center for contemporary non-objective art


The name ststs dates from the year 2000 and stands for the combined art productions by Stef Stagel and Steffen Schlichter. The form of the individual artworks, the topics they deal with and the choice of materials is now brought together and mixed for combined installations, films, and objects. The process of information, reproduction through the media, the theme of storing, and the forms of presentation are visually expressed in installations using not only mixed media like slide projections, video and photography, but also industrial materials like tape, chipboard, and netting.

On the occasion of our 8th anniversary, CCNOA is pleased to present a solo exhibition of the German artist team ststs, whom we have invited to create a large site-specific intervention for the entire CCNOA exhibition space. ststs has decided to create an installation in five parts:

  • the first part is on the CCNOA landing and will consist of the audio work ‘ststs_muzak’ and two wall objects;
  • the second part – in the main space – is a presentation of artworks that ststs is curating from the CCNOA archive;
  • the third part – also in the main space – is the work ‘Rack 1-2006Brussels’ by ststs in 13 layers, it combines a wide range of material on reproductions and information surfaces on and about Brussels and New York;
  • for the fourth part ststs has invited the Swiss artist, Daniel Göttin, to execute a wall work from his ‘network’ series on the largest wall of the main space;
  • the fifth part – in the CCNOA lounge – consists of a compilation/mixture of films and multiples by ststs with productions by other artists from the CCNOA archive.