center for contemporary non-objective art

Marthe Wéry

*1930 (Belgium)

For more than three decades the discovery of "the essential through the minimal", the pleasure of painting, the ever-renewed experience of brush stroke, materials and color, have been central to Wéry’s practice: "In her oeuvre, color is an essential element in shaping the surrounding world into a decipherable form that penetrates the space in the sense of an intentional ’positioning’ of building blocks which generate an inherent and inseparable physical relationship with the viewer." (Luk Lambrecht) Her constantly evolving work, ranging from the geometric compositions of the ’60s through the lined and monochrome works to the smooth light-absorbing multipartite installations and her current research into surface, has become one extensive and careful search for subtle balance between architecture, space, art and color.

Wéry’s simoultaneous exhibitions at CCNOA and at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, a major survey of the artist’s work in 2001, evidenced not only the candor and amplitude of her work but also the artist’s inspiring independence from the vogues and vanities of the ’art world’.