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Gerold Miller 2001

*1961 in Altshausen (Germany)

Lives & works in Berlin (Germany)

Miller works on the borderline between sculpture, relief, painting and installation. "Since the beginning of his visual artistic explorations, Miller has concerned himself with experiments in an >expanded concept of painting< (Bernhard Schwenk on Blinky Palermo) (…) Miller’s >Anlagen<, ready-mades, hard:edged works and his more recent immovable >Pläne< (>Plans<) are experimental designs that argue with the minimal (form as constellation) and achieve the maximum (space as picture). (…) Coolness and coldness, one of the primary interests of classical abstract >cold art< (Karl Gerstner) since Nietzsche, Ernst Jünger, and above all Theo van Doesburg (>coldness kills microbes<) at the latest, finds in Miller its antagonist in the overheating of superimposed colored spotlights, a repeatedly employed excess of visual offerings (…) Miller erects a bridge across the abyss that art created to separate itself from design, fashion, music, etc., i.e., to realms hostile to art definition. In the recently realized cooperation with John Armleder, optical flooding and visual concepts from Op Art (see Bridget Riley) play precisely the role that their interior-decorating surrogate claimed in the 1960s and 1970s. (…) Miller’s wall floor, and room objects in public and private space are space-scape pictures in the best sense, because they dare to grasp for the hole – of the world, of space, of the truth, and of the chaos, ramified like rhizomes – that we call life." (Stephan Maier, ‘Reforming the Future’, in: ’Gerold Miller, Reforming the Future’, Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg 2001).

His exhibition at CCNOA in 2001 featured a new site-specific wall work, entitled ’Blitz (Pink)’ as well as a series of old and new ’hard:edged’ works. He also participated in the CCNOA organized travelling group exhibitions ’2step’ and ’minimalpop’.

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Expositions avec
Gerold Miller
Yo, Mo’ Modernism... 1, 2008

group show

Und @ Croxhapox Gent (BE), 2008

external exhibitions & cooperations

Pas de soucis..., 2007

external exhibitions & cooperations

A BIT O’ WHITE, 2007

group show