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| solo exhibition

Ingólfur Arnarsson 1999

*1956 in Reykjavik (Iceland)
Lives & works in Reykjavik

Since 1989, Arnarsson has used the prosaic and comparatively modern building material concrete as support for his paintings and especially for watercolour paintings. Parallel to these object-like works, Arnarsson has continuously created series of pencil drawings, employing the traditional technique of cross-hatching, with which shades, i.e. spatial light-dark-structures, are produced. "Arnarsson‘s works suggest to me an expression of light, lightness and infinity. They give the fragile impression of Japanese porcelain and thereby protect themselves by making the spectator wary of touching them. Pristine delicacy is a characteristic of both his paintings and drawings." (Marianne Stockebrand). The serene and contemplative mode of his drawings provides the viewer with a challenging opportunity to reflect on space and spatiality, light and luminosity, form and formality.

For his exhibition at CCNOA in 1999, Arnarsson created a site-specific installation with a new series of works on paper in gallery II.

(photo ccnoa)