center for contemporary non-objective art


special guest: Douglas Park

14/09/2007 – 23/09/2007

ALLES WAS MINIMAL IST contains more than 40 works carfully chosen to rreflect some of the main issues in Kurt Ryslavy’s oeuvre. These key works are connected to reference material taken from the artist’s personal archive: models and objects he bought and sells as a starting point for paintings, objects, books, magazines and photographs he used for his works, different videos, etc. – historic art. The basic idea of this show is to map Ryslavy’s field of thinking through the use of objects, images and words. There are discoveries to be made in his early writings, and in his film projects, where many of the basic concepts were developed. Moving through the rooms of the Villa Truk in Koekelberg, where Ryslavy has installed his second show in Brussels since 1994, will provoke a wide range of associations, as will loose items of source material published to accompany the exhibition.

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