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| solo exhibition

Ben Judd 2005

In his photographic and video work, British artist Ben Judd (*1970) converges ideas such as personal and public space, the observed and the observer, distance and closeness, the artificial and the natural. Judd’s videos seem to operate within artificial spaces, some because of the transitory nature of the space (a station, an airport, and a street), and some because the spaces appear to be copies of an original (animals’ terrain within a zoo, and a picture book). All the work is concerned with the problem of being. Judd combines traditional observations with an artificial discourse that is impersonal and detached. Judd’s work asks: if our intimacy is collective, if our repertoire of feelings and emotions are collective, is there a difference between the media’s representation of the personal, and the genuinely personal? Is there a difference between the artificial and the natural? It sometimes seems that everything is interchangeable. Ben Judd’s (1970) video ‘Miss it’ is screened in the CCNOA Lounge.