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Andrew Huston March 2008

*Lives & works in New York, NY (USA)

Huston works with industrially fabricated mirrors from which he creates geometric shapes that are then assembled together into dynamic patterns. As with other mirror works, Huston painstakingly removes part of the silver on the back of the object and then paints over it in various primary and pop colors, creating seamless planes and illusionistic space that engages and distracts the viewer. By superimposing and interlocking the shapes into vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, these vibrant objects transcend the boundaries of paintings and sculpture. Huston’s work is rooted in and committed to the history of painting and simultaneously engages with the realm of the decorative. The constructions are made of straight shards of glass and some comprise part of a broken round-edged mirror traversed by a slender plane of glass, which lends the piece a soft sensuality. His playful floating pieces here seem to have broken away from their frames and hark back to Kasimir Malevich’s austere suprematist works.

At the CCNOA project space Houston will present a series of new works.

(photo ccnoa)

Expositions avec
Andrew Huston
30/30 – Image Archive Project, 2010

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My eyes keep me in trouble, 2010

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My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble @ The Physics Room Christchurch (NZ), 2008

external exhibitions & cooperations

My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble @ Sydney College Of The Arts Gallery (AUS), 2008

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Pas de soucis..., 2007

external exhibitions & cooperations