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| solo exhibition

Ingo Meller 2001

*1955 in Cologne (Germany)

Lives & works in Cologne

In 1987 the article ‘Radikale Malerei’ (‘Radical painting’, Kunstforum, volume 88, March/April 1987), introduced Meller’s work for the first time to a broader public. Over the last decade, Meller has become one of the most prominent representatives of his generation in the field of non-objective art. Since the beginning of his career in the mid ’80’s, Meller has exhibited exclusively his paintings in numerous museum and gallery exhibitions in Europe and abroad.

Meller’s exhibition at CCNOA in 2001 featured his new edition ‘Portfolio’ as well as a selection of paintings. This exhibition provided for the first time the opportunity to gain an insight into the artist’s drawing activities. Meller created ‘Portfolio’ for his exhibition at CCNOA and published it in cooperation with the Salon Verlag, Cologne and CCNOA, Brussels. ‘Portfolio’ comprises reproductions of 12 of his drawings, conceived in 2000, and a text by Jens Peter Koerver. The 12 works on view, consisting of 4 sheets each, were displayed on viewing tables designed by the artist.

Edition by Ingo Meller

Portfolio 2001