center for contemporary non-objective art

Maria Blondeel

*1963 in Halle (Belgium)

Lives & works in Gent (Belgium)

Blondeel’s artistic practice can be situated in the field of sound art. She is fascinated by audio and visual technology. She has worked on artistic experiments that are intrinsically connected with the lapse of time as visualized through sunlight, as well as through changes in light as day becomes night. In her site recordings, particularly at night, the electric light has a major impact on the sonic image. She experimented with the sonification of light in both urban and rural environments to obtain insight into this complex visual process. Maria Blondeel made sonic light installations, and site-specific works for vehicles, telephone and radio, participated in concerts and performances in collaboration with musicians, and produced works for CD and video. Her work has been shown in galleries, museums and festivals in Europe, the U.S.A. and Asia.

Maria Blondeel exhibited three times at CCNOA. For her first exhibition at CCNOA in 2000 she conceived a site-specific, audiovisual installation, entitled ’378 x 510 x 372, light and sound’, for the project room. Her second exhibition was part of the CCNOA experimental audio program ‘Earwitness’ 2003 and featured her audio work ‘HH-Street Work’. Blondeel also participated in the CCNOA organized group exhibitions ’WOP’ and ’2step’, and created the CCNOA Friends Multiple 2006.

Editions by Maria Blondeel

ROD 2006

Pocket Light 2004

378x510x372, Light and Sound 2000 (photo by artist)