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Esther Venrooy


’Dumping’ is a spatial composition for 4 channels based upon a short found text by Scientology guru and sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard.

Well, I know this: that onto this planet there’s a great deal of dumping has gone on. Stuff from the nearby galaxy — not this galaxy but from the next galaxy over and so forth, is going on here. I know they take political prisoners and guys who they don’t want around, but it’s less personal than you think. They just have excess population so they start to get rid of their excess population, you see? They’ve got a revolt, or you’re on the wrong side of a war, or something like that, and they pick you up in droves, and ice-cube you and throw you into a sea someplace. I know this planet has been subjected to that and several planets in this immediate end of this galaxy have been subjected to that — that I know.

Esther Venrooy (°Rosmalen, NL, 1974) studied saxophone at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem, followed by a residency as a composer at the European Dance Development Center. At the EDDC she became interested in the use of digital sound processing and manipulation to create dance music. She combines traditional, classical composition techniques with personal methods: "my compositions are assembled like a movie is being edited... I add sonic images and bits together until I obtain a structured work."
About the CD ’To shape volumes, repeat’ (2003) Koen Van Meel wrote on "[..]next to be enjoyable and very much worth listening to, the microscopically finished sonorous image always remains beautiful, refined, measured and transparent, without any trace of DIY tinkering."

(photo CCNOA)