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CAN centre d’art de Neuchâtel (CH) @ CCNOA

CCNOA is pleased to present the group exhibition HYPERCONCRET, an exchange project with the CAN (Centre d’Art de Neuchâtel) (CH).

The CAN is a forum for contemporary art focusing on exchange and research, placing it in perspective and providing access to a space for discovery and experimentation. It presents Swiss and international artists, all of whom play a significant part on today’s art scene. The public is of prime importance, a public that the Centre sets out not only to inform but also to surprise and question, by providing it with the tools to trigger critical awareness.

The CAN thus has a dual aim: offering the artists an experimental space in which they can create at will and providing them with a privileged meeting point with the public. But all this while bearing in mind that inhabiting an art space means accepting that art raises questions, the answers to which are never further away than the tip of the tongue; it means building sand castles then knocking them down again -– day in, day out.

HYPERCONCRET will question the diverse and complex relations between the works of five artists (Massimiliano Baldassarri, Fred Fischer, Andreas Golinski, Francisco da Mata and Martin Widmer) with reference to the concepts of reality, perception and context. All the works will have a specific relationship with the CCNOA exhibition space, its site and its architecture.

This exhibition invites us to reconsider our perceptual and cognitive habits when faced with works that paradoxically have nothing more in common than their specific formal and thematic singularity.

The project space will present works by Francisco da Mata and the multimedia space will show an audiovisual work by Massimiliano Baldassarri.

Exposition avec
Massimiliano Baldassarri
My eyes keep me in trouble, 2010

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