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Salvatore Panatteri (AU)

In addition to Double Exposure, we presented Early Fabricated, a touring group exhibition curated by Australian artist Salvatore Panatteri, featuring concrete art, geometric abstraction and reductivism within the arena of photography. The exhibition showcases 24 artists from America, Australia and Europe, all of whom utilize architectural/spatial photography within their art practice.

Featured artists include: Justin Andrews; Katey Aspin; Ryan Bell; Richard Chartier; Ryszard Dabek; Christoph Dahlhausen; Taylor Deupree; Zipora Fried; Manya Ginori; William Gruner; Andrew Huston; Kyle Jenkins; Naomi Leadbeatter; Sandy Lister; Salvatore Panatteri; Chris Peak; Emidio Puglielli; Glenn Remington; Julie Spielman; David Thomas; Tilman; Mimi Tong; Toy Triff; Katie Whyte.