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| solo exhibition

Steven Aalders 2001

*1959 in Middelburg (The Netherlands)
Lives & works in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Aalder’s paintings are built up of several layers of paint. They are characterized through the sensual treatment of the surface and the intersection of black and colored bands intersecting the white planes. Aalders’ interest in pure pictorial means is reverting consciously to the tradition of constructivist concepts. Aalders’ emphases on light through color as well as the often-small size of his paintings are a reflection of the Dutch tradition of ’easel painting’. Their titles ‘Hellya’, ‘Interaction’, ‘Nuage’, refer to divergent sources of inspiration, a remote place or a more abstract (art historical) concept.

In 2001 Aalders presented his series of paintings, entitled ‘Going West’, in the CCNOA project room. ‘Going West’ consists of 10 paintings; each executed in a different color following the spectrum. ‘Going West’ is one work and has to be installed in a line. It was inspired by Aalders’ visit of Donald Judd’s Chinati Foundation, Marfa Texas, in 1998.

(photo ccnoa)