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Maria Blondeel 2003

Maria Blondeel HH - streetwork. The audio tracks were recorded in Hamburg during August 2001. The recording is a transposition of the light in the city. The tones you hear were produced by an electronic sound generator that was installed in a car. The sound generator transposed the lights, as measured by 6 sensors, into high and low pitched square waves. The sensors where attached to the windows of the car. The pitch and intensity of the sound changed in ’real time’ with the light according to the traffic situation. I drove through Hamburg at various times, during the day and at night. I followed different routes while recording the light, whether the light of the sun or artificial light. You hear a mix of high and low pitched square waves recorded in different light areas of Hamburg. You can hear the sun at noon on the Köhlbrandbrücke and the full moon at night. The electronic sound blends with simultaneously recorded ambient sounds. For the sound installation/performance two loudspeakers are positioned in such a way as to fill the entire space with sound. I processed the CD version according to stereo surround parameters allowing spatialisation in all possible directions.

HH audio CD
(photo by artist)

HH installation 2003
(photo by artist)