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Greet Billet

GREET BILLET *1973 in Leuven (BE) / Lives & works in Brussels (BE)

Greet Billet teaches at the Brussels Sint-Lukas College. In her research project The development of the monochrome in its digital and analogue/graphical form of apparition she intends to create a link between the digital and the graphical/analogue. This link could originate by transferring the purest abstraction of the 256 digital color values of one single color (grey, green, red and blue) from a digital carrier to an analogue one and vice versa. Next to this she also asks herself if it would be possible to conceive a box or book containing all the parts of the analogue/graphical monochrome or a film containing all he parts of the digital monochrome. At the core of this thought process we always find the tension between the analogue and the digital monochrome. In fact this tension between objective quantizing and subjective valuing. This way Greet Billet attempts, in her recent work, to explore the possibilities of communication in the field of meaning transference. For an individual an object or an event can have an unequivocal meaning, or at least be unambiguous at a specific moment in time. However, the communication about this object or this event each time shows the impossibility to share this unequivocal meaning. Those involved in the communication create their own interpretations of the object or the event. This way communications manifests itself as the fundamental impossibility to share or communicate meanings. Thus, in 2007 she printed words on mirrors, causing their seemingly unequivocal meaning to be reflected towards the viewer, who was confronted with the purely subjective meaning of what seems to happen objectively when we see a word. Simultaneously the viewer saw his own subjectivity in another space, his mirror image, confronting him with the impossibility to objectify his self. The impossibility to give meaning to our world and us and to communicate this meaning seems to be resolved when using objective quantifiable values going beyond the subjective interpreted evaluation. This research is one about the tension between the digital (objective, numerical) values of colors and their analogue (subjective, equivocal) evaluation. That which manifests itself here is another impossibility: reality cannot be captured into objectively delimited categories or numerical variables. There are no colors as such in the physical reality. All there is a continuum of frequencies of light reflection and absorption. In reality we can clearly separate one object from another, but we cannot do that with color. A color such as “red” is not a mere subjective evaluation of a specific, though not strictly fathomable spectral range. It is once again an evaluation that cannot be communicated. What I see as “red” could very well be “green” to someone else. By convention we agree to name this frequency “red”, but its subjective appreciation can fundamentally differ. People who are colorblind can live their lives without ever realizing that they are colorblind. They say “red” when it is red, but what exactly do they see? The only objective experience seems to be the most subjective.

Edition by Greet Billet

1/256-256/256 (256 different kinds of black) 2009

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Greet Billet
30/30 IMAGE ARCHIVE PROJECT 2 : A collective collection, 2010

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With your Eyes Only @ Yum, Brussels, 2010

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