOA is a place for experimentation, resistance, critique and Utopian desire and this is exactly what we need. The visitor needs it to be for once thrown back onto himself, the artist needs it to experience being given carte blanche and art needs it because innovation and quality can’t be concerned with commercial aspects. Some ten years ago Petra Bungert started CCNOA as visionary and obsessed as we find her today and her success proves her right. With passion and expertise she is the motor that keeps this creative body working, stemming itself against entertainment and commodity driven art production and exhibition business. Thanks to her world embracing activity CCNOA is spreading the news out there in Europe, the US and even Australia, that there is something going on in Brussels, that Brussels is a place where experimenting and curiosity is welcome. This needs to continue!

200. Caroline February 2009

Alles is gezegd. Nu alleen hopen op inkeer ...

199. Joachim Devillé February 2009 website

Beste Bert,

Tranen van onmacht maken zich meester bij het vernemen van deze beslissing. Als een dolk in de rug dreigt ze het leven te ontnemen van een bruisend, jong en dynamisch centrum dat zich jarenlang heeft ingezet voor de Belgische hedendaagse kunst.
Het CCNOA was en is nog steeds de toegangspoort voor internationaal gereputeerde kunstenaars in Brussel en is ze een actieve speler in het internationaal kunstcircuit.
Mede dankzij CCNOA heeft de Dansaertwijk zich kunnen ontwikkelen tot wat ze vandaag geworden is. Hedendaagse galeries en andere centra zoals Jan de Mot, Etablissement d’en Face, Filles des Calvaires,enz, café’s zoals Walvis, mode ontwerpers waaronder Christophe Coppens enz, allemaal hebben ze het voorbeeld van CCNOA gevolgd en/of hebben ze gelijktijdig de beslissing genomen zich te vestigen in een verpauperde buurt, dat zich ontpopt heeft tot een kosmopolitische wijk waar ook veel jonge Vlamingen zich zijn komen vestigen.
Wat CCNOA als hedendaagse kunstencentrum gedaan heeft voor Brussel, doen weinigen haar na. De beslissing het CCNOA de subsidies te ontnemen kan enkel genomen worden door iemand die in een ivoren toren leeft en niet beseft wat er zich in het hart van Brussel aspeelt. U laat zich toch niet kennen, Bert?
Met Vriendelijke Groeten,
Joachim Devillé

198. Tilman Hoepfl, Curator/ Artist, Brussels February 2009

Dear Minister Bert Anciaux and the members of the Artistic Commissie

As a resident of the City of Bruxelles, taxpayer, artist, curator and human being I am in complete awe to hear about the preliminary advice from Your Commision in reference to CCNOA and its future funding situation, especially the all too vague reasoning which this advice is built upon.

This most compelling organization-namely CCNOA - is on a local, regional and international level clearly one of the –factually - most sincere examples what culture can provide to society.

The relentless efforts and amazing dedication of Petra Bungert, director of CCNOA and her team proofs that culture can be alive and maybe is not merely an elitist product of some questionable sort.

This vision shared by CCNOA and a manifold of citizens of Belgium and the world, this enthusiasm for an art genre, deeply embedded in a cultural language which can be traced back much further the only the 20th century, to any culture, religion or other form of human communication and condition all over this world we live in, provides us all with a incredible vast ground to enhance communication and is an true service to our community.

The City of Bruxelles and the funding body of the Vlaamse Commissie should be proud to be home to CCNOA. It does make Bruxelles –amongst other highlights- a special place in this world. Bruxelles would be a bleak city without it.

Herewith I ask You, Minister Bert Anciaux and the members of the Vlaamse Commissie to give CCNOA a chance –after all it is built upon Your generous help and no development would have been possible without the generous funding from the Vlaamse Gemeenschap sofar-to continues embracing our community and the community of the world.

Please reconsider Your evaluation of CCNOA. The loss would be deeply felt.

With great hope for Your understanding and consideration

Tilman Hoepfl

197. Sam Ashley February 2009

Dear Mr. Bert Anciaux and the Flemish Ministry of Culture:

It is vital that organizations like CCNOA exist!!! It would be hard to overstate that. The simple fact that there are so few such organizations in the world is NOT an indication that they are unnecessary. Quite the contrary. We need them, and everybody benefits!!! And in the long run the cost/benefit ratio with cultural funding is no doubt better than with any other conceivable use of government money.

I was very glad that my installation was presented at CCNOA a couple of years ago.

Please reconsider.

Sam Ashley, Artist

196. Linda K Anderson February 2009 website

I am very much in favor of CCNOA. I am looking forward to visiting and helping if I can to raise funds. I can write grants if you would like help in that direction. We need to do all we can to support arts organizations. I am from the United States and arts organizations have a difficult time there. I have been very successful writing grants if you would like to call on me. I can come visit and we can talk about it. My fellow Dutch artists are also interested in keeping CCNOA alive and well and in a good spirit. Thank you. Please take me up on this free offer.

195. Christoph Bangert (artist) February 2009 website

CCNOA has an excellent reputation among artists, art initiatives, institutions and curators for its exceptional and conceptionally strong program. A splendid place in the Flemish, Belgian and international art scene!

194. Minoru Sato February 2009 website

I took part in an exhibition at CCNOA in 2005. CCNOA has been running wonderful exhibitions and has been making international cultural exchange. I believe that keeping CCNOA’s activity is one of most important in Brussels for us as contemporary artists.

193. Carlos Andres Alvarez February 2009

CCNOA is doing a remarkable effort to diffuse contemporain art new tendencies. This space gives to artists, art and public an opportunity to interact, which no other place does. Please, do not quit the support.

192. José Heerkens February 2009 website

CCNOA is an important and international known place for artists and everyone who is interested in non objective art! It is my main reason to visit Brussels.

I hope that funding will be continued!

191. Michael Schumacher February 2009 website

CCNOA produced my work (sound installation) in 2004. The event was extremely well organized, well attended, I received tremendous support from Petra and Guy DeBievre, who curated. CCNOA is an important participant in the cultural life of Brussels and should remain open.

190. Fabienne February 2009 website

Es braucht unbedingt Institutionen wie das CCNOA, die sich auf abstrakte Kunst konzentrieren und nicht wie alle anderen Museen politische oder sozio-kulturelle Gruppenausstellungen zeigt!

189. Guy de Bellefroid February 2009

CCNO is a unique platform for the promotion of non objective art. From the begining (10 years ago) the work accomplished has always been professional and highly useful for the art scene and also for the image of Brussels as a creative and contemporary capital. CCNOA needs and certainly deserves support.

188. Evan Parker February 2009

The CCNOA has an identity and programme which is not duplicated anywhere else in Belgium. The international community of artists and critics think highly of the work done by it. It would be a misteke to endanger this by withdrawing funding.

187. Xavier Noiret-Thomé February 2009 website

I support objectively the CCNOA!
Brussels needs this kind of initiatives!


186. patricia carmo February 2009 website

i am a brazilian artist and i follow with care and interest the activities of this institution i hope one day to work with.

i think that if the ccnoa would not be able to be active anymore, the whole world art community would lose a precious pearl and belgium would be poorer.

185. Paul Malone (A2 Arts) February 2009 website

Just to say we came to Brussels as a visiting artist group in 2002 and were given a warm welcome by Petra and CCNOA. We have kept in touch with the centre over the years and have been inspired by their projects. It would be a shame if this facility were to close in such a central EU locality.

184. Yves Ullens February 2009 website

CCNOA is just doing an amazing work with very reasonable financial means...
Petra Bungert is as exceptionnal as dynamic. I think it would be a shame for the Flemish community not to go further and to spoil all previous efforts !!!

I really hope they do reconsider and even increase the funding as it is worth every eurocent !!!!!

183. Christophe Floré February 2009 website

It’s a shame…
dat zoveel inspanningen verloren dreigen te gaan… Dat CCNOA zich moet verdedigen terwijl het zo duidelijk is dat ze goed bezig zijn…
Wat een verspilling…Bert in tijden van crrrrissssiiiiissssss!!!!!

christophe floré



182. Hans Theys February 2009 website

Ik denk dat CCNOA een onontbeerlijke rol speelt in Brussel. De keuze van de kunstenaars is uitstekend. Ik vind het onbegrijpelijk dat deze mensen niet gesteund worden.

181. wolfgang glum February 2009 website

Dear All,

Over the last 10 years I have travelled to bruxelles both for business and leisure. Coming to bruxelles ment for me always to visit the ccnoa, where i have seen a number of extraordinairy exhibitions, on a high level and always of international relevance. To me the ccnoa is an oustanding art space and concept, that can easily compete with spaces in other major art cities like new york, london berlin to name only a few.
bruxelles would be poorer without the ccnoa.
wolfgang glum, berlin. composer, producer and brand consultant.

180. Evelyne and Yves Canus February 2009 website

We support you. From Switzerland. CCNOA is a innovative center. Very necessary for Belgium.

179. VISCARDY February 2009

Il est totalement regrettable qu’un structure singulière et dynamique comme le CCNOA perde ses subsides et par là même soit susceptible de devoir mettre la clé sous le paillasson après plus de 10 ans d’existence !

Je ne peux qu’espérer un sursaut d’engagement de la part des pouvoirs publics et de Bert Anciaux en particulier. Peut-on espérer qu’il soit enfin mieux éclairé ????…

Tout mon soutien à Petra et à son équipe et aussi aux artistes…

Pascale Viscardy

Secrétaire de rédaction

revue l’art même

44 boulevard Léopold II

1080 Bruxelles

T + 32 (0) 2 413 26 81 – 0486 83 06 56

178. Dirk Gillis February 2009 website

CCNOA is een verfrissend en vernieuwend centrum voor kunst&cultuur. Het is geen optie dat dit zou verdwijnen.

177. Koen Reybrouck February 2009

I would really miss this initiative which provides a fresh and alternative look on contempory art

176. Ane Sofie Boehm Nielsen February 2009

Don’t let CCNOA close! It is one of the most innovative and active galleries in Brussels.

175. Guy Bindels, Beursschouwburg, Brussel, Pers & Communicatie February 2009


Het zou een enorme verarming betekenen voor de Brusselse en Vlaamse beeldende kunstenscène mocht CCNOA noodgedwongen zijn deuren moeten sluiten. Niet alleen biedt CCNOA een hoogstpersoonlijke kijk op het internationale en plaatselijke kunstenaanbod, het centrum stimuleert ook daadwerkelijk de uitwisseling tussen artiesten, professionelen en volgers van over de gemeenschaps-, lands- en disciplinegrenzen heen. Zeker de laatste groepstentoonstellingen hebben bewezen dat hier ook een reëel en geïnteresseerd publiek voor bestaat, en wordt gevonden. Het zou van een wreed cynisme getuigen dit kleinschalige maar relevante initiatief in de kiem te smoren, uitgerekend op een moment dat de oogst (toenemend publieksbereik, persaandacht, internationale netwerking) van zoveel jaren hard werk en investering eindelijk kan worden binnengehaald, en weer opnieuw gezaaid.

Laat ons deze plek, dit huis dat een eigen onmiskenbare rol en dynamiek vervult binnen de hoodfstedelijke context van toon- en werkplekken.  

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Guy Bindels
Pers & communicatie
rue A. Ortsstraat 20-28, 1000 Brussel

174. Ludovic de Vlam (BE) February 2009

Aan de directie van CCNOA
t.a.v. Mevr. Petra Bungert
onderwerp: negatief advies van de BBK

Ik val bijna van mijn stoel bij het vernemen van het negatief advies van de BBK op uw dossier,-aanvraag voor structurele erkenning van subsidiëring voor de volgende meerjaren werking.
Reeds jarenlang volg ik uw programma met veel belangstelling en groot genoegen. Belangstelling omwille van de interessante programmering aan kunstenaars uit binnen en buitenland, die zich artistiek bewegen binnen het expressieveld van de abstracte beeldende kunsten. Een zeer consequente keuze in de doelstellingen en het concept van uw instituut. Beleving van genoegen (en esthetisch genot) door de zeer verzorgde kleurrijke (ook monochromatische) presentaties van de kunstwerken/installaties in de ‘neutrale witte ruimtes’. Telkens weer werd ik verrast door de rijke variatie en essentiële oeuvre presentaties van de deelnemende kunstenaars in deze ‘pretentieloze’ omgevingsarchitecturen. Aan de inhoudelijke duiding van hun werk wordt steeds een bescheiden maar uiterst verzorgde aandacht besteed.
Je aandacht voor het tonen van Belgische en Vlaamse kunstenaars is onbetwistbaar en prominent aanwezig in de dialoog met buitenlandse beeldende kunstenaars en de internationale kunstscêne. Je bewerkstelligt dit zowel binnen de programmatie van het CCNOA in Brussel als in de CCNOA exposities i.s.m buitenlandse partners.
Het CCNOA, naar realisaties, concept en werking, kan ik niet bestempelen als een ‘Galerie’. De meeste werken zijn noch met noch vanuit commerciëel oogmerk gemaakt. Het instituut CCNOA heeft eerder door haar werking , haar inhoudelijke keuzes en haar publicaties een uitstraling die zich schikt bij het concept van een ‘Kunsthal’-werking.
Juist hierom en daarom begrijp ik niet de afwijzing van dit dossier bij het BBK.Je verdient beter!
Met beste groeten,

Ludovic de Vlam

173. Gilbert Hsiao, USA / DE February 2009

To Whom It May Concern

Those who would like to cut the funding of this venue should know that for a long time this was the only organization of its kind in the world, being an international showcase for art that the mainstream art world turned its back on. And this was not fashionable self proclaimed "trendy" art, this is seriously thought out art made by artists who make real sacrifices because they believed in what they were doing, even if no one else did.

The past few years have seen the birth of a handful of other organizations in various parts of the world, (Sydney, Amsterdam, Paris, New York) using CCNOA as a model, but CCNOA, make no mistake, is the original and always will be. CCNOA deserves to be supported; it is a destination organization which attracts people both within and outside of Belgium. Petra and Tilman are visionaries deserve to be supported. The demise of CCNOA would be a great loss to the art world as well as a great loss to the cultural heritage of Belgium.

Gilbert Hsiao

Artist, Brooklyn, NY/Berlin, Germany

172. Cosima Lohse, Germany February 2009

CCNOA is an important center for international non-objective art in bruessels. This should be supported! They are non-profit, which is important and appealing for artist to communicate to an audience that differ. Throughout the years they worked out a quiet unique position in the cultural landscape of bruessels.

Cosima Lohse

171. Benoit Golléty February 2009

Il est essentiel que le CCNOA continue d’exister.

170. Luc Notschaele February 2009 website

De dubbeltentoonstelling YO, MO’ Modernism was buitengewoon fris, een waardig Off Programma voor Brussels Biennial. Aan ‘A bit of white’ zal ik wellicht een levenslange herinnering bewaren. Ook vele andere tentoonstellingen wisten mij te boeien en te charmeren.

Ik vind het dan ook buitengewoon jammer dat de Vlaamse Gemeenschap een negatief advies geeft in plaats van het huisvestingsprobleem aan te pakken. Want al oogt de galerij buitengewoon mooi, de ligging op de eerste verdieping van een achterhuis belemmert de goede werking. Zo is de drempel veel te hoog, maar alleen in de letterlijke zin van het woord!

Met hartelijke groeten,
Luc Notschaele, webredactie Onthaal en Promotie Brussel.

169. Macyn Bolt February 2009 website

I am a practicing artist n the U.S. and believe CCNOA brings a a vital voice to an international dialogue on art. By providing exhibition opportunities and educational programs, it has contributed with distinction to this end and should continue to receive funding.

168. Maria Dukers February 2009

Minister Anciaux, Ik hoop dat u terugkomt op uw beslissing. CCNOA mag niet verdwijnen. Met vriendelijken groenten, Maria Dukers Morgenlandstraat, 113 1040 BXL

167. Marianne February 2009

I am not an art professional, but a businessperson and art lover. Last October my husband and I took a vacation trip to Brussels, in part to visit CCNOA. Without this attraction we might not have chosen Brussels, and the tourist dollars we spent at hotels and restaurants would have gone elsewhere. CCNOA is an important part of Brussel’s image as a lively contemporary city, and the funding it receives is paid back by the money spent by its many international visitors.

Marianne Berry

166. Brent Hallard February 2009 website

It seems to me that the Viaamse Gemeenschap supporting CCNOA for more than ten years is one of the reasons why concrete and reductive concerns is enjoying such a fresh and new focus.

165. jan vanhoyweghen February 2009

Geachte minister Anciaux,

Een beleid uittekenen is één ding. Een beleid uitvoeren een ander. De structurele sponsoring van kunstencentra was en is een veelbelovende en vernieuwende aanpak om voor de culturele instellingen die van subisdies leven, een klimaat te organiseren waarbinnen zij met een langere termijnvisie kunnen ondernemen.

De invulling van het beleid kan er mijns inziens één van gemiste kansen worden. De assets die werden opgebouwd met de steun van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, worden te weinig ’geharvest’. Een mogelijke stopzetting van de subsidies voor CCNOA is hier een wrang voorbeeld van.

CCNOA is gebouwd op het ondernemerschap en passie van Petra Bungert en Tilman Hoepfl en kan via een verdere integratie en meer soliede ondersteuning een blijvende asset worden van de Vlaamse gemeenschap. Zulks vereist dialoog, overleg en samenwerking.

Bij CCNOA zijn ze hier al lang klaar voor, en U?

Jan Vanhoyweghen

Investment Advisor Corelio Business Development

Voorzitter CCNOA

164. Dr Ilse Ermen, Ausstellungsraum Klingental (CH) February 2009

Dear Madame, Sir, 

I have heard with astonishment that the CCNOA is about to be closed.

The CCNOA is not just a place for minimal art, but a space for multilayered aspects of contemporary non objective art, not placed in the main stream. The very favorable architectural setting makes it a place of special interest. It contributes to the cultural diversity of the Brussels’s Art Scene and is known and acknowledged far beyond the borders of Belgium.

I am working in the curating board of Ausstellungsraum Klingental, an exhibition space in the center of Basel, Switzerland. We are planning to show a view on Belgian art spaces (artist’s run spaces and the like) and I was also thinking to contact CCNOA for a cooperation, it would have been my Brussels choice (together with spaces from Gent and Antwerpen). So I am really shocked to know that maybe the CCNOA will stop to exist, lacking financial support.

It would be great if you would change your plans and keep the CCNOA alive.

Kind regards,

Dr. Ilse Ermen, Basel, Switzerland

Ilse Ermen
PF 2771 
CH - 4002 Basel

Ausstellungsraum Klingental
Kasernenstrasse 23
CH –4058 Basel

163. David Thomas Ph.D., Australia February 2009

To whom it may concern,

As a practicing artist, an Associate Professor of painting, a Research Cluster leader for the Art: Time and Space Research Cluster, and a Program coordinator of the MFA program in the School of Art at RMIT University Melbourne,( one of Australia’s oldest and prestigious Schools of Art since 1887), it is with great consternation that I received news of CCNOA’s current situation.

I write to demonstrate my unreserved backing for CCNOA and to urge continuing support for its funding and endeavours.

CCNOA has continued to present exhibitions of world standard, and best practice in a collegiate and innovative manner and has gained an impressive international reputation.

It has expanded its networks to include Australian and North American links including: SNO in Sydney, Minus Space NY as well as with leading institutions in this country including: RMIT University ,USQ and at university art schools in New Zealand.

CCNOA has provided an important ongoing and cross cultural contribution to the Australian / European discourse on contemporary art practice, in a much broad manner than most think. It is one of the leading art centres with a focus on Contemporary Non Objective practice .

It has enabled myself, fellow artists and graduates from Australia ,New Zealand, China, Korea, North, South America and the Middle EAST to be introduced to rich ideas through its innovative and collaborative methods. It is a unique model of an art centre.

The personnel Of CCNOA have generously shared connections and have developed ongoing vital links between artists from a diversity of cultures and disciplines. Thry have curated exhibitions, made publications delivered lectures around the world.

CCNOA has made a valuable contribution to the reputation of the City of Brussels as a contemporary cultural centre that is capable of supporting diversity of practice and ideas .

The demise of CCNOA would be an irreplaceable loss to the cultural life, not only to the people Belgium but to its many supporters world wide.

Yours Sincerely,
Associate Professor David Thomas Ph.D.

162. Julian Dashper, New Zeeland February 2009

To whom it may concern,

This is to write in full support of the CCNOA and its program.

As a New Zealand based artist, showing internationally, CCNOA is an
extremely rare and precious art organisation.

As any artist based internationally will be quick to tell you it is
crucial that CCNOA is able to survive.

It is a sad fact of our present time that enterprising ventures such
as the CCNOA are now coming under threat.

When in Brussels in November I was amazed how so many of the galleries
lacked any sort of intellectual engagement with their programs. CCNOA
stands heads and shoulders above the rest.

I strongly encourage you to support them to the fullest.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you would like to
discuss this letter in more detail.

Julian Dashper

PO Box 78 010
Grey Lynn
Auckland 1245
New Zealand

Phone: 64 9 820 2223
Fax: 64 9 820 2316
Mobile (New Zealand): 64 21 1148 109
Skype: juliandashper

161. andres ramirez gaviria February 2009

CCNOA is an institution like very few. It provides a great service through its dedication to the promotion and dissemination of non-objective art. I hope the Flemish Minister of Culture Bert Anciaux and its advisory committee consider the center worth funding.

Andres Ramirez Gaviria

andres ramirez gaviria <>

160. Martin Schreiber, Filmarchitekt, Berlin (DE) February 2009

Sehr geehrter Flemish Minister of Culture Bert Anciaux and his advisory committee.
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren ,

seit 10 Jahren kenne und unterstütze ich CCNOA in ihren Projekten und Ausstellungen. Petra Bungert und das CCNOA Team schafft es mit ihren Aktionen die Kunst auf einer neuen Ebene den weltoffenen Brüsselbewohnern und Besuchern wie Ich es ab zu bin immer wieder zu überraschen und mit neuen Konzepten Arbeiten zu präsentieren die in Europa einzigartig sind .
Mein Anliegen ist es diese Einrichtung weiter zu fördern und zu unterstützen. Für die Stadt Brüssel und für Ihre Besucher ist es
ein Highlight nicht nur in der Kunstszene.

Eine Förderung Ihrerseits ist für die neue Kultur in Ihrer Stadt eine grossartige sowie geniale Idee, die Moderne
den Menschen näherzubringen und verständlicher zu machen .

mit freundlichen Grüssen
ein Freund der Stadt und der Kunst

Martin Schreiber

159. aernoudt jacobs February 2009 website

Het is niet te begrijpen dat de Vlaamse Gemeenschap gaat stoppen met de structurele ondersteuning van deze unieke plek. Het team CCNOA is zeer dynamisch en ze geven een heel eigen invulling van ’hedendaagse kunst’. We hebben dit nodig in Brussel !

Het zou onverantwoord zijn en ik hoop ten zeerste de Vlaamse Gemeenschap terug gaat op deze beslissing.

158. Douglas Melini February 2009

Dear Members of the Committee,

It is absolutely imperative that the funding for CCNOA remain. CCNOA provides a crucial alternative for exhibiting art and remains an important center for the development of ideas and the creation of an international dialogue. CCNOA reaches beyond its borders and it impacts the way that art is both created and received worldwide. In the words of Piet Mondrian "abstract art can evolve only by consistent development" this is exactly what a space like CCNOA provides, not only for artists, but the public as a whole.

A space like CCNOA is absolutely integral to the development of art making. Please reconsider the funding of CCNOA because the loss a space as significant as CCNOA would be impossible to measure.

Douglas Melini

157. Lynne Harlow February 2009 website

CCNOA is most deserving of funds for its program. It serves artists and the community by presenting contemporary art and encouraging conversations about contemporary ideas. Please continue to support this vibrant and valuable organization.

156. Gracia Khouw February 2009 website

Geachte dames en heren van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap,

Het bericht dat u van plan bent het advies te volgen om de subsidie voor CCNOA te stoppen, heeft mij op een onaangename manier verrast. Jarenlang heeft het team van CCNOA gewerkt aan een consistent programmeringsbeleid om een essentieel aspect van de beeldende kunst te tonen. U mag in Brussel best trots zijn om zo’n goedlopende organisatie te hebben. Wij hebben hier in Amsterdam, noch elders in Nederland, een podium waar abstracte, concrete en niet-representatieve kunsten zo consequent en in de juiste context worden getoond. Het is kunsthistorisch gezien een fantastische prestatie. Het zou ook een enorme kapitaal vernietiging zijn als CCNOA gedwongen zou zijn om te stoppen. U gooit daarmee een wereldwijde reputatie weg.

155. Louis Logodin February 2009


154. Karole Vail February 2009 website

M. Bert Anciaux
Flemish Minister of Culture
Vlaamse Gemeenschaap
Bruxelles, Flanders

Dear Minister,

I write in strong support of CCNOA, one of the most important and active art centers in Brussels in the last ten years. CCNOA provides an essential forum for artists of all ages and nationalities, offering them exhibition and project opportunities that cannot easily be found elsewhere. It organizes a diverse and ambitious program which constantly attracts artists, professionals and art lovers of all kinds; and provides much needed assistance and inspiration. Therefore, it is truly important, indeed imperative, that such a center, CCNOA, remain functional and be supported by the city of Brussels.
Best regards,
Karole Vail
Assistant Curator, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

153. toni geirlandt (dialogist-kantor) February 2009 website

ccnoa moet blijven bestaan / het is een belangrijk element in de waaier van het hedendaagse kunstgebeuren in belgië / wie dit wegmaait kan alleen vaststellen dat hij het landschap armer heeft gemaakt en bijdraagt aan een uniformiteit - dwz.een tegenbegrip in kunst

152. Lygeia Grace February 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

CCNOA is a vital cultural center that provides significant exposure and support for a substantial number of artists. The innovation and imagination the curators and directors of the center have shown in their many exhibitions has had lasting influence on artists and art institutions around the globe. In addition, it has helped establish Brussels as a modern cultural destination. To lose CCNOA as a venue and champion of the arts would have a severe negative effect on Brussels, as well as the art scenes in New York, Paris, and elsewhere. Please continue to fund this extremely important organization and its dedicated staff.


Lygeia Grace
17 Laight Street
New York, New York

151. Matthew Deleget & Rossana Martinez February 2009 website

Mr. Bert Anciaux
Flemish Minister of Culture

Dear Sir:

We are writing in strong support and solidarity with CCNOA’s application for continued funding support from the Flemish Ministry of Culture. CCNOA is a rare organization and fulfills a critical need on both the national and international levels. It provides artists and the public with museum-quality exhibitions, traveling exhibitions, a resource library, catalogs, and other cultural opportunities. It also serves as a nexus for dialogue and the exchange of ideas among artists globally.

In 2003, we founded MINUS SPACE, a platform for reductive art on the international level, and CCNOA has been a key partner and collaborator since that time. Over the years, we have presented many of the same artists in our exhibitions, including most recently at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center here in NYC, a Museum of Modern Art Affiliate. CCNOA had a major presence in the exhibition.

We have nothing but the highest regards for Petra Bungert, Tilman Hoepfl, and the other engaged and committed staff and board at CCNOA. We sincerely hope you continue your funding support of CCNOA.

Best regards,
Matthew Deleget & Rossana Martinez
251 Pacific Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11201 USA

150. Andrew Huston February 2009 website

Vlaamse Gemeenschaap
Bruxelles, Flanders

To Whom It May Concern:

As a non-for-profit arts organization, no other center has provided as much support to Non-Objectif Sud as CCNOA has. Indeed they have provided an inspiration and a model for like-minded organizations around the globe. CCNOA has become a nexus of international artistic activity, a hub of ideas, interaction and collaboration. CCNOA is not only an exhibition space, but also a site of production of local and international renown. Petra Bungert has been a tireless supporter to artists and exhibition projects and has generously lent the weight and history of CCNOA to help other artists and artist run spaces. CCNOA has also given artists from Belgium an opportunity to exhibit on an international stage through their program of traveling exhibitions.

In short, the loss of CCNOA would be a loss to the arts community locally and internationally.

Please continue your support of CCNOA.

Andrew Huston

Founder and director
Non-Objectif Sud

149. Koen Theys February 2009

CCNOA heeft een heel persoonlijke stem in het Belgische kunstlandschap. Zonder hen zal dit landschap weer een stuk schraler zijn geworden.

148. Johan Vandermaelen, Amplus, Aaigem (BE) February 2009

Al jaren apprecieer ik de eigen stem die CCNOA vertolkt. Anders dan een gallerie, anders dan een museum.
Hoewel moeilijk in woorden te vatten, er zit coherentie in de verscheidenheid van kunstennaars en stromingen.
Of het nu schilderijen zijn, driediminsioneel werk, video of audio art, er zit steeds een mate van abstractie in die aanzet tot reflectie.
Nooit gemakkelijk van de eerste aanblik, maar boeiend over langere tijd.

Bedankt voor de vele goede tentoonstellingen en intiatieven.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Johan Vandermaelen

Johan Vandermaelen
sounds better
live sound, recording & mastering, installation, advice
pro audio distribution
Hofveldweg 47
9420 Aaigem
++32(0)473 34 38 80

147. Peter Jones and Susan Taylor February 2009

Dear Minister. This is a message of concern from 16,700 kilometers away in Canberra, Australia at the decision to effectively close down CCNOA by withdrawing its funding. We respectfully request that you reconsider. All governments are facing the challenge of economic recession. The smart ones are spending money to grow their infrastructure, including cultural infrastructure, and invigorate their creative industries. It makes no sense at this time to reduce your cultural capital by killing off a centre of creativity and artistic energy like CCNOA, which as you can see from this and other representations, has a wide European and international footprint. Please reconsider carefully and act wisely for the future.

146. Trevor Smith, New York February 2009

I wish you all the best for the continued support of CCNOA. It has been an important organization for linking up artists and events in the Flemish Community to like-minded individuals and art movements abroad. Your reach extends far beyond the usual Euro-American axis, and not in the typical way. Good luck with the battle!

145. MELANIE E. KHAVA February 2009

to whom it may strike a chord: my question is: if a project has been working successfully for this period of time - and 10 years is a very lengthy period of time- offering a committed and growing regional, national, and international art program that benefits all our societal spectrum, why would the very underpinning of this program cease? please think about this decision seriously, as many will suffer if this decision passes through. sincerely MELANIE E. KHAVA

144. Barbara Hertel February 2009

The support of the center for contemporary non-objective art is important and should be preserved. Art is an integral part of culture, and non-objective art is the base of all art. To make a cut this extreme is shortsighted. Please preserve their funding.

143. Ward Denys February 2009 website

Dear Bert Anciaux,

With this letter I give my full support to CCNOA and its inspirers Petra Bungert, Tilman and the rest of the CCNOA team

Since several years I have the joy of knowing and working with CCNOA.
By CCNOA my artwork went halfway around the world.

CCNOA is a center as a pioneer in the international arena, Perta bungert and
Tilman build in the last 10 years a worldwide network
consisting of many hundreds of artists, galleries, initiatives, culture centers, ....
The most progressive of CCNAO is that they share their network and use it to make high standing international exhibitions, to
traveling around with the exhibitions and so sharing their experience, expertise and knowledge to the many initiatives.

CCNOA is driven by a rarely seen kind of commitment.
For the CCNOA-team nothing is too much no mater where or when.

Above all CCNOA is a warm house, you are always welcome like family, there is always a place at the table, there is discussion about art, thinking about the next
exhibition or how to bring this show to the other
side of the world.

The place is a extraordinary platform for abstract art, painting, music, video,... with a
worldwide vision located in Brussels, so please continu the support, they do earn it and keep in mind that CCNOA eats, drinks, thinks, breaths, and is ART!

Please reconsider you decision.

Ward Denys

142. R. Preece February 2009

Dear Minister Bert Ancieux,

A 100% cut of substantial government funding to any organization is extreme.

It makes me wonder about the real intentions of the government funding organization.

I was introduced to Brussels and Flanders through CCNOA and have visited frequently since. Before the economic uncertainty, I was closely looking at investing in Belgium, north of Brussels.

A 25% cut, or a 40% cut due to the economy I’d understand. But a 100% cut raises a lot of real questions to me. As far as I’m concerned, it affects the reputation of a place with a number of innovative, inspiring and enterprising taxpayers. If this can happen to CCNOA, what can happen to my future investment? I’m convinced that this 100% cut is a communications mistake.

R. Preece

141. Erik Saxon February 2009 website

I suuport the work of CCNOA. They are serving an under represented group of artists and their community on an international scale. Their work is vital for cultural diversity.

Thank you,
Erik Saxon

140. De verbolgen verzamelaar! February 2009

Godverdomme Anciaux, doe normaal, geef die mensen hun centen!! Ze kunnen nu éénmaal niet allemaal Adriaan Brouwers kopen.

139. Anne Buckingham February 2009

As an art lover interested in and curious about contemporary art I have known and grown with CCNOA over a period of almost nine years. CCNOA occupies a unique position on the Brussels art scene. Neither a gallery nor a mini-museum it is more like a ’Kunsthalle’, inter alia facilitating the mounting of temporary exhibitions, producing publications and organising other public events. It presents and promotes Belgian and international artists both in Brussels and worldwide, enhancing the image of Brussels, Flanders and Belgium far beyond national frontiers.

The apparent intention of the Vlaamse Gemeenschap to withdraw the structural funding it has now been granting CCNOA for seven years beggars belief. The amount involved in terms of its overall budget is minimal. Yet without it CCNOA will not be in a position to continue. This is a decision which could and should be considered.

138. Ligia Rave, Ph.D, USA February 2009

This letter acknowledge our support to CCNOA, a cultural institution with a history and quality attached to this history. Please continue the support of this international reputable center of learning, a place of cultural exchanges, a progressive view on the arts and a major venue for artists to show their work, interact with critic, students and the public at large.
We are in admiration of how much this center has achieved in only 10 years, we support a place that allow people to dream and experience art as a unifying progressive force in our society, and if you believe that there is more to a heart than breathing and more to a mind than memory, you will support the CCNOA.


Ligia Rave, Ph.D

137. Christiane Stein -Filmbüro- Berlin (DE) February 2009

Dear CCNOA Team,

this is to write a little note of support.

Die Arbeit des CCNOA in Brüssel ist nicht wegzudenken aus
der kulturellen Szene zeitgenössischer Kunst und ist unbedingt

Christiane Stein
- Filmbüro-
Cheruskerstr. 22
10829 Berlin

136. Diana & Marc Hemeleers-Pana, Brussels February 2009

We know CCNOA for ten years now and we are always surprised by the dynamism of this international organisation that promotes artists from Belgium and abroad.

We appreciate very much the enthousiasm that Petra Bungert, managing director, as well as her team and the artists participating to the exhibitions put together in order to create lots of artistic actions at an amazing frequence. Many students of Art Academies are coming to visit the space and to talk to the artists and curators. Thanks to important communication efforts, also many tourists visiting Brussels come and see the place.

It would be a shame and a pitty not to be able any more to visit this beautiful space that brings freshness in a strategic location in Brussels.

Diana & Marc Hemeleers-Pana

Please let CCNOA function as

135. wouter feyaerts February 2009

Beste Minister,

blijf deze organisatie ondersteunen, ze varen een eigenzinnige weliswaar zeer verdienstelijke koers. Het gaat hier over een vaste waarde binnen het landschap....
Het zou jammer zijn moest de overheid dit niet erkennen/herkennen...
.....het gaat hier over een dynamische organisatie die zowel laagdrempelig als kwaliteitsvol werk levert...
Laat dit niet verloren gaan.. aarzel niet om deze plek eens te bezoeken alvorens je oordeelt.....
Het is een aanrader....het kan niet de bedoeling zijn om in vervlakking of middelmatigheid te stranden....
hetCCNOA bruist van energie en dat is iets om te koesteren en niet om af te wijzen.
ik hoop van ganser harte dat je dit nog kunt inzien al voor het te laat is....

134. Barbara Höller February 2009 website

This organisation is an extraordinary place, where you can feel the serious engagement in the field of art. I am an artist from Austria and was still not there physically, but I am looking virtually to the wonderful professional work of this people. The interest in foreign artist is an important political and cultural statement. I would be a disgrace to Belgium to discontinue the survival CCNOA.

Please (!) give art a chance!

133. Carrie Yamaoka February 2009

I am a New York-based artist, and while I’ve not yet had the opportunity to visit CCNOA in person, my work has been exhibited there. I have followed the activities and exhibitions of CCNOA via the website, and feel that they are filling a critical gap in the dialogue around contemporary non-objective art. It would be a shame to lose a place like this which has shown a long-term commitment to art that challenges us.

132. Emmanuelle Villard February 2009 website

Certaines décisons politiques semblent parfois incompréhensibles, voire déplacées. En ce qui concerne le CCNOA, de quoi cela peut-il relever si ce n’est d’un manque d’informations ou d’une lecture éronée de qu’il propose ? Le dossier ne peut qu’être repris, et la décision de suspendre les subsides reconsidérée.

131. an fonteyne February 2009 website

Brussels definitely needs an inspiring place as CCNOA. There are not many alternatives, the ambition and energy of Petra Bungert and her team are enormous, and this devotion leeds to quality and surprise.

130. marcos bertucelli February 2009 website

Dear Mr Anciaux,

Please reconsider your decision concerning CCNOA.

Although I live far away from Belgium I am aware of the importance of CCNOA s role in the art world.

As an argentine artist, I am quite used to seeing different administrations cutting off budgets for cultural projects. That may solve certain immediate problems but it also creates new ones for the future.
In our case, that kind of policies have lead to the impoverishment of our perspectives as creative-responsible citizens. They have affected in a negative way our capacity to understand the complexities of the challenges our society faces, as well as our ability to cope with them successfully.

This economic crisis will end, and better days will come. Throughout history women and men have overcome all kinds of difficult times.
While we deal with the ups and downs of our economic situations we should not forget about our identities, for that will help us make it through the storm.
CCNOA is a very important part of the cultural identity of your community, and therefore a part of the legacy you will leave for new generations.

You people from Brussels have the CCNOA, feel proud of it and don’t let it down in moments of uncertainty. So many people will thank you for that.

Yours sincerely,

129. Kwinten Lavigne February 2009

Beste Minister Bert Ancieux, Wie het kleine niet eerd doet het grote verkeerd. U streeft naar algemene normsvervaging en gezellige sociale oppervlakkigheid. Daarmee komen we niet vooruit. Het zijn de kleine vissen die de gaatjes vinden. U weet toch beter ?

128. Don Voisine February 2009

CCNOA has been an important cultural organization that has enhanced artistic dialogue on an international level. Such places are too rare and important to be shelved during tight economic conditions. In fact now is a time when it is even more important to assure the survival of such institutions. CCNOA’s contribution to Belgium’s cultural life is immeeasurable and would be sorely missed. I strongly urge you seek ways to continue CCNOA’s structural funding so that it may continue its cultural and critical mission. I look forward to visiting CCNOA in the near future.

127. Raviv Ganchrow Faculty member at the Institute of Sonology, Den Haag (NL) February 2009

Raviv Ganchrow Willem de Zwijgerlaan 3631055RC Amsterdam
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

As a non-resident of Belgium I am writing this petition in support of the operations and exhibitions that arethe CCNOA.
Even though I have not had many opportunities to visit this vital cultural node – I have been following veryclosely the events and exhibitions initiated in this space. Over the course of the last few years I havediscovered the work of many artists through this venue that would have otherwise remained outside of myfield of knowledge. Furthermore, I think that the CCNOA initiative has broken some new ground within thefields of sound related exhibitions, and has been done in a bold manner that simply cannot be found inlarger institutions. It is essential that such spaces as the CCNOA exist for the support of emerging art formsand duration based exhibitions otherwise there are no other alternatives to experience and share such work.
I fully endorse and critically appeal to the cultural foundations that you maintain this vital cultural node, notonly for the Belgian community – but for the broader international interests of fostering such fragile art forms.

Raviv Ganchrow Faculty member at the Institute of Sonology, Den Haag

126. Jacqueline Petit February 2009 website

Minister Anciaux, hoop dat u terugkomt op uw beslissing. Een plek als CCNOA in 10 jaar met enorme inzet opgebouwd zou juist royaler ondersteund dienen te worden. Met vriendelijke groet, Jacqueline Petit

125. Matteo Schuer February 2009

Geachte leden van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, geachte heer Anciaux,

CCNOA heeft me in korte tijd enorm veel bijgebracht. Ik ken dit kunstencentrum nog maar een dik jaar en kan/wil me niet voorstellen het binnenkort zonder te moeten stellen. Nergens word je nog zo hartelijk ontvangen als op CCNOA. Zowel het team als de kunstenaars nemen de tijd leek en kenner (als student kunstwetenschappen schipper ik zelfs tussen die twee) te begeleiden in een waanzinnig interessante kunstwereld, een wereld waarin je werkelijk helemaal ondergedompeld wordt in CCNOA.
Onvergetelijk waren de bezoeken die ik tot nog toe bracht aan het fenomenale stulpje. Het is een plek waar je je kan verbazen, waar vanzelfsprekendheden wegvallen en waar je zelfs deel wordt van het gebeuren.

Door het vaak directe contact met de (inter)nationale kunstenaars en de geweldige begeleiding en uitleg van o.a. Petra Bungert beperkt de tentoonstellingsruimtezich niet tot een louter passief observeren maar kan je er ook in discussie treden en ideeën met elkaar uitwisselen. Dit alles klinkt vrij utopisch, daar ben ik me terdege van bewust, maar over CCNOA heb ik oprecht niets dan goeds te verhalen. Ik hoop dan ook dat ook jullie je tijdig bewust worden van de uniciteit van CCNOA en al het moois dat dit kunsthuis bereikt en nog te bieden heeft. Laat deze sterke brusselse troef niet verloren gaan a.u.b.

Ik wil jullie wel nog bedanken voor de eerdere (en komende?!) jaren van steun en het belangrijke besef hoezeer wij allen wel niet met ons ‘gat in de boter’ zijn gevallen en meer persoonlijk, hoezeer ik CCNOA eigenlijk wel niet zou missen mocht het er niet meer zijn. Op 12 februari is de opening van de nieuwe tentoonstelling en ik hoop dat u, mijnheer Anciaux of andere verantwoordelijken van de gelegenheid gebruik zullen maken CCNOA wat beter te leren kennen. Ik ben ervan overtuigd dat het ook jullie harten gauw zal veroveren.

Met vriendelijke groeten, Matteo Schuer

124. John Beech / USA February 2009

91 Harrison Place
Brooklyn NY 11237

February 6, 2009

To the Vlaamse Gemeenschaap,

It is my intention to emphasize the great importance that the Contemporary Center for Non Objective Art (CCNOA) has held as an international node of artistic conjunction as well as for the arts culture of Belgium since 1998.

I have had the fortune on two occasions (1999 and 2008) to travel to Brussels from New York City to create new sculpture on location at CCNOA. The possibility to complete a three to seven week residency at the Center, while developing an exhibition, is a tremendously valuable resource, in that it allows for a studio away from home and a place of calm and focus amongst the urban richness of Brussels.

The program at CCNOA has also explored in depth the work of Belgium artists, often bringing their work to a new international audience through the wide reach of influence of the Center.

Petra Bungert is a tireless advocate and supporter of new art. Over ten years she has demonstrated through hard work and keen vision the ability to offer the people of Belgium a challenging and imaginative artistic program.

Please continue to support this extraordinary cultural asset of Brussels.

John Beech

123. Frank Guthorel February 2009 website

Dear Mr. Anciaux,

in a time where commercialism, money, investments, shares, stock options, and the likes thereof - rule people’s thinking, CCNOA has been an organisation that dared to give young, upcoming, and off-the-beaten-path artists a place to experiment, and to share their vision of the world in their art.

As more and more management terminology like "return on investment", "total cost of ownership", "revenue stream", etc are being used in the discours of whether an institute should get funding or not - we seem to forget one thing: a place like CCNOA can never compete on these terms alone!

How much money do you put on the work of a young artist, which is still unrecognized on the international scene? How do you quantify this?
What would the factor of risk capital be for providing a new upcoming artist with a room to experiment, and a place to show his creations to the general public?

In my humble opinion, CCNOA has a proven track record, in these 10 years of activity, that it has a place in the current art scene, and even more so, a place in this capital-driven world view that is imposed upon us on daily basis. As a government representative, you should have the possibility, and above all the courage, to go against the mainstream views of what culture should be, and help foster all the small initiatives that make the iceberg that is "culture", float.

I would therefore urge you to at least meet with Petra Bungert from CCNOA, and ask her what her plans for the upcoming grant time are, as
I am convinced that she will astonish you with the offering of new talent and initiatives.

Hoping that this action for support will reach you in due time, I hope that we can count on your continued support for independant art, through
an institution like CCNOA.

Frank Guthorel

122. joelle carpentier February 2009

aan de Vlaams minister van Cultuur, Jeugd, Sport en Brussel. Op uw website staat dat het Kunstendecreet van 2 april 2004 voor alle kunstvormen een open en samenhangend kader biedt. ‘Ok’ voor het principe van één globale benadering, een uniforme subsidieregeling, de administratieve vereenvoudiging en de gelijkberechtiging van de verschillende artistieke disciplines. Maar wat zijn bv. de criterias van de kwaliteitsbeoordeling? Zijn de beoordelingscriteria voor de kunstensector per definitie niet non-objectief? Al heb ik geen voldoende kennis van dit dossier, wil ik u graag deze vraag stellen: wat heeft uw beslissing (of die van de Vlaamse Overheid) betreffende de subsidies v.d. CCNOA gemotiveerd?

121. TARA CASEY February 2009

To me, CCNOA has an important voice and provides space for many interesting artists, both Belgian and international. At CCNOA it’s the art that counts and that is what a very very varied audience...and if you were to silence such a voice during these worrying and difficult times...that would be one less voice for liberty and freedom of expression...please rethink your decision and keep CCNOA open. Yours sincerely, Tara Casey Brussels

120. Forrest N February 2009 website

I live in the United States and have never visited the CCNOA in person. But I still find their cultural production invaluable. I follow their activity closely over the web, and they occupy a position that is quickly disappearing and needs to be protected. As institutions move further and further from taking a position, a focused organization like the CCNOA helps to promote dialog.

The artists and curators who participate are part of a specific conversation about non-objective art. Dismantling this institution both dilutes that conversation into the larger pool of contemporary art and limits diversity. We need sites that protect individual conversations from getting overrun by current trends and the interests of sponsors. In America, we have very little government support of programs, and as such, we have no institutions like CCNOA. And we are definitely worse off for it.

Perhaps if our government had supported our own center for non-objective art, George Bush would never have been elected.

119. kristamis belgië February 2009

Minister Anciaux, Gevestigde waarden die echt iets doen voor cultuur verliezen hun subsidie. Hoe is dat mogelijk ?

Ik hoop dat u nog op uw beslissing terugkeert en dat CCNOA met een uitstraling over de hele wereld en een meerwaarde voor Brussel, België en Europa kan verder werken. Want na 10 jaar hard werken en investeren verdient CCNOA terecht subsidie ! Laat alle inspanningen niet voor niets geweest zijn.
Gun ze verder die internationale uitstraling !

118. Henrik Hansen February 2009

Dear Mr. Bert Anciaux,

I support CCNOA!

Please, please revise your funding decision concerning CCNOA. They really need your support!

If you should go through with this regretable decision, the unique contribution of the art center will be sorely missed. The achievements of this institution have been far more impressive than bigger institutions; The number of shows, contacts and the sheer artistic development are amazing and for sure needed in Brussels. Brussels became a true metropolis at the end of the 19th century and was a (more daring) alternative to the ubiquitous Paris. This was done on the back of great painters, architects and writers that opened their doors to the world. The saddests moments of Brussels has been when it was left alone, isolated and without friends.

You have a great friend in CCNOA, and CCNOA has a million friends in the world. Please don’t let your friends down. CCNOA works on a non-profit, passionate basis 24/7 365 days a year. It empowers the cosmpolitan attractiveness of Brussels and Belgium as the heart of Europe, opening up its doors to international exhibitions from many countries and continents. This is the foundation of an excellent gateway for local artists to the world, a gateway that shares, learns, develops and grows.

In a time of crisis, please don’t shut a door to the world, a world of friends.

Yours truly

117. Kees Visser / The NetherlandsNetherlands February 2009

I think that the input that CCNOA brings to the Belgian art activities has been, is, and hopefully will be one of the important platforms of abstract art.
Moreover, its geographical situation on one of the main cross-roads of
Europe makes it of great international importance.
The history of its program speaks for itself.

I plea for a continuation of the funding of CCNOA,

Kees Visser

116. Paul Raguenes February 2009 website

Monsieur le ministre, Non le CCNOA ne doit pas fermer!!!! Sa présence est indispensable dans le paysage artistique mondial. La programation developpée par ce lieu, de grande qualité a tout son sens dans les proportions des échanges internationaux! Il est toujours important pour une ville, une région ou un pays d’avoir un lieu d’expression artistique de cette envergure. La culture et le monde de l’art sont réellement des moteurs créatifs pour l’économie. Ce lieu est reèllement une source de créativité dont l’économie actuelle ferait bien de s’inspiré. J’insiste,non, le CCNOA ne doit pas disparaitre!! Veuillez accepter, monsieur le ministre, l’expression des mes sincères salutations

115. Sofia von Bustorff (DE/PT) February 2009

Dear Flemish Ministry,

CCNOA is one of the more diverse and interesting Art Spaces in the
Brussels Scene. Named for Non-Objective Art it is precisely this, a
Center for art engaging in nonobjective forms, be they new media,
intermedia, videoart, installation, sound or visual arts. All forms
of media are presented side by side, or in individual shows, and
fantastic new experiences can be gained by the visitor.

With fast-changing openings and special projects in-between the
regular shows, upcoming artists and experimental projects have been
given a space to exhibit and show their work, sometimes for the first
time. The influence of this exposure onto the general art public is
fundamental, and must remain.

Part of an international network, artists and practitioners from
different areas have been brought to Brussels, and as they have been
given an important introduction into and with the local scene, this
has allowed for engagements in other countries and continents and
contexts - a very successful cross fertilization.

I am a visual artist, working with video and installations; I visit
CCNOA to get inspired by its ever diversing spatial arrangements that
are been curated here. It has, for me, been one of the more
interesting experiences with a degree of excellence in execution.
Each time you visit a new show, you visit a new space, time and
concept. It opens your mind and perspective towards own your concerns
of creation.

Having been invited to present my work, I was given total artistic
freedom as well as nurture and support for all the details involved.
It has been an essential experience for me as an artist.. where the
result summed up to more than its parts.

CCNOA needs to be maintained as Center and in its current context to
provide the Brussels and Benelux-scene with its particular angle. I
hope you will reconsider your positions, and continue the funding
essential for its continuation. CCNOA is a world renown and
established Center, and I believe you will see that its importance
extends beyond any niche, and therefore continue to support its work.

Sincerely, Sofia von Bustorff (DE/PT)

114. Piki en Liesbet Verschueren / Belgie February 2009

Aan de Minister Bert Anciaux
en het adviescommissie
Ministerie Van Cultuur.

Van Piki en Liesbet Verschueren
Waterpoelstraat 16
1652 Alsemberg

Alsemberg, 06 - 02 - 09.

Geachte Bert Anciaux,

Met deze email willen wij onze steun bevestigen voor het CCNOA-centrum te Brussel.

Het centrum wordt al 10 jaar, met harde hand, gerund door Petra Bungert, die er al haar hebben en houden insteekt om het te doen draaien.
Ze doet dit op de meest professionele en objectieve wijze.

Bij haar komen internationale gekende kunstenaars in kontakt met Belgische kunstenaars; Ze worden samen tentoongesteld en er komen hierdoor kansen open voor kontakten van deze lokale kunstenaars in het buitenland. Hierdoor zijn er al succesvolle kunstenaarscarrières ontstaan.
Dit netwerk ontstaat niet zomaar op een objectieve manier in een commerciële gallerij waar alleen maar economische belangen de drager zijn van kontakten.

Petra Bungert verdiept zich bovendien in een kunststrekking die in het begin van de vorige eeuw, één van de meest revolutionaire veranderingen in denk-en visuele velden veroorzaakt heeft,
gefundeerd door vooral de Russen, die naar Europa afzakten.
Een radicale vernieuwende periode zoals deze, komt nooit meer terug.

Ze heebben de roots gelegd voor veel hedendaagse abstractie die oa verder groeide met architectuur als dragers, of als voorlopers van de virtuele wereld (verder gezet in bevoorbeeld digitale kunstwerken).

Dat het onderzoek binnen de non-objectieve kunsttaal daarom essentieel is, en CCNOA als een belangerijk onderzoekscentrum fungeert hiervoor, staat buiten kijf.

Kunst is niet alléén ondernemerschap en of succesvolle schilderijen maken en in de media komen...

Het is ook nog gesofistikeerder dan dat en mooier!

Daarom MAG CCNOA NIET verdwijnen of wegkwijnen!

Vriendelijke groeten,

Piki en Liesbet Verschueren.

113. Matthew Shaul Head of Programming and Operations University of Hertfordshire Galleries / UK February 2009

Esteemed officers of the Vlaamse Gemeenschap

I have heard today of your worrying decision to withdraw operating funding from CCNOA Brussels.

I wish to emphasise my concern at the implications of the withdrawal of your funding. CCNOA have been close colleagues and collaborators making important interventions in a very unique way with unique artists into the European and Belgian ‘Art Economy’ over a number of years.

CCNOA’s support of and nurturing attitude towards artists has made it possible for us as a British public gallery to show artists, we otherwiae wouldn’t have discovered or had the resources the showcase.

I must stress that the support of an organisation such as CCNOA

Matthew Shaul
Head of Programming and Operations
University of Hertfordshire Galleries
College Lane
Hatfield AL10 9AB

+44 (0) 1707 285 376
+44 (0) 1707 285 310

112. Joyce Kim / USA February 2009

Dear Bert Anciaux, Flemish Minister of Culture,

CCNOA is an independent contemporary art space of exceptionally high standards and cultural relevance in Brussels. I’d like to ask the office of the Minister of Culture to continue its financial support so that the organization can sustain its exhibitions and programming that are highly valued in the arts community. Thank you very much.


Joyce Kim

111. MariaMaria / The Netherlands February 2009


As an artistduo and visitors of Center for contemporary non-objective art in Brussels we would like to support you.
We ask the Flemish Minister of Culture Bert Anciaux and his advisory committee to go and see the wonderful exhbitions of CCNOA and decide for structural funding for CCNOA.

Kind Regards,


Amsterdam - The Netherlands

110. John Nixon / Australia February 2009

ccnoa are doing a great job in bringing recent and important trends and individual art practices of abstrect art togerher.
this dialogue from around the world is unique to the overview that perta bungert and her team have for ccnoa.
it is important work she is doing
and offers a unique research situation in the world.
belgium has nothing else like ccnoa
i would urge the vlaamse gemeenschap to continue structural funding for ccnoa

john nixon

109. Richard Roth / Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia USA February 2009

Having just heard the news of a potential severe funding cutback for CCNOA, I urge thoughtful reconsideration. CCNOA is not only an important regional art showcase, but a highly respected International venue that is a model for artist-curated art centers worldwide. I can assure you that everything CCNOA does is keenly watched by art galleries and museums across the globe. CCNOA casts a large shadow and has a great significance for the artworld and its extended family.

Never has there been a more important time to support the arts – especially intellectual hubs such as CCNOA which does important work extending the Enlightenment Project at a time when the world tilts toward fundamentalism, fear, and superstitition. Art is a civilizing force and no one does it better than CCNOA.

A severe budget-cut now would not only curtail programming, but would destroy ten years of hard work and sacrifice that nurtured an idea into a community gem and an artworld force that will never be able to be replaced.

Thank you for your consideration.


Richard Roth, Professor (Chair 1999 – 2008)

Painting and Printmaking Deartment

Director, Solvent Space

Virginia Commonwealth University

Richmond, Virginia


108. Dix February 2009 website

Please be advised that CCNOA is an important venue in the global Art Scene. Please do not let short-term monetary trouble ruin a decades worth of hard work and valuable cultural input and dialogue between people and nations.

Dora Isleifsdottir

107. Georg Eisenmenger February 2009


I have appreciated very much your work during the past years as an important enrichment to the presentation of contemporary art in the Belgian capital. I hear with great concern the notice of your possible shut down. Brussels needs the variety of voices and viewing points and the CCNOA represents always an important view off the regular main stream. I cross fingers that there will be found a constructive solution to the continuation of your work.
Best regards,

Georg Eisenmenger

106. Daniel Argyle / Australia February 2009

I’m very saddened to hear the news that CCNOA may need to close its
doors due to lack of state support. From my view here in Australia
CCNOA appears to be an invaluable international venue for
contemporary art. It offers rare support for work inclined towards
the abstract and non-objective tradition. The loss of CCNOA would
leave a gaping hole in the international dialogue around non-
objective art and set back future hopes for its development. It would
also leave Belgium with a precarious reputation regarding its
commitment to cultural exchange through the shared language of art.
Economic low times should not be used by government as an excuse to
give the arts such low priority.

I hope this letter may add weight to your appeal, and enable CCNOA to
secure structural funding for its program.

Sincerest Regards,

Daniel Argyle

105. arianas February 2009

art existes in the art-space. art needs people to come into the art space to make art real. we need art spaces that make art possible!! the art space dies, art dies!!

104. Justin Andrews February 2009 website

A message to the Vlaamse Gemeenschap -

CCNOA is a major cultural entity that encourages international dialogue.

The advantages of continuing its funding would be two-fold:

1. The development of Contemporary Non-Objective Art would continue to benefit from CCNOA’s presence, and

2. Brussels would benefit from the people - as well as their knowledge and contacts - who visit CCNOA as part of their research or artistic practice.

Given these current times of economic hardship, cultural organisations such as CCNOA must be fostered all the more carefully.

CCNOA contains a wealth of important cultural relationships.

Please do not withdraw funding from CCNOA.

103. Kris Van Dessel / Belgie February 2009

Het zou een schande zijn om CCNOA, een adequate plaats voor (inter)nationale actuele kunst, te laten ophouden met bestaan. Dit zou een enorm gemis impliceren binnen het hedendaags kunsten veld.
CCNOA heeft zich gedurende haar bestaan kunnen ontwikkelen tot een internationaal gerenommeerd kunstencentrum, waar onmiskenbaar interessante juncties zijn kunnen ontstaan tussen verschillende vormen van actuele beeldende kunst. De expertise van de artistieke leiding genereerde telkens opnieuw nieuwe en frisse invalshoeken. De vele projecten kregen ruime aandacht van verschillende media, ook buiten het vakgebied van de Kunsten. Kunstenaars kregen telkens weer de kans om zich optimaal te profileren door middel van experiment, binnen een ideale (ruimtelijke) setting. Het zou een schande betekenen dat de middelen om dit uniek en onmisbaar centrum van de artistieke kaart te vegen!
Tevens rekening houdend met één van de laatste projecten, tijdens het ’off programma’ van de Brussels Biennial ("Yo, Mo’Modernism"), lijkt een negatieve beoordeling door de ’beoordelingscommissie beeldende kunst’, op één of andere bizarre droom die alleen maar werkelijkheid zou kunnen worden in een surrealistische setting van anti-logica en absurditeiten.

Hopend op beter inzicht vanwege de Vlaamse Gemeenschap,
Rekenend op integriteit en rechtmatigheid,

Kris Van Dessel.
(beeldend kunstenaar)

102. Jay Alan Yim PhD, Harvard University Professor of Composition, Northwestern University February 2009

Dear Mr. Anciaux:
Without question, the Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art has been a leader in presenting and promoting art whose aesthetic roots can be traced to a long and pivotal history. While some of these roots may originate in the first half of the twentieth century, what is of greater importance and contemporary relevance is how they are nourished by Conceptual Art in the latter half of the century and especially how we have arrived at the present cultural moment when post-conceptual, post-structural approaches comprise the mainstream of artistic activity, including all media used to realize art projects.
From the perspective of being a practicing artist/composer (which includes having participated in festivals such as Ars Musica, Darmstadt, Wien-Modern, Almeida, Gaudeamus, Tanglewood, ISCM, etcetera, and working with top-level musicians such as the Arditti Quartet, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre National de Lyon, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic, Los Angeles Philharmonic, San Francisco Symphony, Nieuw Ensemble, London Sinfonietta, Residentie Orkest Den Haag, Nederlands Radio Filharmonisch) who also has a significant responsibility to younger/emerging artists in my role as an educator (twenty years as Professor at Northwestern University, in Chicago, USA), it is absolutely crucial for me to emphasize the multiplicity of ways that post-structural art is mainfested, and the need to foreground that multiplicity as central to the health of our shared cultural growth. This is to ensure that expressivity is not limited by unnecessary and inaccurate stylistic limitations, limitations that would distort the public’s access to the fullest range of artistic production.
CCNOA has consistently provided a vital function in the Belgian capital (and by extension, the very heart of the EU) by championing work that represents the fruitful confluence and synthesis of early and later 20th century philosophies and their combined development as we begin the 21st. This is an international phenomenon, as demonstrated by the geographic range of the artists who have exhibited under the auspices of CCNOA, and it is an internationalism that I consider to be an essential facet of the full range of artistic practice that is presented in the context of Brussels and the European Union. Moreover, CCNOA presents a viewpoint that is unjustifiably marginalized in some contexts, an observation that I base on my travels to other cultural centers such as Berlin, Amsterdam, London and New York, and my interactions with artists and curators in those places. Simply on the basis of the demonstrated and continuing engagement of those members of the art community, I am convinced that interest in pursuing the kinds of approaches regularly exhibited at CCNOA is an ongoing and integral part of our contemporary scene. An ecumenical and non-exclusionary cultural policy recognizes the critical importance of maintaining this approach as one amongst many in a diverse and vitally-interconnected art scene such as the one in Brussels.
I sincerely hope that you and the members of the BBK Advisory Committee will reconsider the intention to discontinue structural funding for CCNOA. Ms. Bungert and her team of collaborators serve a very important function in the cultural life of Brussels and elsewhere.


Jay Alan Yim PhD, Harvard University Professor of Composition, Northwestern University

101. Willy De Sauter February 2009

Ik zou het heel spijtig vinden moest CCNOA verdwijnen
Daar het nog altijd een uitstekend forum blijft in Brussel , en bijgevolg kansen biedt.

Ik hoop dat jullie de werking kunnen verder zetten.
Willy De Sauter

100. Rene Seifert / Germany February 2009

the team of ccnoa is doing a great job with international relevance and the concept of a nonprofitorganisation need definetly to continue- for brussels and the arts.
its not only the markets that regulates art-values!

rene seifert_germany

99. Caluwaert Michael, Brussels, Belgium February 2009


Kunst is het leven !!
Ik ondersteun het CCNOA, want zonder kunst is er geen leven.

Met vriendlijke groeten,
Caluwaert Michael

98. Françoise Geers February 2009

Aan de heer minister van cultuur Bert Anciaux ,

Tot mijn grote spijt heb ik vernomen dat er sprake is de subsidies van het kunstencentrum CCNOA terug te schroeven ,zoniet af te schaffen hoewel dit centrum naar mijn oordeel een grote bijdrage levert aan het aanbod aan beeldende hedendaagse kunst in het Brusselse .
Als trouwe bezoeker van dit en van andere culturele centra kan ik U verzekeren dat de selectie die CCNOA aanbrengt steeds uitblinkt door de kwaliteit en het immer vernieuwende karakter van de werken van de voorgestelde kunstenaars.
Ik durf te hopen dat U uw beslissing zult herzien en dat het zeer bevlogen team.medewerkers en animators van CCNOA verder op de steun van uw ministerie van cultuur zal kunnen rekenen om haar taak verder te zetten.
Met de meeste hoogachting,

Françoise Geers

97. Léopoldine Roux February 2009

CCNOA is THE platform in Belgium for abstract artists, from painting to video, architecture... even music.
CCNOA gives the possibilty to belgian & foreigners artists to exist in & outside Belguim, with all the travelling exhibitions.
CCNOA is the place for us, abstract artists working with Petra Bungert’s team , to concrete our feellings, make decisions, discuss, show, built the future, exchange and change behaviours and point of views.
CCNOA must survive.

Leopoldine Roux

96. Arthur de Pury February 2009 website

L’équipe du CAN (Centre d’art Neuchâtel, Suisse) soutient pleinement le CCNOA. La qualité de son travail et son rayonnement le rende indispensable sur la scène européenne de l’art contemporain. Sa disparition pour des motifs de politique culturelle serait aussi absurde que catastrophique!!!

95. Lucas Jodogne February 2009

Without CCNOA Brussels is a boring place. We need CCNOA! Note; of key importance!

94. Laetitia Yalon February 2009

je favorise énormément le centre d’art "ccnoa" qui depuis plus de dix ans m’informe des courants d’art dans le monde sans aucune restriction de frontière et de linguistique. il serait dramatique de ne plus le soutenir.

93. Clemens Hollerer February 2009

I am an austrian artist and I got in contact with ccnoa 3 years ago and have been working with them since. Working meaning cooperating, communicating and exchanging ideas on a very personal, professional level. ccnoa to me is the greatest non-objective/non-profit art initiative/community I know. the tremendous personal engagement of both petra bungert and tilman is appreciated by a worldwide network of artists and friends and deserves much more attention. cutting funds for the center of non-objective art equals destroying a family! besides the importance for the city of brussels, ccnoa is interwoven with an international public working in all fields of the arts. ccnoa needs us - we need ccnoa! support and continue to help our family - petra and tilman!

92. Joram Kraaijeveld February 2009

Beste Bert Anciaux,

het belang van CCNOA voor de ontwikkeling van de hedendaagse kunst in Brussel is groot, te groot om te verliezen. Daarom betuig ik mijn steun aan dit kwalitatief hoogwaardige platform, dat mij meerdere malen heeft weten te verrassen.

91. angelini February 2009

Un subside, ce n’est pas qu’une somme d’argent. C’est une marque de confiance à l’égard de personnes et un pari sur le devenir de l’entreprise subventionnée. Le CCNOA et ses dirigeants ont amplement prouvé qu’ils étaient à la hauteur de tels investissements.

90. Marc Chevalier February 2009 website

Diffuser de l’art, agir sur l’art, implique un engagement dans la pensée de son époque. Asphyxier un lieu tel que le CCNOA aussi, c’est prendre la responsabilité de conduire une capitale européenne comme Bruxelles, vers un appauvrissement culturel attristant, économiquement inutile et politiquement douteux. Quel prétexte comptable saurait justifier une telle suppression budgétaire?

89. Christina Barton February 2009 website

As an art historian, curator and writer based in New Zealand I am well aware of the important opportunities CCNOA has provided to artists who are exploring the legacies and possibilities of abstraction in this region (NZ and Australia). CCNOA is an innovative institution that has responded strategically to the situation of art in our current circumstances. Cutting funding is a retrograde move that will remove a vital conduit for communication and exchange in a world that needs such connectivities more than ever.

88. Pierre Clemens February 2009 website

M. Anciaux, j’apporte mon soutien entier au CCNOA pour une reconduite garantie de leurs moyens de fonctionnement. Leurs expositions m’ont toujours révélé des artistes et des travaux de grands intérêts et d’une ouverture d’esprit qu’il serait dommageable de voir disparaître. L’Art n’est pas un luxe, mais construit notre identité actuelle et future. C’est notre conscience, pensez-y.

87. Cédric Teisseire February 2009 website

As an artist and founder of "La Station" a Non-profit Art Center in Nice, France, I deeply want to provide my support at this project, CCNOA, which organised major events and exhibitions by given opportunities to artists to show their works in professional condition. This audience is at an European Scale and a right place in the landscape of the cultural and artistic scene. Artists, professionals and public will have a huge loss to see its art center disapear, inside and abroad the frontier of Belgium. It can’t be happen, it’s necessary to preserve this space of creation. Sincerly yours

86. Chris Ashley February 2009 website

Dear Flemish Minister of Culture Bert Anciaux,

I live in Oakland, California, USA. When I was last in Brussels in April 2008— as an artist, writer, and tourist— a visit to CCNOA was definitely on my itinerary.

CCNOA’s broad and deep programming is unique, and its exhibitions and events are culturally and critically significant. CCNOA’s exhibition and curatorial program is not only important to Brussels; it is also internationally important. The center exhibits artists not only from its regional art community, but also from around the world. This means that CCNOA’s activities have both local and international audiences. CCNOA is a valuable cultural resource; its contribution to the international, critical art dialog is immense. The importance of CCNOA to the international art world is a highlight for Brussels and Belgium. Once it is gone it cannot be replaced.

I strongly urge you to continue CCNOA’s structural funding so that it may continue its cultural and critical mission. I look forward to vistiting CCNOA during future travel planned for this year and next.


Chris Ashley

85. Deej Fabyc February 2009 website

CCNOA Brussels is Internationally known as a respected small museum of Abstract art and Video Art. A quick perusal of the previous shows produces an understanding of the teams commitment to showing well known artists along side emerging artists from all over the world. It would be a great loss to Belgiums Creative Capital if this institution was to close its doors. I am an Artist Curator and director of Elastic Residence London

84. Alexandra Dementieva February 2009 website

CCNOA is one of the most interesting exhibition space in Belgium.
It affirms the importance of contemporary art and artists involving all forms of visual expression. Its elaborated exhibition program shows commitment to contemporary art practice of its team.

It will be very big lost for art world if CCNOA will be closed.

83. Francis Van Acker February 2009

Toen ik 10 jaar geleden voor het eerst bij Petra Bungert in het CCNAO in Brussel binnenstapte, moest ik naar adem happen: ik dacht dat ik in New York was, een dergelijk kunst centrum kwam je immers in Brussel niet tegen: een prachtige grote witte doos waar compromisloze kunst werd tentoongesteld en waar je zonder pretentie werd ontvangen en je je zeg kon doen over de tentoongestelde kunst en nog veel meer. Door de jaren heen heeft het CCNOA zonder moeite het geweldige niveau van de tentoonstellingen kunnen handhaven en is gebleken dat er een mix van super interessante binnen- en buitenlandse artiesten tentoongesteld wordt.

Hoe is het dan toch mogelijk dat de Vlaamse Gemeenschap overweegt de structurele subsidiëring stop te zetten? Ik gok naar de redenen maar kan geen passend antwoord vinden:

Is het CCNOA dan niet uniek in Brussel? Toch wel: géén enkele andere Brussels kunst centrum kan in mijn ogen tippen aan de uitgepuurde projecten, aan de geweldige omkadering, aan de projecten die samen met andere binnen- en buitenlandse instellingen worden opgezet en aan de lage drempel van dit instituut: iedereen voelt zich hier hartelijk ontvangen door Petra.

Is het CCNOA dan niet Vlaams genoeg om door de Vlaamse gemeenschap gesteund te worden? Jawel toch: als ik de lijsten van kunstenaars van de afgelopen jaren overloop zie ik ontzettend veel Vlaamse kunstenaars die, gelukkig voor hen, omringt zijn door een schare internationale artiesten. Het is toch fantastisch om als Vlaamse kunstenaar door dit kunst centrum op internationaal vlak te kunnen worden vertegenwoordigd?

Is het CCNOA misschien niet commercieel genoeg? Dit kan niet de reden zijn voor stopzetting van een subsidie. Het CCNOA is echt een van de zeldzame plaatsen in Brussel waar kunstenaars, op hoog niveau, hun projecten kunnen realiseren zonder enige commerciële overweging.

Natuurlijk snap ik wel dat met gemeenschapsgeld met zorg dient te worden omgesprongen, en daar knelt volgens mij in Brussel het schoentje: wat doet men in Brussel toch aan versnippering van initiatieven op vlak van moderne kunst: er is het museum van moderne kunst, Bozar, de electriciteits fabriek, Wiels, de biënnale, etc etc etc....ongeloofelijk gewoon....en niets is echt goed, geen enkel project heeft genoeg werkingsmiddelen en geen enkel van voornoemde plaatsen laat tentoonstellingen van wereldniveau zien. Zou men in Brussel niet wat beter af zijn om wat minder te versnipperen en de subsidies wat meer te centraliseren? Het CCNOA heeft al jarenlang bewezen wel een plek te zijn waar dit niveau gehaald kan worden, en waar ik na zoveel jaren nog steeds het gevoel heb dat er een stukje Manhatten, ontegensprekelijk het mekka van moderne kunst, overgevlogen is naar Brussel. Draai dus in ieder geval de kraan voor het CCNOA niet dicht! Juist dit kunst centrum maakt Brussel zoveel meer werelds, juist deze plaats laat de Vlaming in Brussel dromen!

Francis Van Acker
Franz Merjaystraat 88
1050 Brussel

82. Michael Zahn February 2009 website

378 State Street
Brooklyn 11217 USA

5 February 2009

Dear Members of the Committee,

I’m writing to you with the hope you may reconsider your recent decision to suspend funding to CCNOA. The role they’ve played in the community over the past ten years at both local and international levels has been invaluable. CCNOA would be sorely missed by both artists and their public if circumstances prohibited their program from continuing.

Respectfully yours,

Michael Zahn

81. Esther Stocker February 2009

I want to express my admiration and respect for the work of CCNOA.
In may 2008 I was able to realise an installation in the space of CCNOA
and have encountered a professional team which supported the art greatly.
The installation in CCNOA was a big success for me and was subsequentlly
published in the artmagazine „Art“ as an opener for an article on
Abstract Art.
I hope that CCNOA is continously supported by the cultural institutions and
gets all the funding it needs.

Esther Stocker

80. Scott Grow, Artist Curator, Indianapolis, IN February 2009 website

CCNOA has earned its respect and reputation through its continued focused exhibitions along with its unique niche in the art community. I have been following their shows for years and would find it a great loss if they were no longer to remain. Support CCNOA!

79. Gabriele Kübler & Manfred Wandel / Stiftung für Konkrete Kunst February 2009

für konkrete

Eberhardstrasse 14
D 72764 Reutlingen

To whom it may concern


die Stiftung für konkrete Kunst, die dieses Schreiben verfasst, ist eine private gemeinnützige Institution in Deutschland, die sich seit 20 Jahren im nationalen wie internationalen Bereich für konkrete Kunst einsetzt. Es gibt nicht allzuviele Orte, ob private oder staatlich geförderte Institutionen, an denen diese Kunst und dieses Wissen vermittelt wird. Die Stiftung für konkrete Kunst ist dankbar, dass es eine Institution in Belgien gibt, die CCNOA, die seit 10 Jahren in sehr fortschrittlicher Weise die aktuelle gegenstandlose Kunst fördert. Dies insbesondere in Bezug auf die junge Generation. Die CCNOA hat ein weltweites Netzwerk von Künstlern aufgebaut und nicht nur dies, sie hat auch die Zusammenarbeit mit Galerien und anderen Institutionen weltweit gepflegt. Die Konzeption der CCNOA durch Petra Bungert und Tilman zeigt eine große Beständigkeit in der aktuellen Kunstszene und trägt eine eindeutige, klare Handschrift. Es haben sich durch die Arbeit von CCNOA nicht nur Künstlergruppen und Künstlerfreundschaften gebildet, sondern Wissen wurde weltweit transportiert und ein reger internationaler Künstleraustausch initiiert. Dieser Austausch führt dazu, dass konkrete Künstler aus ganz Europa, Asien, Australien, und den USA, nicht nur in der Schweiz (Stiftung für konstruktive und konkrete Kunst, Zürich), in Frankreich (Espace de l’Art Concret, Mouans-Sartoux) oder Deutschland gezeigt wurden, sondern dass sie auch einen Ort in Belgien haben, und dass andererseits belgische Künstler an dieser weltweiten Vernetzung partizipieren. Die Stiftung für konkrete Kunst, die von Manfred Wandel und Dr.Gabriele Kübler geleitet wird, würde es außerordentlich bedauern, wenn die Zusammenarbeit mit CCNOA in Zukunft nicht mehr möglich wäre. Wir bewundern die Leistung, die seit 10 Jahren für jedermann sichtbar ist. Wir wünschen den Initiatoren auch weiterhin, den Ort, die finanziellen Mittel und die Kraft, diese Institution weiterzuführen.

Gabriele Kübler und Manfred Wandel

78. Dan Walsh February 2009

Since the late 1990’s CCNOA has shown a commitment to contemporary art - emerging and established- local and international.
But what seems more relevant is their development of the community of artists in Brussels- expanding the intellectual dialogue in the city.
CCNOA is definitely a thriving center of Art.

Dan Walsh

77. Helen Pargman, Buenos Aires, Argentina. February 2009

CCNOA has a unique role in the Brussels art scene with multiple intercontinental connections. It has a solid track of placing local artists in international art shows and has created high level exhibitions. Should CCNOA cease to receive its fundings, it would be a tragedy for art, artists and all of us who love learning from such a wonderful place.

76. Niklas von Bartha / BARTHA CONTEMPORARY London February 2009

it has come to our attention that in a recent decision your body has considered to redrawn structural funding for the CCNOA, which as a result of this decision will no longer be able to operate. CCNOA is widely regarded as one of Europe’s leading non commercial Institution for Contemporary art, which deals with the notion of abstraction or as the name of the institution indicates non-objective art in particular. I would like to personally appeal to you in the hope that you will be able to reconsider your decision for the following reasons.

Over the past 10 years the Centre has been central in the development of several international artist’s careers and has served as an unique exhibition venue with an outstanding reputation. Exhibitions at the Centre have drawn attention beyond both Brussels and Europe and in turn have lead to many art professionals, like myself, to travel to Brussels on a regular basis to attend exhibitions at the CCNOA. It is in this context that the CCNOA is recognised as a platform for both established and emerging artistic talent. Artist’s of international reputation choose to exhibit at the CCNOA without any direct financial gain as the centre offers them an opportunity to exhibit alongside new and exciting artists.

Redrawing funding at this point would destroy a valuable cultural asset. It further puts in question the very idea of regeneration through cultural funding that should be at the heart of any public art funding decisions. Needles to say that the indirect revenue generated by the Centre would probably make a strong financial argument against redrawing funding. However I can only comment on the invaluable contribution the Centre has made to the global art community. Which has without a doubt reflected very positively on both Brussels and the Flemish region of Europe.

It goes without saying that current economic circumstances are exceptionally difficult and I guess this will have implications on funding decisions by your body. However as the long term investment made by the Flemish Culture Ministry would be destroyed in its entirety it seems rather short sited to remove all funding at this point in time. In particular as it will be almost impossible to secure funding from the private sector in the current economic climate.

I hope you will able to reconsider your decision. Rest assured that as far as I can tell your investment in the CCNOA has and would in future yield both a substantial cultural as well as financial return for the region.

Yours sincerely,

Niklas von Bartha


136b Lancaster Road
First Floor
London W11 1QU <>

75. Van de Vorst February 2009 website

I’d like very much to help you in your project, because I like your propositions.

Ìn The years 80 , my work was the same as those you present in your center now.

Now I’m obliged because of some realities,to sell my work by private persons.
How can I choose.
Nobody help me but myself...
Nearly nobody believe in my work (see website URL)(in french)

What can I say but , I LIKE YOUR WORK...

Sorry for my bad english

74. Lucien Massaert / Editions La Part de l’Oeil Bruxelles February 2009

Certains jours apparaissent des nouvelles scandaleuses auxquelles l’on a difficile de croire. Pourquoi couper les vivres à CCNOA ? C’est l’une des expériences d’exposition et de réflexion sur l’art les plus passionnantes de ces dix dernières années. Que gagne-t-on à éliminer ce qu’il y a de meilleur et à garder le plus insignifiant ? Laisser les médiocres donner une impression d’intelligence au plus grand nombre ? Désapprendre à penser ? Ressaisissez-vous mesdames et messieurs du Ministère. Penser nous rend meilleurs. Vous aussi avez tout à y gagner. Que vive CCNOA.

Lucien Massaert

Editions La Part de l’Oeil

144, rue du Midi

B-1000 Bruxelles

73. Sandro Droschl / Kunstverein Medienturm Graz February 2009

During the last years CCNOA has shown noumerous shows dealing with cross-medial aspects of contemporary fine arts and especially abstract and non-obejective arts. The shows are of an astonishing quality and quantity. The team is very ambitious and well informed about the national and international art scene. CCNOA is also important in organizing co-operations and shows of well established artists with younger, upgrowing artists.
CCNOA should stay alive and keep on working!

Sandro Droschl

Kunstverein Medienturm
Josefigasse 1 / Lendplatz
8020 Graz / Austria

72. Harry Heirmans February 2009 website

Ik ondersteun ten volle de fantastische werking van CCNOA en moet als een belangrijke plaats in Brussel ondersteund worden door de Vlaamse gemeenschap

71. Francine leClercq February 2009 website

CCNOA is not just another art venue, it is a NECESSARY venue.

70. Francis Boeske & Hans Gieles/ Galerie VOUS ETES ICI February 2009

The news about the intention of De Vlaamse Gemeenschap to discontinue structural support to CCNOA as of the 1st of January 2010 comes to us as a blow and as an alarming sign of the times.
The CCNOA over the past ten years has gained widely spread respect amongst artists, art lovers and professionals in the field of the visual arts for the quality of their exhibitions and projects and their function as a stimulating and professional organization in the field of non-representational art.
This respect has not been limited to the Belgian Community only, but has spread over the surrounding European countries and, also due to the internationally very active artists invloved in the program over the years (and their unrelenting commitment to CCNOA), to all corners of the world.
In the rich and international landscape of the visual arts in Belgium, an institute such as CCNOA would be dearly missed.
We therefore would like to plea for a full, structural and proudly continued support by De Vlaamse Gemeenschap of CCNOA.

Wishing you best, wishing you wisdom,

Sincerely yours,

Francis Boeske & Hans Gieles
Galerie VOUS ETES ICI, Amsterdam

69. marnix mooibroek, musician February 2009

CCNOA is a place to be, I consider the existence of a place like this extremely important, and it’s a disgrace to stop structural funding, these days it should be a task of government to support this organisation and place. We started working in this field in 2006, and nothing but good experience, Leiden, Nederland

68. sunkyung February 2009


I found an excellent place to enjoy ’ART’ in Brussels, and it’s my great pleasure to step at there.
Please keep it as a treasure.

67. K09 / Jacob van der Veen February 2009

K U N S T R U I M T E09
Herebinnensingel 11 9711 GE Groningen

Groningen, 5 januari 2009

Aan allen die het aangaat.

Bij deze willen we graag onze steun betuigen aan CCNOA-Brussel. In de ruim 4 jaar dat Kunstruimte 09 (K09) bestaat hebben we CCNOA leren kennen als een kwalitatief hoogwaardig platform voor hedendaagse beeldende kunst. CCNOA is bovendien een belangrijk centrum in een internationaal netwerk van kunstenaars en kunstinstellingen. K09 wordt (mede) gefinancierd door de plaatselijke overheid, vanwege de potentie tot internationalisering. Uitwisseling en samenwerking met CCNOA speelt daarin een belangrijke rol. Het mogelijk verdwijnen van dit platform betekent niet alleen een verlies voor Brussel, de bezoekers en kunstenaars, maar heeft ook internationaal repercussies voor kunstinstellingen als de onze. Het geeft het gevoel van een amputatie.
K09 hoopt dat men in de beweegredenen en overwegingen aangaande financiele ondersteuning ook bovenstaande aspecten daarin zal betrekken. Brussel en de Vlaamse Gemeenschap mag zich verheugen in een internationaal erkende en gewaardeerde instelling.
Drs. Jacob van der Veen - curator K09

66. jan maarten voskuil February 2009 website

Geacht bestuur van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap,

Wat een schok dat de Vlaamse Gemeenschap niet langer het CCNOA in Brussel wil ondersteunen. Uw precieze overwegingen zijn mij niet bekend, maar als Nederlandse kunstenaar/curator heb ik altijd met bewondering en jaloezie gekeken naar de vestiging van deze Non Profit Kunst-ruimte in Brussel. Het CCNOA is toonaangevend op het gebied van de hedendaagse niet-figuratieve kunst. Dit is een terrein dat in België, net als in Nederland sterk ondervertegenwoordigd is, in tegenstelling tot in bijvoorbeeld de Verenigde Staten of Duitsland. Het verdwijnen van het CCNOA zal dan inhoudelijk ook niet kunnen worden gecompenseerd door enige andere ruimte.
Het CCNOA slaagt er steeds weer in de valkuilen van het provincialisme te vermijden. Deze valkuilen bestaan onder meer uit het aanpassen van de programmering aan het lokale aanbod en vleien van het lokale publiek. Het CCNOA plaatst hiertegenover een hoogstaande Internationale programmering en een kennismaking met het onbekende. Ik heb altijd gedacht dat een dergelijk tentoonstellingsruimte alleen kan bestaan in een kosmopolitische omgeving als Brussel, maar blijkbaar heb ik mij vergist.
Het kunstklimaat in z’n algemeenheid is bij uitstek gediend met kwaliteit en pluriformiteit. Door het CCNOA bestaansrecht te ontnemen snijdt u gezonde vitale delen uit de kunst. Dit lijkt mij schadelijk voor het culturele klimaat in België en daarbuiten. Ik verzoek u dank ook zeer uw besluit te herzien.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Jan Maarten Voskuil, beeldend kunstenaar/curator

65. Patricia, Alistair, Eva and Gaëlle February 2009

CCNOA has been contributing to developing in an interest in art that has expanded the horizons of so many. The funding by the Vlaamse Gemeenschap has been key in this and now this investment is paying off. So a decision to cut such funding defies the logic of the funding in the first place, since every penny that was given has been reaped many times over. CCNOA is one of the most active centres on the Brussels scene, an organisation borne aloft by the enthusiasm of those who care for it, offering a wide palette of exhibitions and events encouraging young artists and bringing their work to a growing public’s attention.
We would therefore ask you to reconsider your decision to discontinue structural funding at the end of the year and regard continued funding as a sound investment in the cultural development of the people of Brussels, an aim which should stand central in the minds of decision-makers in these times.

Patricia, Alistair, Eva and Gaëlle, Brussels

64. Rebeka bahadorani February 2009 website

La Culture étant notre plus belle atout pour un monde meilleur, il serait bien regrettable qu’un pays tel que la Belgique, puisse même envisager un tel désastre.

J’espère de tout mon coeur, que cette décision soit reconsidéré.

Avec tout mon soutien.

63. Beatrijs Albers February 2009

Met verbijstering vernam ik dat de Vlaamse Gemeenschap overweegt om de structurele subsidies aan CCNOA op te schorten. 
Ik ben kunstenaar ( video, foto, installaties) en probeer alle openingen en events van CCNOA bij te wonen. 
Op de druk bijgewoonde vernissages heerst een warme sfeer. Voor het internationale publiek is CCNOA ondertussen een vaste waarde, 
niet in het minst voor de vele Brusselse Vlamingen. Ondanks een zeer consequent beleid is het tentoonstellingsaanbod divers en verassend. 
CCNOA durft risico’s te nemen en creëert een platform voor zowel gevestigde nationale en internationale kunstenaars als voor nieuw talen. 
CCNOA voert een actief beleid om Belgische kunstenaars via reizende tentoonstellingen op de internationale scène te plaatsen. 
Zonder de steun van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap zou een van de meest dynamische ruimtes voor hedendaagse kunst in Brussel en in het bijzonder in de Dansearwijk verdwijnen.

Beatrijs Albers
Hopstraat, 71
1000 Brussel

62. Isolde De Buck February 2009

CCNOA heeft een belangrijke actieve rol binnen de actuele nationale en internationale kunstscène. Kunstenaars krijgen de gelegenheid de tentoonstellingsruimte naar hun hand te zetten en worden promotioneel met verzorgde publicaties ondersteund door de persoonlijke en gedreven inzet van Petra Bungert en haar team. Ze hebben een belangrijke signaalfunctie als werkplek en tentoonstellingruimte voor actuele niet-figuratieve kunst.

Isolde De Buck
Zebrastraat 32/001
9000 Gent

61. Monique Luchetti February 2009

Monique Luchetti 576 Park Place Brooklyn NY 11238

February 5, 2009

To the Flemish Minister of Culture Bert Anciaux
and The Advisory Committee:

I am writing this letter in support of the CCNOA. CCNOA is an effective force in the global arts community and the closing of this fine institution would be a strong blow to the cultural life in Brussels as well as the art world at large. CCNOA has mounted outstanding exhibitions featuring art that would potentially not be shown otherwise and has presented these artists to the local community and to the international art world. CCNOA allegiance has been to art and the artists alone and Petra Bungert has been a tireless force to this end.

It is with these reasons; I implore the Minister of Culture and his Advisory Committee to continue Vlaamse Gemeenschap essential and important funding of CCNOA.


Monique Luchetti
Artist, Brooklyn NY

60. Guy De Bièvre February 2009

CCNOAvzw de structurele subsidie ontnemen die de organisatie tot heden
ontving is een onverantwoorde aanslag op het culturele leven in de
hoofdstad. Het verdwijnen van de organisatie (want CCNOA kan onmogelijk
alleen op projectsubidies overleven) zou voor een gemis zorgen die door
geen enkele andere organisatie zal worden opgevangen.

Guy De Bièvre,
curator Cultuurmijl Stad Enschede

59. Francis Denys, Brussel February 2009

CCNOA is een uitermate belangrijke en ’warme’ plaats voor hedendaagse beeldende kunst, met een heel actieve inzet voor de kunstenaars. Het zou bijzonder jammer zijn dit verloren te zien gaan.

58. A.T. Biltereyst February 2009 website

Als Brusselse Vlaming en kunstliefhebber ben ik geschokt met het mogelijk verdwijnen van CCNOA. Het zou een grote fout zijn om het jarenlange werk en de grote inzet van CCNOA en haar gedreven directrice teniet te doen! BKK is vol lof over de kwaliteit, de internationale uitstraling etc. Ik kan niet geloven dat ze zo een instituut om zeep willen? Hopelijk komt men nog tot een constructief gesprek. Ik reken op u Bert!

57. Tom Hamilton February 2009

February 4, 2009

Dear Petra,
I wish to express my thanks for the role that CCNOA has played in my artistic development. The original CCNOA presentation of my sound installation “London Fix” introduced my work to the artistic community of Brussels, and I was certainly pleased that you were able to attract quite a large audience over the course of the three-day presentation. The resulting attention in the press helped motivate several other presenters to place this piece in their festival galleries -in Europe, Canada, and the USA, and now including a second appearance at the Miami Subtropics Festival this winter. This work subsequently won an award in the Prix Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria.
I thank you again for your invaluable support, and offer best wishes for your continued success.
Sincerely yours,
Tom Hamilton
Tel. & FAX: (212) 265-8922 400 W. 43rd St. #5-L email: New York NY 10036

56. Paul Nelissen February 2009

Geachte Heer Anciaux,

Het zou mij zeer ontgoochelen indien er geen verdere subsidie zou worden toegekend aan CCNOA.

Paul Nelissen
Tremelobaan 22
3140 Keerbergen

55. Helen Otter February 2009

As an artist in the UK your exhibitions and website have been inspiring and a great capacity if art to geographic and cultural boundaries. It is most likely that one of your exhibitions would encourage me to visit Brussels, bringing my husband and children… an opportunity to see great contemporary art and learn about another culture and country. It will be a great, great shame if CCNOA closes its doors.

Helen Otter, Norwich, England

54. Michal Skoda February 2009






00420 38 63 605 39

53. Dr. Annelie Pohlen, Bonn, Germany February 2009

As former director of Bonner Kunstverein I have a lot of experiences with the permanent need of financial support in institutions like CCNOA. But I’m firmly convinced that society - specially and even more in times of social and economic crisis - should continue the funding, because these institions are indispensable for culture and they are doing so with a very low budget. If the Vlaamse Gemenschap will stop this, they will have to pay much more to reeactivate these kinds of fundamental investment in the future.

52. Dr Franz W Kaiser February 2009

When I discovered five or six years ago the CCNOA, there was a feeling that Brussels was on its way to become a center for international high quality avant-garde art. Is this development going to be terminated?

Dr. Franz-W. Kaiser
Director of Exhibitions
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag
P.O. Box 72
NL - 2501 CB Den Haag
The Netherlands

51. kurt ryslavy February 2009 website

CCNOA heeft samen met enkele andere dynamische spelers zoals "ets. d’enface" een belangrijke rol gespeeld in Brussel. Niet alleen werd het veld van beeldende kunsten inhoudelijk verbreed, deze frisse initiatieven leerden ook heel wat mensen op een andere manier omgaan met beeldende kunst, los van het institutionele, met de klemtoon op verwondering. En verwondering is het begin van schoonheid en mag niet belemmerd worden.

50. Ro Hagers February 2009

Bij deze wil ik mijn steun betuigen aan de positie die CCNOA inneemt.
Mijn inziens vullen zij een leemte in het professionele inter- en nationale kunst circuit waar zowel
bekende als nog onbekende kunstenaars hun werk in samenhangende tentoonstellingen wordt getoond.
Naast deze zichtbare tentoonstellingen en projecten die zij organiseren ligt haar niet direct
zichtbare kracht in het samenkomen en uitwisselen van netwerken en ideeën.
Brussel mag zich prijzen met een instelling van dergelijke internationale kwaliteit,
behouden en koesteren!

Met bezorgde groet,
Ro Hagers, Amsterdam

49. Martijn Lucas Smi February 2009

CCNOA is in mijn ogen in eerste instantie een kwalitatief hoogwaardig instituut voor de hedendaagse visuele kunst in Brussel. Naast de beeldende kunst raakt zij ook aan andere disciplines, als sound-performance, video-kunst en het snijvlak tussen autonoom en toegepast werk. In mijn ervaring met CCNOA, heeft de instelling een sterke basis in de Brusselse culturele gemeenschap, die hoogwaardig is en sterk internationaal georienteerd. Deze internationale visie van CCNOA is bovendien nadrukkelijk naar buiten gekeerd, hetgeen het instituut niet alleen van lokaal en regionaal, maar ook van nationaal en internationaal belang maakt: CCNOA brengt in Vlaanderen woonachtige en internationale kunstenaars continu en op een bijzonder flexibele wijze in vele buitenlanden in én buiten Europa. En vice versa: CCNOA onderhoudt contacten met vele kunstenaars en instellingen in het buitenland, waaronder met de instelling waarvan ik directeur ben. Deze instelling, Nieuwe Vide te Haarlem (NL) werkte de afgelopen jaren enkele malen met CCNOA, en ziet in haar een verwantschap in de passie voor het belang van nieuwe kunst. De samenwerkingen verliepen immer bijzonder goed, leidden tot een aantal bijzonder interessante presentaties, op beide locaties, en brachten een aantal boeiende ontmoetingen en een hoogwaardig discours over kunst en het belang van kunst voor cultuur en samenleving.
Ik wil u met klem nogmaals wijzen op de importantie van CCNOA en u aanraden een weg te vinden waarop u het voortbestaan van de instelling zult kunnen bestendigen.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Martijn Lucas Smit, directeur Nieuwe Vide
tevens onafhankelijk curator en publicist 

48. Lieve Dehasque February 2009

I think CCNOA is an important, necessary and consistent actor in our small Belgian art scene. Precisely initiatives of this kind are important and not-instrumentalized links between artists, artschools, galleries and media. Please reconsider your necessary support!

Lecturer at Hogeschool voor K&W, Sint-Lucas Gent

47. Peter M Friess February 2009

Being a frequent visitor of a lot of art exhibitions and artist at the same time, I always appreciated the specific function and potential of a platform like CCNOA. Besides commercial bodies like galleries and museum which sometimes lose their flexibility, CCNOA provides a wonderful opportunity for emerging artists to present their particular work, often as a site specific installation.

In parallel, CCNOA managed well to show a coherent view on non objective and geometric art. In my opinion this is a unique initiative here in Belgium throughout Europe and contributes as well to give Brussels a more avant-garde flavour.

I can only underline the utmost importance in continuing supporting this institution and the team of CCNOA who is continuously putting energy in developing this platform and the artists.

Best regards,

46. Pascal Vandelanoitte February 2009

CCNOA heeft samen met enkele andere dynamische spelers zoals SecondRoom een belangrijke rol gespeeld in Brussel. Niet alleen werd het veld van beeldende kunsten inhoudelijk verbreed, deze frisse initiatieven leerden ook heel wat mensen op een andere manier omgaan met beeldende kunst, los van het institutionele, met de klemtoon op verwondering. En verwondering is het begin van schoonheid en mag niet belemmerd worden.

Pascal Vandelanoitte, artistiek beleid Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie

Adjunct van de directeur
Artistiek beleid
Directie Cultuur

Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie
Sainctelettesquare 17, 1000 Brussel

45. Alec De Busschère February 2009

CCNOA is a great project that has to be pursued and fully supported. It would be a shame to drop it off. There are nearly no projects as such in Belgium.

Alec De Busschère

44. Emmanuel Van der Meulen & Camila Oliveira Fairclough February 2009

The CCNOA is a very well known art center here in Paris and its activities are followed
by numerous people in France.
As artists, we personnaly know how CCNOA has made possible meetings, exhibitions, art confrontations
of all kinds that wouldn’t have been possible without the energy and the generosity of Petra and Tilman and the CCNOA team.

CCNOA must live !

Emmanuel Van der Meulen (Fr)
Camila Oliveira Fairclough (Br)

Paris, 5/02/2009

43. Mira Sanders February 2009

CCNOA has its place in the art landscape in Brussels, in Belgium and abroad. It may not dissapear!

Mira Sanders

42. Frederique Van Leuven MD, Art collector February 2009

With this message, I would like to support the highly professionnal work you have been doing for 10 years. Your space in Brussels is one among the very few that’s fully international. The end of CCNOA would be a serious loss, not only for those who love contemporary art, but also for all these young and brillant artists you have been supporting for years, with success.

Best Regards,

41. Dr. Kyle Jenkins February 2009

From: Dr. Kyle Jenkins

I am writing this letter in support of CCNOA and the continued funding of their exhibition project in Brussels, Belgium. CCNOA through its 10 years has been a major contributor to not only the international art scene of Contemporary Non-Objective art but has continued to develop projects which have travelled to various locations such as the United States, New Zealand, Australia, France, The Netherlands, Denmark etc. CCNOA as a result has become a focal point (or centre for activity) which has brought like minded people from all over the world to have an active dialogue with each other through the CCNOA organisation.

As a professional practicing artists residing in Australia, the opportunity to exhibit and be involved in projects and exhibitions organised by CCNOA has greatly benefited my own professional career as well as those of the many hundreds of other artists who have been actively involved in CCNOA’s exhibition calendar. It is through their ability to have a gallery space which has consistently demonstrated a commitment to a chosen field of research, continues to demonstrate an outstanding level achievement through the various exhibitions, publications and satellite projects. CCNOA has enabled artists like me to be able to travel to Brussels, Belgium and to not only have the opportunity to exhibit my own artwork but to also meet fellow practitioners and also experience the culture of Belgium as well as Europe through these opportunities organised by Petra Bungert and CCNOA.

I believe that if CCNOA was unable to gain funding to continue its space then it would be a tragedy not just for the culture within Brussels but would affect a great number of artists, curators and art patrons not just nationally but international. After more than 10 years of commitment and a continuously expanding programme CCNOA has become one of the major exhibition spaces in Europe which continues to foster new interdisciplinary activities not just for visual art but also the collaboration of professionals within other fields such as performance, architecture and design. As a result I believe that the commitment that Petra Bungert and her CCNOA team have shown consistently over time (through the successful projects and exhibitions they have organised), makes them one of the seminal art spaces active within contemporary society. I would support any project that Petra Bungert was involved in and I believe that being given funding and support would enable Petra and the CCNOA team to develop further possibilities for future exhibitions and professional practice not just nationally but internationally.

Dr. Kyle Jenkins
Coordinator of Visual Arts,
School of Creative Art,
University of Southern Queensland,
Toowoomba, Qld, 4350

40. Wystan Curnow February 2009

I am shocked by this news. The numerous artists, and other art professionals in New Zealand committed to contemporary non-objective art
hold the Center in high regard, and would be devasted to know it was no longer offering its impressive programme.

Wystan Curnow
University of Auckland
Reading Room
A Journal of Art and Culture
Published by the Research Library of
Auckland Art Gallery.

39. Michael Graeve February 2009

It is with great alarm that I hear of the potential closure of CCNOA.

I have followed the CCNOA program from a distant Australia now for over six years, and hold your program in the highest regard. It is important that we realize the disastrous ramifications that losing CCNOA would have for an international community of artists, writers, critics and audiences. This community reaches well beyond the boundaries of its physical location in Brussels. CCNOA is not simply an exhibition space - it is a central link in an international network of organisations that support artistic enquiry and research, and CCNOA promotes the careers of established artists as much as it is a venue that recognizes and fosters new talent.

It would be a great loss to witness the closure of the CCNOA, and it would be heartbreaking to see the efforts that individuals have invested over ten years of growth of CCNOA destroyed in this way. I hope it can still be changed.

Michael Graeve
artist, curator, critic, lecturer
Melbourne Australia

38. Elisabeth Claus February 2009

As members of IKT we visited the the place of CCNOA and followed the very ambitious programm, which we appreciated very much and looked at it with admirations. We think it is necessary that this institution can continue with it´s engagement for the contemporary art scene. Elisabeth Claus, Director — Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg e.V. Landingstr.16, 63739 Aschaffenburg Tel+Fax: 06021-299278 e-mail: (Büro Claus: Tel+Fax: 06021-91100

37. David Slovic February 2009

I am writing this letter of support for the ccnoa because I think is an intelligent and enlightening art center whose exhibitions are always first rate.
I have enjoyed and learned from the work shown and the ideas presented.

David Slovic

36. Julieta Pereira February 2009

C’est avec un profond regret que je me dirige à vous, ayant appris ce jour-ci que les subventions qu’octroie le gouvernement flamand au Centre d’Art Contemporain Non Objectif (CCNOA) prendront fin en décembre 2009.

Connaissant le CCNOA à travers ses représentants, Mme Petra Bungert et M. Tilman Hoepfl, que nous avons eu le plaisir de recevoir dans la ville de Buenos Aires, je ne peux que ressentir de la nostalgie en relation aux projets d’échanges (présentations d’artistes belges et internationaux à Buenos Aires ainsi que d’artistes argentins à Bruxelles), que nous avions prévu.

Je vous prie de reconsidérer cette décision, tenant compte que les subventions de l’Etat sont indispensables pour le maintien et développement du CCNOA. Ce Centre a acquit au cours des années une renommée qui nous est parvenu jusqu’à Buenos Aires, et ainsi contribue à renforcer le rapprochement entre nos communautés.

Julieta Pereira, Buenos Aires

35. Mike Asente February 2009

CCNOA is a vital part of the Brussels art community. The loss of funding may indeed spell the loss of this fine organization. These are trying times in the world of finance and governments, but to cut cultural institutions that enrich all our lives is a bleak turn.
I have watched and occasionally participated with CCNOA for its entire history. I have noted the personal struggles and drive of Petra Bungert to keep the space open and accessible to the greater art world and the local one as well. She has created a special place that has received international attention with an uncompromising clear cut directive.
Please reconsider the possible removal of funding for this incredible and valuable venue.

- Michael Asente

Registrar Artist
Nancy Graves Foundation Brooklyn Navy Yard Studio
450 West 31st Street 63 Flushing Ave, Blg 30
New York, NY 10001 Brooklyn, NY 11215

34. Prof Beverly Piersol February 2009

I was shocked to read today that the “Vlaamse Gemeenschhap” has “threatened” to discontinue the structural support of the art organization CCNOA (Center for contemporary non-objective art).
The CCNOA is known internationally for its very special program of projects, installations and exhibitions with internationally known artists in a cross-over of media. (see the documentation on
Work in this area of media cross-over (a very important area of the arts), requires the kind of special space which CCNOA offers and the devoted support and involvement of people like Petra Bungert and the Team CCNOA.
They have worked hard for more than over 10 years to develop an active and interesting program, to show work not likely to be seen elsewhere and to communicate the importance of this kind of work.

Even though the members work more than overtime to make this place/space possible, it will be impossible for them to continue without public support and the CCNOA must close.



I, therefore, request you to continue supporting this very important organization, CCNOA.

Prof. Beverly PIERSOL
Schimmelgasse 12/1/6
A-1030 Vienna, Austria

33. Greet Billet February 2009

Al sinds de allereerste opening volg ik het programma van CCNOA op de voet. Al meer dan tien jaar kan ik dankzij hen genieten van een gevarieerd en zeer rijk cultuuraanbod. Zij bieden met hun werking aan verschillende kunstenaars een erg degelijk en professioneel platform om hun kunstwerken tentoon te stellen. CCNOA geeft zowel aan gevestigde waarden als aan jong aankomend talent de kans om in een erg mooie ruimte hun werken aan een zeer breed publiek te tonen. De keuze die zij hierbij maken is telkens zeer uitgekiemd en waardevol. Daarnaast is CCNOA een ontmoetingsplatform voor een breed publiek bestaande uit mensen uit de culturele sector, kunstenaars en kunstliefhebbers.
Het zou een verarming zijn in het cultureel landschap van Brussel en Vlaanderen als de werking van CCNOA zou moeten stopgezet worden omdat zij geen subsidies meer zouden ontvangen.
Ik ben Greet Billet, woon sinds 1996 in Brussel en geef les aan de Katholieke Hogeschool Sint Lukas Brussel.
Ik hoop oprecht dat CCNOA verder kan blijven bestaan.
Vriendelijke groet,

Greet Billet

32. Katie Verstockt February 2009

CCNOA is een van de zeldzame plekken in België waar abstrakte kunst, "non-objective art" op een hoog kwalitatief niveau een presentatieplateau krijgt. Het is echt ongeoorloofd ook die plek, een van die laatste eilandjes van pure kunst, te laten verloren gaan. Als België/Vlaanderen wil blijven meespelen op het internationale niveau, dan kan het zich zo’n abortie niet veroorloven. Wij zouden het zeer betreuren! Katie Verstockt

31. Dianne Bos February 2009

As a visitor from Canada to Brussels last year I’d like you to know that I found the exhibition programming at the CCNOA to be superb and visits to the Center enlightening.
As a foreign visitor to your country who enjoys contemporary art I feel it is important to support this type of exhibition venue. In a city who’s artistic heritage is so vital to attracting visitors it is critical not to forget about the presenting exciting new and challenging art work as well. It places Belgium and Brussels on the contemporary culture map.

Dianne Bos,
3512, 60th St NW
Calgary AB
T3B 5E8

30. Troels Aagaard February 2009

Please do not discontinue funding for CCNOA....... It will be a big mistake to stop funding, it’s a fantastic place.....very important for the arts!

Kind regards

Visual Artist Troels Aagaard

Troels Aagaard
Dannebrogsgade 14,
1660 Copenhagen

29. Jens Brand February 2009

I just recieved the infact shocking news that CCNOA might be disconnued .
This is sad. I dearly hope that this is not another sign of the new European funding tendency to let go on culture that needs support to exist and rather benefit from the joys of mainstream art instead.
In short,:
The art presented and supported by the CCNOA are manifestations that don’t go well with any marketing systems of our societies. A place that presents relevant positions in a field that neither galerie nor museum structures can be applied to needs support. This can be approached the unlucky US-american way (generally privat funding), or the european way (generally public funding). To discontinue the support of an organization that managed in no time to represent an international spot on the art map of the world, would not only a big loss for the comunity, but also an obvious mistake, by the means of efficiency and sustainability. At least the latter should be of major consideration.

It would be a pleasure to hear that this Vlaamse Gemenshap reconsiders their opinion and enables CNNOA to continue their great work.


Jens Brand
Media Artist/Curator Cologne, Germany

28. Michael Walker February 2009

CCNOA is an inspirational, informative and encouraging organisation for me as a
practising artist. They provide a vitally important role for promotion and
critical discussion on non-objective art, and it would be a great loss to the
international contemporary art community if they were forced to close.

Michael Walker

27. Olof Olsson February 2009

I would like to take this oportunity to express my admiration and full support of CCNOA, one of the world’s most interestning and original art institutions. It is places like CCNOA that reminds one how exciting art really can be.

Olof Olsson, artist and writer based in Copenhagen.

26. Natalie Arsenow February 2009

please continue to fund CCNOA as it is such a great place with lots of interesting expositions and very dedicated people working there who care deeply about art and the people interested in it.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Natalie Arsenow

25. James Hyde February 2009

Please add my name to what I’m sure is a long list of supporters of CCNOA. Your program shows a true commitment to artists and their work which transcends fashion. It would be a great loss if you would be forced to close.

best James Hyde

24. Lisa Holden February 2009

I have just heard that the Vlaamse Gemeenschap is planning to cease funding CCNOA as of the end of next year (December 2009). CCNOA has performed an invaluable function in the contemporary art world, offering established and emerging artists a platform to present their work and share ideas. And it is exactly in times such as these – when cuts in the arts are bringing so many promising ventures to a close – that CCNOA should received renewed financial support so that it can continue its work as a professional, independent art space. To lose CCNOA at this point would be a sad loss to the Belgian art scene, and to the art scene as a whole.

Yours sincerely,

Lisa Holden

23. Andrew Sroka February 2009

Vlaamse Gemeenschap -

I’m an artist living and working in New York City and I have just finished a year long residency in Rotterdam. While at the residency I visited CCNOA a couple of times. It goes without saying, this is a necessary institution. Their point of view stands out among other art venues. Please continue your structural funding for CCNOA.

Andrew Sroka

22. Peter D. Camesasca February 2009

I certainly would think your project should receive continued funding, in particular from the Flemish Community. At times of economic hardship, funds should be allocated to the most promising projects - I think over the years of operation CCNOA has shown to be able to attract avant-garde art to Flanders from all over the world. Not too many similar projects can show that sort of track record. Furthermore, we all know how under-represented the Flemish Community is in the Brussels region - an essentially Flemish project alike CCNOA is one of the few gems we have.

Of, om het in het Vlaams te zeggen - CCNOA moet blijven!

Je hebt alvast mijn volledige steun, en ik hoop dat je de Minister evenzeer kan overtuigen.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Peter D. Camesasca

21. Kees van Gelder February 2009

Aan de Vlaamse Minister van Cultuur
Brussel, België

Amsterdam, 4 februari 2008

Zeer geachte Exellentie,

Tot mijn verbazing en grote verdriet zie ik dat u van plan lijkt te zijn om binnenkort het advies van uw Ministeriële Adviescommissie over te nemen.

Niet alles is gemaakt voor de eeuwigheid, maar het aan u voorgelegde advies uitvoeren zou een betreurenswaardige zaak voor de kunstwereld in België en daar buiten zijn. Er zijn enkele beeldende kunstactiviteiten in België, die hier in Nederland hogelijk gewaardeerd worden, o.a. De Witte Raaf, en die een internationale uitstraling hebben. Het CCNOA is zo’n Belgisch fenomeen dat in een groeiend en belangrijk cultuurgebied, namelijk de beeldende kunst, een vooraanstaande rol speelt. De specialisatie van dit instituut is Niet-objectieve kunst onder de aandacht brengen, te bestuderen en te praktiseren. Dat is uniek. Ook buiten België bestaan er zeer weinig instituten die zich hard maken voor Abstracte kunst, waaronder de Niet-objectieve kunst valt waar het CCNOA zich het afgelopen decennium in gespecialiseerd heeft.

Een ander aspect dat van niet te onderschatten waarde is, is het belang van de verzoenende functie die cultuur in het algemeen kan hebben. Noord- en Zuid-België; Vlaanderen, Brussel en Wallonië moeten niet verscheurd worden door economische tegenstellingen of een taalstrijd. Beeldende kunst is buitenstedelijk, buitenregionaal en buitenfederaal. Het CCNOA heft met haar activiteiten in de beeldende kunst tegenstellingen op. U als Vlaamse Minister van Cultuur kan daar aan meehelpen. En daar aan blijven meehelpen.......

Ik zou het zeer op prijs stellen als u een vorm zou kunnen vinden om het advies van uw commissie te heroverwegen voordat u een finaal besluit neemt in deze tijden van economische malaise, waarin de verschillende bevolkinggroepen juist met nadruk nader tot elkaar zouden moeten komen door specialistische cultuuruitingen te steunen en stimuleren.


Kees van Gelder

Galerie van Gelder
Planciusstraat 9 / A
1013 MD Amsterdam
tel. +31.(0)206277419
fax. +31.(0)203302348

20. Tom Benson February 2009

To: Flemish Minister of Culture Bert Anciaux and his advisory committee

I strongly support CCNOA in its activities and urge you to continue your subsidy of its programme. During the past 10 years it has become one of the most dynamic and engaging project spaces in Europe, and the fact that it has flourished in Brussels is a credit to your city!

Tom Benson
London, GB

19. Brendan Cook February 2009

Dear Mr. Bert Anciaux,

The CCNOA is an indispensable cultural point that not only utilizes an eclectic space in Central Brussels, but promotes and enriches the European art audience with an important genre niche, that is both contemporary and ever expanding. I would very much regret to see this space disappear, as it brings so much character to Belgium and the City of Brussels. The CCNOA is truly a unique space in the European art environment.


Brendan Cook

18. monique thomas February 2009

Het zou een grote leegte betekenen in het huidige kunstgebeuren indien
CCNOA zou verdwijnen.

Ik steun uw initiatief ten volle.

met vriendelijke groet,

monique thomaes

17. Fabienne Bernardini February 2009

CCNOA moet blijven bestaan!

fabienne bernardini
p u b l i c s

Casino Luxembourg - Forum d’art contemporain
41, rue Notre-Dame / B.P. 345
L - 2013 Luxembourg
T (+352) 22 50 45 / F (+352) 22 95 95

16. Michael Stopford February 2009

Dear Vlaamse Gemeenschaft:

Although I am sending this note strictly in my personal capacity - not on behalf of NATO - I would like to express my strong support for the activities of CCNOA. As an expatriate committed to contemporary art, I know of no other group or organization in Brussels making a more interesting and inspiring contribution to the contemporary art scene in Brussels than CCNOA. Indeed, it is initiatives like CCNOA which make Brussels such an appealing center for expatriates with an interest in artistic or cultural activities to live and work. I hope, with all due respect, that you will be in a position to continue your support.

Kind regards

Michael Stopford
Deputy Assistant Secretary General
Strategic Communications Services
Public Diplomacy Division
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

Brussels, Belgium

Tel: +32 2 707 4207
Cell: +32 476 601 905
Fax: +32 2 707 4232

15. Joost van Oss February 2009

Beste CCNOA,

Het negatief advies van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap om de subsidie te beeindigen
is bedroevend.

Ik wens U succes met de actie om de zaak een positieve wending te geven.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Joost van Oss
Los Angeles

14. Shawn Mcbride February 2009

The Center for Contemporary and Non-objective Art is a well-organized platform. CCNOA has been highly effective in promoting up-and coming, as well as established artists. CCNOA sustained a high level of dedication especially to Belgian talent. These artists have benefited from an international network of artist driven initiatives and the access into the general exhibition circuit. In its own exhibitions CCNOA follows a clear curatorial vision.

What else can one want for?!

Shawn McBride

McBride Fine Art & Services
Pourbusstraat 3b
2000 Antwerpen
+32 498 31 99 41

13. jeroen uyttendaele February 2009 website

CCNOA has become a very important player in the Flemish and international artscene. Go CCNOA!

12. Kjell Bjorgeengen February 2009

To the Flemish Minister of Culture Bert Anciaux and his advisory committee!

It is with deep regret I hear the news that you plan to discontinue your support of the CCNOA.

To me CCNOA has always stood as an example of how art can be supported in a genuine way, without pretensions and self interest to best for the artist and the art community. In the moment, when CCNOA’s international reputation has reaches a high level, it seems a waste of the support already given to stop now.

I sincerely hope the proposal to stop the support can be reversed, for the benefit of the public, the artist and the art community in Belgium and worldwide.

Sincerely Yours

Kjell Bjørgeengen

Kyrres vei 37B
N-1369 Stabekk

11. Marcus Bering February 2009 website

Since its establishment CCNOA has been a serious driving force for contemporaty art in Brussels. It has been bringing together an enthousiastic public, artists and gallerists who are truly devoted to their work. In 10 years CCNOA has build up and inspired a vast national and international network of artists and exhibition spaces. This must go on! We need CCNOA!

10. Solon Ardittis February 2009

This is to support wholeheartedly CCNOA and the remarkable work which you and your colleagues have deployed over ten years to make this one of the most interesting art centres in Brussels. I do sincerely hope that the Vlaamse Gemeenschap will reconsider its decision to discontinue structural funding for CCNOA.

Solon Ardittis

9. Michaela Jade February 2009

i would like to support the work of CCNOA which is good and necessary - especially these days.
i was impressed by the good organisation of exhibitions and delighted by the treatment i have received from the team. it would be a loss for the art scene of belgium and beyond - we need institutions such as CCNOA - for ourselves to present our artwork and for us as recepients of other artists!

i wish you all the best
good luck!!!


8. heini O : bureau gruzemayer February 2009

yes hard times getting harder, gov saving at the wrong corners


7. Frederik De Wilde" February 2009

CCNOA is a beautiful exhibition space run by devoted people. It would be a real shame if this place would stop being operational and finally shut down. Hopefully it will not come so far.

Kind regards,

6. Linda Arts February 2009

Don’t give up ! such a international known initiative, which is a great platform for even better art, have to stay !

All the best

5. Michael Duffy February 2009

Please resist the temptation to discontinue funding of CCNOA. In a recession it is the Arts funding that is first to be cut yet the cost is greater later to try and re establish the work that CCNOA has achieved over the past ten years. This is a unique organisation that deserves to continue it’s work promoting contemporary Art.

4. Matthew Deleget February 2009

Keep fighting the good fight! We artists rely heavily on the programming and dialogue CCNOA provides us. You are a critical platform for our community. I wish you all the best in securing the funding you deserve.

3. Helen Calder February 2009 website

CCNOA makes a valuable contribution to the world art scene as well as drawing the attention of the world to contemporary Flemish art. The links CCNOA has established between artists and galleries from many countries is something difficult to do. It happens through incredible dedication to an idea. I had always been impressed with the fact that the Flemish Government saw the value of CCNOA- as a platform for contemporary thinking in visual art. The rich Flemish history in the arts has thrived because of the support of its community. What of the future?

2. Johan Bongers February 2009

als vlaming in Brussel behoort CCNOA tot één van mijn vaste steks! ik ga naar de meeste openingen naast de interessante expo’s heb ik hier al fanstastische gesprekken gehad met kunstenaars over hun werk. ik vraag me af welk centrum dan moet openblijven als ze CCNOA dicht doen? ik vraag me echt af wat de criteria zijn waarop ze zoiets beslissen. En dan noemt Bert Anciaux zich progressief ... naar mijn stem kan hij morgen fluiten!

1. Charlemagne Palestine (Belgium) February 2009

CCNOA is an important member of the Brussels Art Community!! It has presented important new art for the last 10 years and should be permitted to continue especially in these times of financial upheaval when non-profit art venues are needed more than ever.