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Robert Fosdick 2000

*1948 in Detroit, MI (USA)

Lives & works in New York City (USA)

Fosdick’s work has evolved from his extensive studies and occupation with optics, modern glass and metalworking technology, and theology: "I wish to evoke an emotional or spiritual response from the viewer by constructing objects made from the most common machine made parts, or to paraphrase the Jesuit theologian Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: ‘Most theologies teach that Spirit is attained through the subjugation of matter, when, in fact, Spirit is attained most perfectly by the celebration of matter’." While his monochrome objects, consisting of several layers of especially fabricated, tinted glass, are meant to function as ‘interactive optical instruments’, his intimate, almost architectural drawings, are best seen as visual metaphors for these ’objects‘.

For his exhibition in the CCNOA project room in 2000, Fosdick created a startling new body of work, combining glass, mirrors and photogels. Enamouring through their grace, radiance, and sovereignty, they evidence the artist’s inspiring independence from the vogues and vanities of the ‘art world’.

Fosdick also participated in the CCNOA organized group exhibitions ’From Rags to Riches’ and ’WOP’.

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Edition by Robert Fosdick

Easter 2000