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Julian Dashper November 2008

*1960 in Auckland (NZ) / Lives & works in Auckland (NZ)

Julian Dashper is regarded as one of New Zealand’s most well known contemporary artists working internationally today. In 2001 he was awarded a senior Fulbright fellowship to be based as an artist in residence at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas. Dashper’s work from the last 25 years has recently been the subject of a major touring retrospective in America (the first ever such exhibition for a resident New Zealand artist), curated by Christopher Cook and David Raskin. Dashper’s work focuses on the histories, theories and more general or popular ideas of abstraction (in particular abstract painting), conceptualism and minimalism as a working methodology. The geographical positioning of New Zealand globally and how this country receives and disseminates visual information is also a core subject in Dashper’s work.[3] His practice manifests itself in various forms, including paintings, unique photographs of paintings, found objects which he infuses with abstract images, various multiples plus limited edition CD and 12” polycarbonate recordings of impromptu performances he has been involved with or heavily orchestrated. Respectful, even affectionate references to local culture and art history are always present in Dashper’s work, whilst his own adaptations of abstraction, conceptualism and minimalism fully acknowledge their lineage within international art. As curator (and director of the Adam Art Gallery in Wellington) Christina Barton expresses it, Dashper has “the unique perspective of attending to an internationalist art history from a distance, enabling him to devise strategies to work around his geographical isolation whilst simultaneously articulating its effects.” Dashper is represented in all the major public collections in New Zealand: MCA, Sydney; Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen, Germany; Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln, Nebraska; Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, Kansas and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Editions by Julian Dashper

Untitled (studio-door) 2 2005

Untitled (Triangle & Square) 2004

(photo ccnoa)

Expositions avec
Julian Dashper
Composite Visions @ CAN centre d’art de Neuchâtel, 2010

external exhibitions & cooperations

Und @ Croxhapox Gent (BE), 2008

external exhibitions & cooperations

My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble @ The Physics Room Christchurch (NZ), 2008

external exhibitions & cooperations

My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble @ Sydney College Of The Arts Gallery (AUS), 2008

external exhibitions & cooperations

A BIT O’ WHITE, 2007

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