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| solo exhibition

Steve Kaspar 2003

*1952 in Luxembourg (L)

Lives & works in Luxembourg

Experimenting, since the ’70s, with a large variety of materials in a number of disciplines, Kaspar participated in a training course in new musical theatre with Mauricio Kagel in Cologne. Incited by these experiences, he dedicated himself to audio-visual and theatrical performances and reflections, collaborating with the ’Stalker’ in Brussels (B). Since the early ’90’s, Kaspar’s research condensed into cycles of drawings sound compositions, which all underline the general theme of ’Generation’. He explored the noisy, violent and contradictory domain of the fields of the "ineffable," in order to attain a ’form’ that is a precipitate of time and space; an astounding shape resembling a comet’s tail, and as crystalline as a metaphor. Foundation and point of departure for Kaspar’s artistic practice are the very sounds he experiences in his daily environment. Recorded / collected via tape-recorder and/or video camera, they are archived and subsequently electronically propelled to their very borderline - transient ’elements’, which at any given point in time might raise a new discussion with the material and or lead to yet another transposition. Focusing on the resonance of these ’elements’, their matrix, their principal structure/grid, their topological use, and their analogue treatment, Kaspar aims to encounter the original in a sound, to capture its essence, to give expression to its spiritual phenomenon. The subsequent manipulation and composition of these ’elements’ results in multi-layered sphere sounds. For Kaspar, sound is an experiential / empirical reality. His ’sound-scapes’ / sound-architectures are based on his notion that sound is an experiential / empirical reality and therefore should be experienced not only mentally but also physically.

His exhibition at CCNOA in 2003 featured his new audio-visual work ’HI-XUL - One’s Voices’ as well as a series of photographs and a selection of recent sound works in the two main galleries. He also participated in the CCNOA organized travelling group exhibition ’2step’.

(photo ccnoa)