center for contemporary non-objective art

Multimedia space | solo exhibition

Piki & Liesbet Verschueren May 2009

Au Suivant (2008) is a continuation of our research in non-narrative video projects. The concept of different film layers on top of each other as the building blocks to form an abstract and virtual image is the essence of our projects. Au Suivant is a minimalistic work, the starting point: an open two-dimensional square opening up into movement, action and reaction. The 4 bars are crops, coming from a chrome-stove pipe. The 4 beams of the square consist of reflections of movements in the surface of the stovepipe. This filmed stovepipe was repeated 4 times, put in layers on top of each other, and in film and computer technology adapted to this abstract sampled picture. The divesture, fall, float, glide and toll of these bars (and therefore each film layer) is steered via numerics, it is no animation. The soundtrack is an audio of processed sounds of breathing. The video can be (re)designed in function of each new space. The beams can be digitally steered to have ceilings, corners, floor integrated into the choreography of their movements.