center for contemporary non-objective art

Joyce Kim

Joyce Kim’s (* in Korea; lives and works in New York, USA) project, entitled Ratcliff Notes consists of linear, sequential installation of photocopied pages of the seminal essay, "Dandyism and Abstraction in a Universe Defined by Newton" by Carter Ratcliff which appeared in 1988 in Artforum. In his writing, Carter Ratcliff proposes the genealogy of non-objective art within the realm of dandyism in 19th century bringing forth figures such as Wilde, Baudelaire and Manet. In her work, the relationship between the text containing such concepts as tools of historical interpretation that has literally undergone multiple processes of reproduction (therefore subject to ever subtly increasing physical revisions) and the psychological detachment and improvisational reordering inherent in approaching abstract art are presented in a wallpaper-like manner. While keeping Ratcliff’s notion of "indifference" of non-objective art in mind, the work playfully points toward conceptual interstices where a textual attempt to redefine Modernism is made by an activity of reading and possible misreading.

(photo ccnoa)