center for contemporary non-objective art

Main space | solo exhibition

Jaroslaw Flicinski May 2007

Fliciński paints on canvas, plasterboard, sheet metal and walls. He incorporates his paintings into architecture, adding extra meanings to it and creating unique painting environments. Painted on an autonomous medium or directly on the wall, his pictures enter into unexpected relationships with each other and with the architecture, creating an effect of dramatic spatial and temporal tension . His paintings are dynamic, created both as single canvases and painterly arrangements that embody form and color, shape places, and impact strongly on the viewer. His work lies at the fringes of non-representational art – the artist willingly paints circles, lines, multiplied series of patterns like rosettes or stars. These elements come together to form the structures of his paintings. His large- format canvases, covered with regularly repeating patterns rendered in saturated, vibrating colors, span entire walls and fill whole interiors. He also creates photographs and videos which, featured in catalogues and presented alongside paintings, refer us to what we are immersed in and constitutes the context of painting – the world around us.

But this painting does not try to compete with or deny it; on the contrary, it wants to fathom it out and confront it. The painting’s surface becomes a space embodying the problem of vision and depth. Two-dimensionality is only apparent here because the paintings stretch down and out. They attract and fascinate, at the same time causing confusion and uncertainty because they cannot easily be encapsulated in a logical discourse. (Zofia Machnicka)