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John Nixon September 1999

*1949 in Sydney (Australia)

Lives & works in Melbourne (Australia) & travels

Nixon is one of Australia‘s foremost abstract and conceptual artists. For the past decade he has created and participated in countless solo and survey exhibitions around the globe. Through his numerous collaborations with other artists, his longstanding commitment to creating a network of relationships amongst artists outside the formal exhibition space, and his individual works, Nixon had a seminal impact on recent generations of young artists. Since 1990 Nixon‘s work has been exhibited under the collective title ’Experimental Painting Work Shop (EPW)’, whose connotation of scientific activity encompasses the full range of his practice, broken down into the categories block paintings, monochromes, cross paintings, object paintings, works on paper, constructions and room installations. The ’EPW’ was begun in the late 70‘s as an independent investigation into the practice of painting, specifically focusing on the ideas of Constructivism, Minimalism and the Monochrome. His most recent project ’EPW:Orange’ is a sub group of the ’EPW’. In this specific and focused investigation into the formal and connotative properties of the colour orange, Nixon introduces for the first time horizontal formats, subtitles and the use of sponges for the application of commercial acrylic and gloss enamel paint.

At CCNOA, Nixon exhibited in 1999 a selection of older and new works from his ongoing ’EPW:Orange’ series in gallery I, introduced a new CD by his band ’Solver’ (Nixon and Marco Fusinato), and presented a selection of his previous sound recordings as well as his magazine ’Axe’ in the project room. He also participated in the CCNOA organized group exhibitions ’From Rags to Riches’ and ’2step’.

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John Nixon
Yo, Mo’ Modernism... 1, 2008

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