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Zipora Fried 2005

Lives & works in New York (USA)

Zipora Fried’s work on paper is at the threshhold of sculpture and drawing and reflects the paradoxes moving the artist: limits of the line, limits of the material, limits of the movement, floating heaviness and extreme dynamic of the line. Her drawings are real feats, earthy and accomplished in their daring, maddeningly time consuming in their preparation. This is an artist who masters the physics -of drawing itself - to bring drawing to light, not unlike the way Jasper Johns or the pop artists called upon imagery to make imagery noticable as such. Collections featuring her work: Albertina (Vienna), The Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Tel Aviv), Magasin 3 (Stockholm), The Whitney (New York).....

Edition by Zipora Fried

The memory of what we forget 2004

(photo ccnoa)

Exposition avec
Zipora Fried
A BIT O’ WHITE, 2007

group show