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localStyle December 2008

localStyle was founded in 2000 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, by Marlena Novak and Jay Alan Yim as an ongoing collaboration whose work is manifested in a variety of ways. We aim to engage both the intellect and the senses, and take as a point of departure the exploration of perceptual mechanisms, the interplay between interpretation and cognition, and questions about systems of meaning. As ‘intelligent’ systems and machines increasingly and often surreptitiously become part of our daily environment, our human abilities and limitations are often exposed by unavoidable and sometimes uncomfortable comparison. Considering why and how this happens has led our collaborative to explore and experiment with elements of perception. We are interested in the social and philosophical implications that exist when one realizes that ‘perceiving is not believing’ (“I saw it with my own two eyes” / “I heard it with my own two ears”), as it is within the limits of our perceptual framework that we interpret and act within the world. Since each work is driven by an underlying conceptual focus, its realization can take a variety of forms, ranging from installation, performance, and video, or combinations of all three; always cultivating an active counterpoint between images and sound. We embrace the use of interactive digital electronics as well as low-tech means in our exploration of themes as varied as abstract narrative , boundaries relating to physical and intangible properties, issues of trespass , and the mating behavior of hermaphroditic flatworms.© 2006 localStyle

Our projects have been presented in Santa Fe, Chicago, New York, Sydney (Australia), Santa Barbara (CA), Sarasota (FL), Szczecin (Poland), Sittard (Netherlands), Amersfoort (Netherlands), Boston, Duluth (MN), Camden (NJ), with upcoming presentations in the US and abroad. localStyle works are included in the collections of the Corcoran Gallery of Art (Washington DC), Davis Museum and Cultural Center (Wellesley MA), Mondriaanhuis (Amersfoort, The Netherlands), and the Tweed Museum of Art.

single channel widescreen video, stereo sound

This is the first of five movements of a large-scale project titled …verge upon verge..., which deals with various boundary issues on scales ranging from the microscopic to the geopolitical. bØnk! playfully addresses the seriousness of borders and thresholds, individuals and groups, suggesting synaptic, neural charges, electric stimulation, solitary units proliferating and joining larger networks. Time and space are folded and creased into new dimensions.

Dancing Cranes
single channel video, stereo sound

Dancing Cranes is an abstract narrative, where sight and sound operate in equal, contrapuntal partnership. Consisting of 10,000 frames in length—this number representing infinity in Asian traditions—the temporal proportions are based on Golden Section relationships, with the flow of time converging and diverging at strategic points. The piece emphasizes both flatness and depth, a non-real space in between the second and third dimensions. In this context, color and geometry begin to assume teleological functions in the structure, while perceptual and neural responses activate an additional dimension. The music is an invitation to dance, as well as a study in complex rhythms, combining an asymmetrical meter (13/8) with a rapid tempo to create a situation where the exact beat structure is elusive.

Fluid Mechanics Remix
single channel widescreen video, stereo sound

Water, wind, energy, transport, data, money, power: ‘fluid mechanics’ is the branch of physics concerning the behavior of anything that flows. The assumption that industrial development could continue regardless of environmental impact has produced a situation urgently in need of creative solutions. The sound design begins as ‘resource exploitation’ by excavating audio files from inside computer software programs and operating systems and is ultimately forged into the soundtrack.

stillframe from bØnk!