center for contemporary non-objective art

Ludo Engels

*1955 (The Netherlands)

Lives & works in Brussels (Belgium)

Since the early ’80s, Engels has worked as an improvising musician, developing skills that he applied later to his artistic practice, which encompasses music, audio-visual installations, and photography. As a technician, he worked over the past years with visual artists as Ana Torfs, Joachim Koester, Manon de Boer, Eran Schaerf, Wendelien Van Oldenborgh. He is co-founder of Experimental Intermedia, Gent (B).

"Ludo Engels wants to attain the essence of things. He projects on a translucent screen. When I enter the room I see a, diagonally floating, and out of focus, unrecognisable, pastel-like image, slowly evolving into the next unclear shape. I know that these are photographic images and that something must have been a model for these slides, but now there are only vague organic forms left. There is no sound, except for that of the two projectors’ fans and transport mechanisms. I come closer and look at the slow merging of images of soft shapes, continuously changing. It is a wave like motion of soft, sometimes bright, then again dark, but always soft colors dissolving into one another. When, laying on your back in the grass, you look, with almost closed eyes, at the sky, where little clouds try to hide the sun behind varying densities, it may happen that a haze, of which it is unclear whether it is perceived by the eye or in some other way, starts vibrating. The same effect also takes place if you stare long enough at the sometimes-gaseous essences on the screen, which, if invisible, would make one doubt about visual perception. In the end this is eroticism." (Zjuul Devens, ‘Diaprojectie, een verhaal’, 1997. Translated by Guy de Bièvre)

In 2001 he presented an installation with abstract slides in the CCNOA project room.