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Leon van Noorden

’Tremblement, Rythmes Tactiles’ by Leon van Noorden.

The installation shows that music does not always need sound. This experiment challenges the ’listener’ to feel the music. It is a tactile version of ’Les Marteaux sans Maître’. Sometimes they hit your feet.

Leon van Noorden (Maastricht 1945) studied music, physics and auditory perception, worked for the blind, a telecom operator and an international organisation. He is now professor at the Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music at the University of Ghent to do research on music and movement. Since 1972 member of the Maciunas Ensemble with Paul Panhuysen, Jan van Riet and Mario van Horrik. Many Group and solo performances and installations with computer controlled acoustic instruments.

Leon van Noorden
(photo CCNOA)