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Sarah Keighery August 2008

In the current series of works Sarah Keighery uses spices, vegetable die, or natural substances as paint material. This relationship to the natural follows on from earlier ’line drawings’ (since 1999), in which segmental, circular objects carrying her designed organic paint, trace the surfaces of architecture. These dot-type, linear interventions, also fold into a second category, that of the ’wall drawing’. The current object or painting works remain modest and low-fi, with the artist’s use of organic materials extending her own ’painting’ technique into a finely crafted contemporary art style. Concrete concerns like colour and form are developed in diverse ways. Having trained as a jeweler, a sense of intimacy is expressed through Keighery’s particular crafting of materials - a considered approach to pure abstraction and related processes underscores an intricacy of means. What emerges in these delicate works is a sense of the personal act of making. A process the artist claims is available for anyone to access.

Expositions avec
Sarah Keighery
UND... VOILA @ Maison Abandonée, ­ Villa carmeline, Nice (FR), 2009

external exhibitions & cooperations

Und @ Croxhapox Gent (BE), 2008

external exhibitions & cooperations

My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble @ Sydney College Of The Arts Gallery (AUS), 2008

external exhibitions & cooperations