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| solo exhibition

Shinichi Yanai 2001

*1964 in Fukushima (Japan)

Lives & works in Kyoto (Japan)

Yanai’s site-specific installations, ranging from audio-visual works and environments to architectural interventions, can be characterized as concentrated and austere. Questioning the relation between material and function, Yanai works on the borderline between construction and deconstruction where deconstruction means both creation as well as demolition. Using at first his own paintings as a point of departure, taking them to pieces and slowly removing their surfaces, Yanai has developed a distinct form of disintegration, which is not so much concerned with the mortality of all living but more with the closeness of all material to the nothing(ness). Yanai is a co-founder of the artist-run organization Puddles (JP).

His exhibition in the CCNOA project room in 2001 featured Yanai’s new installation ’peep/light’.