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Christoph Dahlhausen 2003

*1960 in Bonn (Germany)

Lives & works in Bonn

"Since 1997, Dahlhausen has assigned an increasingly important role in his work to the material which is glass. If the origin and the central concern of his artistic production lay for many years in the experimental examination of photography as a medium for making light visible, glass now brings a new and enriching dimension into his work. Glass becomes for him a go-between, a catalyst whose function is to coax into visibility that immateriality which lies within light as innate ‘sound’: The spectrum of color." (Helmut Wenzel, Kunstverein Göttingen, in Christoph Dahlhausen, Glassworks, Göttingen 2000) Dahlhausen’s practice includes two- and three-dimensional works, spatial interventions, and public commissions. He is the founder of the artist-run exhibition space @proximus, Bonn (D).

For his exhibition at CCNOA in 2003, he conceived for gallery II a site-specific installation with sandblasted mirrors and color foil, entitled ’Two Red Windows with 19 Wall Pieces’, the spatial intervention ’A Work for a Space Between’, and a multiple, entitled ’Red Piece for Brussels’.

Dahlhausen also participated in the CCNOA organized group exhibition ’2step’.

(photo ccnoa)