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Ingrid Maria Sinibaldi October 2008

* 1975 in Marseille (FR), Lives & works in Nice (FR)

Imagine Earth at night, like a very tiny ball enclosed in a box. It’s really dark black inside, only a thin ray of the outside white light gets in through a small round hole, the Moon.

If this dream was a sculpture?… a white cube with a black drilled dot?

This mental picture seems to be a turning point in the work. A whole alphabet of forms (extended squares, circles, triangles and lines) popped out of the box and writes down its own story white on black, black on white, through a system we would maybe call «narrative abstraction ». Autonomous little sculptures get together in an intimate conversation from which we are excluded. We still can hear them whisper though, sharing their secret… (IM S, 2008)

(photo Sinibaldi)

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