center for contemporary non-objective art

Sofia Bustorff and Michael Delia

Sofia Bustorff works with video and new media in collaborative international projects. Her images become part of the performance but also part- documentation, leading to experimentation with the camera as an inside part and an outside view. Recent works include _atmoscapes_, minimal poetic spaces, that consist of a series of atmospheric video spaces, some as site-specific video-installations. In seeing _with other eyes_, images are altered to approximate and simulate animal perception, in an attempt to bridge the species barrier and to broaden the range of human perception. She has been focusing on large-scale urban interventions and is currently developing an instrument for the exploration of spaces through light and reflections, or movement and sound. She currently lives and works in Brussels.

Michael Delia is an artist whose work spans a wide range of disciplines and media encompassing paintings, sculpture, installations, and sound art as well as music performances. Central to his visceral work is an irrefutable yet delicate sense of beauty combined with a lingering sense of histories past. Both Delia’s paintings and self-made instruments seemingly transcend time and space, often touching on the ephemeral. His musical instruments and installations are interesting not only from the acoustic but also from the visual point of view. Inspired by the musical heritage of various ethnic and cultural provenances, a contemporary DIY-man Delia constructs his instruments and acoustic objects from found and banal materials. In so doing this, he combines the verified achievements of inventive organologies with the rational musical systems of the 20th century. Delia’s music is crystally microtonal and meditative, but can also be dramatically majestic. Michael Delia has presented his art at various American and European venues, including Experimental Intermedia, The Knitting Factory and Exit Art in New York, Stichting Logos in Gent, Het Apollohuis in Eindhoven, Hermit in Plasy, Sound Off and The Rosenberg Museum in Slovakia, Rudolfinum in Prague, Sklenìná Louka in Brno, Kép-Ze-Let in Tatabánya and Mamu Galerie in Budapest.

After p.s.s.s.t. (Vienna, 2003) and casca-tales (Topolo, 2005), still/moving is their third installation together: