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Jeroen Uyttendaele 2007

La promenade monolith

La promenade is a set of six metal plates (h. 2,5 w. 1.25) resonating via attached speakers. By a feedback system the metal plates act simultaneously as transmitters and as receivers, as antennae and as ’speakers’. The individual plates talk to each other in a cryptic harmonic language, their mood sometimes altered by interference of a spectator or another charged object.
La promenade is an imagination of the ’myth’ radio. It illustrates a world between sending and receiving, between action and reaction.
This installation is the result of a extensive research on the essence of radio in the radio department of the RITS-film school.

Jeroen Uyttendaele (°1981) studied audiovisual arts (option radio) at RITS, Brussels. Among his works are the installations ’Lost objects’ (2004), Brussel Bravo, Sensoor; ’Plane tape’ (2005), Vitrine Urbaine (Kortrijk); ’Klankbehang’ (2006) ( and the audio compositions ’Lucifer’ (was broadcasted at ’Textuur’ on radio Klara); ’Ultima vezz’ (’remix’ of radio documentary of Els Viane about Wim Vandekeybus’s ’Ultima Vezz’ dance company); ’Ik kon beter wakker’(interpretation of a graphic short story made by illustrator Ephameron); ’Otto’ (interpretation on some poems of Peter Verhelst); ’Bluebook’ (under construction).

La promenade monolith
(photo ccnoa)

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