center for contemporary non-objective art

Hans W. Koch

Shanty, installation with four hairdryers a waterbassin and a sailingship.
At the corners of a water basin four hairdryers are blowing at random intervals by automatically switching on/off through their overheat protection. their wind drives a lonesome sailing ship across the basin, which carries sounds aboard only to be heard when it eventually hits the border. together with the tuned winds of the hair dryers, this forms an image of ever travelling, never arriving sound quest.

As composer/performer i am often working with electronic-sound produced by or taken from everyday-tools, like household - electronics, hairdryers, steel wool for cleaning pots and pans or old computers. they are combined in strange ways to reveal some more hidden aspects of their functionality, and strive to transform them into instruments. music-like structures are more or less a side-effect of the process of the search for the proper abuse of these things. on the other hand i am working with digital means, trying to explore their boundaries and implicit faults, in order to arrive at interactions which keep a live of their own and react in an unpredictable way to human input. (hwk 06/02)

(photo JV, Takashi Yamaguchi)