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| solo exhibition

Herman Van Ingelgem 2006

CCNOA is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Belgian artist Herman Van Ingelgem. "Van Ingelgem sees fabricated objects as prostheses, as extensions of the body. Extension, trap, artifact, object. A wall is a prosthesis for the skin, a lamp is a prosthesis for the eye. Prostheses are made to be used, to provide the body with comfort and additional possibilities, to satisfy longings, to calm desires. The mind - as part of the body- is also in search for comfort, and thus accumulates prostheses for the organization of its surrounding environment: A house is filled with prostheses. The houses - or house-like environments - of Van Ingelgem, however, are empty; they consist of semi-promises and semi-meanings. They are unfinished, bland, vulnerable, yet foolishly real: Their interiors and equipment, which usually do not function, are meant as references towards the logic of our fulfillment which determines our entire economy. Art is part of the economy. Artists are producers of objects, creators of images. Digital or not, intellectual or not: it does not matter. Their ’objects’ work this way or another with the economy, which is based on desires and their satisfaction." (Piet Vanrobaeys in Tijdschrift Sint-Lukasgalerij Brussel, September 2000) At CCNOA, Van Ingelgem will create a new, large-scale site-specific environment entitled (PLACES)REVISITED . According to the artist, "it is a kind of remake or re-mix or continuation or sequel from my recent show in Galerie Transit, Mechelen: PLACES. I will use some material from the installations there like the gray carpet, the shower curtain, the sunset picture,... and build new images into new constellations. It is another show, with other works but at the same time it is a reflection and rethinking or remembering of the exhibition before. (Piet Vanrobaeys in Tijdschrift Sint-Lukasgalerij Brussels, September 2000) Van Ingelgem (*1968) lives in Mechelen. He studied painting at the Sint-Lukas Hoger Institute voor Beeldende Kunsten in Brussels and at the Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten Vlaanderen in Antwerp. Exhibitions: ‘In het teken van de stier’ Warande Turnhout (1994), ‘Open Ateliers’ HISK Antwerp (1998,1999), Ik was vier in ‘75, NICC Antwerp (1998), ‘Landscapes’ Crown Gallery Brussels, ‘Sauna’ W139 Amsterdam (1999), ‘Trouble Spot. Painting’ MUHKA Antwerp (1999).