center for contemporary non-objective art

Caroline Van Damme

*1955 (Belgium)

Lives & works in Brussels (Belgium)

Van Damme’s oeuvre consists of series of works, which are formally very similar. She reflects on painting by visualizing a unique return, based on the fundamental pictorial principles. ’Caroline Van Damme investigates interrelationships between color and space. The painstakingly executed rectilinear color fields operate both within the spatial framework of her canvases and in relationship to the wall. Each piece explores space by drawing the viewer into a white void or leading their gaze along a band of color. Reminiscent of a deStijl painting, she utilizes architect Gerrit Rietveld’s definition of space: "never a partitioning or closing off, but always defining (the) element of what is here and there, above and below, between and around.’ (Heidi O’Neill)

In 2001, Van Damme presented an overview of recent and older paintings and works on paper in the CCNOA main galleries.