center for contemporary non-objective art

| solo exhibition

Stephanie Paulus 2003

*1979 in Luxembourg (L)

Lives & works in Brussels (Belgium)

Working on the borderline of sculpture and drawing, Paulus’ main body of work consists of small, delicate volumes, often scale-size model structures, site-specific installations and architectural interventions. Focusing on the interaction between object and architecture, Paulus’ installation in the CCNOA project room in 2003, featured the spatial intervention ’La pièce d’à côté’. The work expanded on the outline and dimension of the given space and its intimate, almost reclusive character. As most of her works, it was executed with minimal means (wood, plexi glass, cardboard, string), creating a dynamic between the large and the small, the real and the imaginary structure(s) and construction(s).

(photo ccnoa)