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Kjell Bjorgeengen 2004

*1951 in Oslo (Norway)
Lives & works in Oslo

Most of Bjorgeengen’s works deal with a combination of representation, the artists’ subject, and the letting go of subjective control by automated processing from sound. Video is structured through what could be called ’post-Cageian’ methods of productions; to retain the artist’s subject of expression and at the same time undermine this subjectivity through the structuring of images from automated processes of sound and music mediated through technology. This technology is in itself often modified in co-operation with hardware and software designers. The installations and video works are based on non-representational references. The pursuit is not to accept the given, be it perceptual prejudices imbedded in language or the dominant economic/political structure. "Kjell Bjorgeengen’s idealistic pursuit of purity and blankness through an amalgamation of sound waves, moving images and lights is like receiving transmissions from the other side. Grainy, ghostly images constantly vibrate and peel off, to reveal hidden forms that build up then disintegrate. Like thousands of abstract and calligraphic messages they are undecipherable. Stimulation of senses arouses inner reaction, as visual and acoustic syntheses attempt to reach the unattainable level of nothingness. Bjorgeengen’s colliding visions and sounds are metaphoric of shifting voids in parallel worlds." (‘Paradise Regained’ by Apinan Poshyananda). Bjorgeengen’s work has been exhibited around the globe since 1971. His artistic practice includes photography, video, installation art, and sculpture. Bjorgeengen has also been an Artist in Residence at The Experimental Television Center, Owego NY (since 1982, and the ISCP, New York City.

At CCNOA, he presented in 2004 his new, audio-visual work ’GRAB’ featuring multiple large-scale projections of abstract imagery and music by American composer / ’soul-musician’ Marc Ribot (*1954, USA), with whom he has been collaborating on two other projects ’True Blanking’ (1997) and ’Get my Drift …’ (2002), and a selection of new ’Flicker’ videos in the two main galleries. He also participated in the CCNOA organized travelling group exhibition ’2step’.

GRAB (photo: ccnoa)

Expositions avec
Kjell Bjorgeengen
With your Eyes Only @ Yum, Brussels, 2010

external exhibitions & cooperations

Composite Visions @ CAN centre d’art de Neuchâtel, 2010

external exhibitions & cooperations

With your Eyes Only @ Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz (AT), 2009

external exhibitions & cooperations

My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble @ The Physics Room Christchurch (NZ), 2008

external exhibitions & cooperations

My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble @ Sydney College Of The Arts Gallery (AUS), 2008

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