center for contemporary non-objective art

Freddy van Parys

*1952 in Bruges (Belgium)

Lives & works in Knokke-Heist (Belgium)

Van Parys started originally from an observation of reality. His eclectic, purely visual language evolved from certain states of geometry and minimalism into an expression, which can be characterized as reductivist and poetically austere. Van Parys’ aim to manipulate the concepts in space, led him, however, to explore other media and materials then the one mentioned above. The space in which his objects / forms - mainly executed in scrubbed, brushed and polished metal - are placed, defines their function. Although van Parys emphasizes meticulous execution and installation of his work, he consciously involves chance in his investigation. "Van Parys’ work does not intend to seduce or to trap the viewer. It does appeal to perceptivity and sensitivity. The means offered have been chosen with care and accuracy. The intellectual handling evolves parallel to the emotional experience and the experience of that emotion lies on a different level than that of dramatic theatricality." Van Parys’ practice includes two- and three-dimensional works, spatial interventions, works on paper, editions, and books. He is the founder of White-Out Space, an artist-run exhibition space in Knokke-Heist (B).

His exhibition at CCNOA in 2003 featured the CD-ROM animation ’One Frame’ and his new limited edition ’Five Frames’

(photo ccnoa)