center for contemporary non-objective art

Sol LeWitt

*1928 in Conneticut (USA)

Lives & works in Conneticut

Sol LeWitt is one of the most influential artists alive today. In the catalog for his 1978 retrospective at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Bernice Rose, Curator of Drawings, says that his innovative work drawing directly on walls "was as important for drawing as Pollock’s use of the drip technique had been for painting in the 1950s." In 2002, CCNOA asked LeWitt for the possibility to excecute his wall drawing ’Copied Line’ in the CCNOA project room. LeWitt agreed and mailed the following instructions: "’Copied Line’ is developed from a simple idea: One person draws a black line (marker) that is not straight horizontally across the wall (end to end). The next person copies the line, under and over it, as close as possible, using a red marker, the next with a yellow marker, the next with a blue marker. They continue until the wall is filled with lines. This could be done vertically the same way." The concept works through a precise set of limitations that enables endless possible solutions. The fundamental content of ’Copied Line’ revolves around the enactment of a philosophical, epistemological and democratic aspect simultaneously. The artist ’secures’ his work through a statement that allows others to enter it, be involved in it or at the very least understand that involvement and this gives us the sensual richness of its realization.

(photo ccnoa)