center for contemporary non-objective art

Pas de soucis... avec Olivier Mosset (CH)

Petra Bungert

NOS, Non-Objectif Sud, La Barralière, Tulette (F): 17/06/2007 - 23/09/2007

Non-Objectif Sud (NOS), a new exhibition space in Tulette, France, is pleased to present the group exhibition Pas de soucis.... Non-Objectif Sud has come full circle this year as it embarks on its second annual summer exhibition. Still exploring its mission that is by no means dogmatic, NOS invites artists and curators to spend a few days together, collaborate, and install an exhibition. A barn adjoining La Barralière, a nineteenth-century farmhouse in the Drôme provençale, provides the setting for the exhibition, as well as an alternative escape to the ongoing commodification of the art industry.

This year’s exhibition is curated by Petra Bungert, the director and founder of the Center for Contemporary Non-Objective Art (CCNOA), an established art center based in Brussels for emerging and established artists working in contemporary, abstract art. Moreover, CCNOA disseminates a variety of international creative identities and, significantly, creates exchanges with selected art centers, such as NOS.

Pas de soucis..., French for ’no worries, mate’, conveys the laissez-faire attitude conditional to the noonday heat of southern France. Such an environment may seem antithetical to the rigorous and disciplined art practice, yet one need only think of Paul Cézanne’s tireless gaze upon Mont Ste-Victoire-located not so far away-as he explored and developed a new visual language and human perception that would change the course of art and thus create a cool compatibility between summer nonchalance and artistic thought and exercise.

This year NOS and CCNOA present the work of 21 international artists - namely John Armleder, John Beech, Cedric Christie, Ward Denys, Clemens Hollerer, Andrew Huston, Renée Levi, Mathieu Mercier, Gerold Miller, Olivier Mosset, Benjamin Rivière, Perry Roberts, Gerwald Pockenschaub, Léopoldine Roux, Michal Skoda, Tilman & Wolfgang Glum, Emmanuelle Villard, Jan Maarten Voskuil, Dan Walsh, and Beat Zoderer, who explore the boundless territories of abstract, nonobjective, concrete, and conceptual art through a dialogue of form and color, working with an eclectic choice of materials, including industrial-based and found objects. By alternately fusing the abstract, the decorative, and the utilitarian, their works interact on the borders of painting, sculpture, installation, architecture, and video, while presenting a complex visual vocabulary, both playful and serious, and expressing the dynamic diversity and relevance of abstract art practice today.

The exhibition includes large site-specific outdoor installations, paintings, objects, multiples, audio and video works and is accompanied by a 24-pages full-color publication.

CCNOA receives support from the Flemish Authorities (B), the Flemish Community Commission of the Brussels-Capital Region (B) and the CCNOA Friends. The exhibition and publication received additional support from Alain Bilteryst N.V./S.A. (B), Anne Buckingham (B), Eleven Fine Art (UK), Eric Linard Editions (F), Galerie Frederic Desimpel (B), Gillis N.V./S.A. (B), the HISK Gent (B). We extend our special thanks to Joy and David Huston, the participating artists and their representatives as well as the artists and all those who supported the NOS 2007 fundraising event.


Tilman & Clemens Hollerer

Ward Denys

Andrew Huston

ground floor

1st floor

1st floor