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Multimedia space | solo exhibition

Justin Bennett September 2008

Bennett studied Sonology in the Hague, multi media in Sheffield and fine arts in Maastricht. He is a member of the sound and performance collective BMBcon and of the live electronics ensemble ‘Grand Mal’. Justin Bennett is a prime example of an artist ignoring the borders between disciplines and thus applying the characteristic possibilities and merits of each medium to each new work. His work covers the video and audio media, audio-visual performance, digital applications, installation, drawing, in 2 or 3 dimensions. He uses technical possibilities, almost by accident, from an open and humane point of view. Sundial is a series of works which analyze the daily rhythm of a particular city. During 24 hours, I make sound recordings in a single location. The recordings are then edited together into a short (8 to 12 minute) piece that follows the rhythm of a day from midnight to midnight. The DVD version combines a realistic 3-dimensional representation of the soundscape with titles showing the location, date and changing time. The sounds come from Den Haag, Rome, Guangzhou, Paris, Vienna and Istanbul. Each city, each location sounds completely different, but also the rhythm changes from place to place.

Justin Bennett 2008.