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Daniel Göttin

*1959 in Basel (Switzerland)

Lives & works in Basel

Göttin’s works are site-related installations and all-over drawings made of industrial materials. The real space with its own qualities has a strong influence on his artistic concept and practice; it becomes an integral part of the installation. Artwork and real space appear as transformed entities, both exist simultaneously in time and size. Each new spatial situation provides a new experience of perception. The creative manipulation of simple functional material can translate the act of looking into the art of seeing, transforming the place itself into an experience of perception. Göttin’s practice includes wall drawings and spatial interventions. He is the founder of Hebel, an artist-run exhibition space in Basel (CH).

For his exhibition at CCNOA in 2003/2004 he conceived a semi-permanent wall painting for the CCNOA atrium, a site-specific wall work for gallery I, entitled ’Netwerk 23’, and a multiple, entitled ’Red Diamond’.

Editions by Daniel Göttin

White Cross 2006

Black Cross 2004

(photo ccnoa)

Exposition avec
Daniel Göttin
Composite Visions @ CAN centre d’art de Neuchâtel, 2010

external exhibitions & cooperations