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Dan Walsh 1999

*1960 in Philadelphia, PA (USA)

Lives & works in Brooklyn, NY (USA)

Walsh exhibited twice at CCNOA. In his environment’ entitled ‘Reception’ in 1999, Walsh took his experience with painting into the architectural realm, asking the viewers to go beyond their expectations, finding and redefining their intellectual as well as their physical stand points. It was ’site specific’ only in the sense that the artist adjusted or set the tone of the space to reveal its conditions and accessibility. In an unusual collaboration between veteran monochrome painter Olivier Mosset and Walsh, at CCNOA in 2002, Walsh set up the exhibition space as a guide to the viewing of Mosset’s red, yellow, white and blue monochrome canvases. Drawing on recent installations - the 1999 wall work at CCNOA in Brussels and the 2002 ’7 Grays’ at Paula Cooper Gallery in New York City - Walsh worked with the premise that painting today has become frozen in its own art historical context and therefore impossible to see. Taking in hand all aspects of the traditional exhibition installation from lighting to painting the walls, Walsh drove his perceptual vehicle into a collision with the historical that allowed us to look at the beauty in Mosset’s discreet monochromes in the present moment.

He also participated in the CCNOA organized group exhibition ’WOP’ and ’2step’.

Reception 1999
(photo ccnoa)

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