center for contemporary non-objective art

Lucie Renneboog

*1976 in Dendermonde (Belgium)

Lives & works in Dendermonde

Relinquishing any form of theoretical or cerebral approach, Lucie Renneboog’s large spatial installations, architectural models, collages, and videos are executed with precision and attention to detail. Mostly executed with materials one would usually employ to pack and/or wrap objects (cardboard, polystyrene foam, tape), they appear on first sight temporary, almost disorientating yet commanding. There is no easy way in or out with Renneboog’s installations. Relational in any sense, they ask the viewer to be present, alert, adventurous, and, above all, willing to move - physically and mentally. ’Their significance is entirely deterred from the spatial context and not from any narration, illusionary image or theory. The spectator is invited to place him or herself within the environmental propositions, literally or in thought. The created locus, a mirror image of the artist’s desires and imagination, forms the spectator’s guiding principle in his apprehensions of the environment’s suggestive character. The installations, sometimes remarkably concrete in their defective materiality, become the matrices for a mental journey.’ (Gerrit Vermeiren)

Renneboog particiapted in the group exhibition Alessandra, Bru, Renneboog, Villard, Zahaykevich at CCNOA in October 2004, and she will conceive a new multiple for the exhibition ’multipli’ opening at CCNOA in November 2004.

(photo ccnoa)