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Anne La Berge 2004

* 1955 (USA)

Lives & works in Amsterdam (NL)

Anne La Berge is a pioneer flutist/composer, working since the late ’70’s with interactive computer systems, microtonality, and improvisation and as a leading interpreter of contemporary chamber music. At the core of her work lies the sound that first gained her an international reputation, paving the way for a new, more physical approach to the flute: "The miracle of her sound technique is supported by, among other things, different lip-positions, attacks, ways of breathing, distance from the microphone-everything has been foreseen and elaborated, writes Muusika. "Her textures are often two-voiced. It is all so complicated that it defies description and yet it sounds very natural, like a bird’s song." Entracte adds, "This next to, and often combined with, normal flute playing; her playing is fully virtuous."Anne La Berge grew up in Minnesota (USA) and has lived since 1989 in Amsterdam. She currently performs with David Dramm, Cor Fuhler, Gert Jan Prins, Anna McMichael and in numerous improvisation and chamber music projects in Europe and the US. In the fall of 2000 she toured the US with Gert-Jan Prins with their duo ’United Noise Toys’ and will be touring again in May 2001. Their CD has been released by ’X-OR on Tour’ (08). She can be heard in a range of settings from modern ballet music in the music theaters of Holland to improvised electronic music in the local squat buildings. In October 1999, she co-founded the series ’kraakgeluiden in de binnenstad’ for weekly electro-acoustic improvisation sessions in Amsterdam. This series has received national recognition for its adventurous programming. It has also received financial support for its third year from the Dutch government for the 2001-2002 season. In the 2001 season, she commissioned Anne Wellmer and Alison Isadora to compose solo works for her with interactive/improvised music and video. These works, ’Travelling barefoot’ and ’Native Tongue’, have toured Holland and will continue to receive performances in the next season. She commissioned and performed the ’Flute Concerto #1’ by Hanna Kulenty with the Dutch ensemble, The Ereprijs, and performed her own works, ’The Freaks went to sea’ and ’Cross’ at festivals in Holland, Austria, and the US. In November 2001 the city of Groningen (NL) is dedicating a week long festival called ’Anne around’ to her recent projects, most of that involve interactive technology including Powerbooks running MAX/MSP, LiSa, Imagine, and the Clavia MicroModular.

Anne La Berge’s sound installation ’I’ll drive’ was presented in November 2004 as part of the CCNOA Earwitness program. "The inspiration for this work comes from ’The Invention of the Windshield Wiper’. I was particularly taken by the fact that the inventors of the windshield wiper were Florence Lawrence and Mary Anderson, and I would like to reflect the relevance of why women respond to cleaning issues in such resourceful ways. The installation requires a minimum of 8 speakers of different sorts to play the text and sound samples of machines, automobile sounds, and stories about Florence Lawrence, Mary Anderson, and women automobile drivers. As décor, which would encase the speakers, I use various items of women’s outer clothing.

I’ll drive
(photo GDB)