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Justin Bennett

*1964 in Nuneaton (UK)
Lives & works in The Hague (NL)

Bennett studied Sonology in the Hague, multi media in Sheffield and fine arts in Maastricht. He is a member of the sound and performance collective BMBcon and of the live electronics ensemble ‘Grand Mal’. Justin Bennett is a prime example of an artist ignoring the borders between disciplines and thus applying the characteristic possibilities and merits of each medium to each new work. His work covers the video and audio media, audio-visual performance, digital applications, installation, drawing, in 2 or 3 dimensions. He uses technical possibilities, almost by accident, from an open and humane point of view.

His audio work ’Europa 2’, a computer controlled surround sound installation, was part of the CCNOA experimental audio program ‘Earwitness’ 2002. In ‘Europa 2’ the sound motions are determined by the computer according to drawings of the European country borders.

"I spend a lot of time listening to places and recording them. A place, whether experienced or remembered, is defined by its ambience, or "sense of place". This can be a physical or an emotional response to the space itself, the objects and activities contained within it, or to its acoustic manifestation; its soundscape. Listening to a place gives us spatial and temporal information not necessarily determined by our point-of-view. Architectural or natural acoustics and ambient sound contribute to the soundscape as much as the sonic details and intentional sounds. […] Making a spatial soundwork is, for me, creating a place. […] By placing a number of loudspeakers in the exhibition space, this conceptual place can manifest itself within real space and real time. The structure is gradually revealed by a series of gestures, just as a drawing is gradually built up of lines. Here though, these lines are drawn in time, in memory. In listening to these works we construct our own mental place/site by listening to the recorded materials and the gestures in relation to the real architecture and acoustics. There can be great differences between the exhibition space and the recording location. The work though, exists somewhere else, in the gap between here and there, and between then and now." (excerpt from the catalogue CD from the exhibition "Just About Now" at TENT, Rotterdam July 2000).

Europa 2 (Drawing)

Exposition avec
Justin Bennett
Justin Bennett, 2008

solo exhibition