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Simon Ungers 2006

*1957 in Cologne (Germany)
Lives & works in Cologne

Over the course of his career, artist and architect Simon Ungers worked on many scales, from objects to installations, speculative projects, urban designs and built structures. Among his best known works are the winning- proposal – unrealized – for the Berlin Holocaust Memorial and his ’T-House’, a cor-ten steel residence that has been extensively published and exhibited in the MoMA ’Unprivate House’ show. Emphasizing clear spatial arrangements and demonstrating concern with details and precise presentation, Ungers’ work fuses the basic elements of light, shape, and color with the given architecture of the spatial setting. Capitalizing on independence and contingency rather than separation and differentiation, each part is treated as autonomous yet integral, relating and contributing to the formal and/or conceptual unity. "Ungers’ totemic and austere projects take shape within a restrictive and exacting formal logic, a steadfast minimalism that withholds elaboration to intensify its few forceful gestures. Working with and through a sense of historical rupture, Ungers posits the ongoing relevance of a tradition that runs from late 18th century France, in particular the architecture parlante of Claude-Nicolas Ledoux and Etienne-Louis Boullée, through high Modernism. Ungers interprets modernity as a project that remains essentially incomplete, and aims to reinvigorate its more radical spatial propositions." (Henry Urbach, New York 2000). Ungers’ work has been the subject of many publications, including a 1998 monograph published by Gustavo Gili, and is held in private and institutional collections, including the architecture collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Simon Ungers died in Cologne, Germany in March 2006 at the age of 48. He created his first large-scale space-painting especially for this exhibition in CCNOA.

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Simon Ungers
Yo, Mo’ Modernism... 1, 2008

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