center for contemporary non-objective art

Heidi Voet

*1972 in Herentals (Belgium)

Lives & works in Brussels (Belgium)

The vague line between reality and fantasy is omnipresent in the work of Heidi Voet. Through using the existing conditions of a space and adding new elements to it, she orchestrates a collision between the rational and the implausible. Heidi Voet imagines settings, like a falling ceiling or a shifting floor, and translates them into physical form, resulting in a vivid language where the impulsive wonder of our fantasies is set at odds with order and predictability. The new layers on the existing architecture stress the possibilities that are incorporated in a concrete place and time, and emphasize the arbitrariness of the present situation.

Voet’s exhibition in the CCNOA project room in 2002 presented her new site-specific installation ’Islet’. The installation consisted of a pile of pink sand, a white cylindrical sculptural entity resembling a tree trunk, which was lined with tissue, depicting clouds, birds, and foliage, and scattered wooden sticks - remnants of a child’s bed? Standing in stark contrast to the sterile environment of the project room, these elements evoked simultaneously the idea of an ideal yet sterile island setting - and some broken dreams. She also participated in the CCNOA organized group exhibition ’From Rags to Riches’.

(photo ccnoa)