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Heinz Weber 2002

*1957 in Hamburg (Germany)
Lives & works in Berlin (Germany)

Sound artist Heinz Weber studied linguistics, fine arts and musicology in Marburg, Hamburg and Berlin. Since 1985 his artistic activities encompass the following disciplines: sound installations, tape compositions, sound sculptures, improvised music, multi media productions and sound design for film, theatre and dance. He is co-founder of Spritzenhaus (1990), a Hamburg based artist initiative for sound art, where he co-ordinates performances, exhibitions, residency programs and public relations. Due to his eclectic background, Weber is a typical example of an artist whose work transgresses the boundaries of traditional disciplines. His musical background provides his pieces with strong structure and motion, his antecedents as a visual artist transpire in his conceptual and architectural concerns.

Weber’s audio work ’These Bergfalke’ inaugurated the CCNOA experimental audio program ’Earwitness’ in 2002.

These Bergfalke
(photo GDB)